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About The Site

This site is meant mainly as an informational resource as I myself sometimes find it very hard to get complete information about the rarer DVDs and box sets that I buy. And who am I, you might ask? Well, let it be known that is not the product of a big company but simply the combined efforts of two very wicked collectors.

My name is Oskar Falk and Ive been collecting DVDs since some time around 1999 but didnt realy get into DVD-packaging until 2004. The website started out as my very own brainchild back in the day but after some time of unpractical layouts and beta-versions it was re-coded by my best friend Stefan Eriksson, who helped build the backbone of what the site is today.

Im not doing the site for money so if anyone wants to donate money or in another way help out to keep the site going Im all for it. The original design of the site is based on my own ideas and all the updates and documentation (featuring new box sets etc.) are still done by me alone. My friend Stefan is only part of the project as a technical support and code-wizzard as hes the brain behind all the ones and zeros that keeps the site running.


Discjunkie TV is an expanded part of but it's still in the making and hasn't really been implemented into the site yet.

For now we can just call it a youtube-channel where I show off some of my more unusual and talked about box sets. I don't keep a running update about Discjunkie TV here at but with time I'm planning to have the video-reviews included on the page of that particular box set, but we're still working on how to make that work smoothly.


Did you know that you can subscribe to this website using RSS? It's true, just add the following feed to your RSS-reader and you'll get all the news-updates you need.


Glad you asked. This site has undergone some serious changes since the startup back in... the old times (whenever that was) and I'll be quite happy to work you through the current edition.

The DATABASE holds a complete list of all the stuff I have on display and is divided into two categories at the time (The DVD sets and other stuff).

You can SEARCH for pretty much anything (movie titles, cast members, directors, box set titles, packaging and case types) simply by click the search-link in the main menu at the top of each page, and just type in the word or words you want to find. Easy piecy.

The ABOUT page tells you everything you need to know about the this website (hopefully). And if not, you can always email me with additional questions.

Each PRODUCT page (or box set page, depending on if you understand me or not) has a COMMENTS function at the bottom of the page. Here you can leave comments about pretty much anything. Don't be afraid to use it! It's great for pointing out a mistake, talking trash about the specific edition, just saying hi or whatever on your mind.

And finally, the NEWS section (the index page) shows you all the stuff that's going on at the time. Here you'll also find direct links to newly added and updated products and for what it's worth I'll try to keep your spirits up by adding new sets as fast as I can.


ALL PHOTOS shown on this site have been taken by me personally (except where stated otherwise) and I put a lot of time into the process. With this said, I hope that you'll (dispite the pictures being watermarked) keep your hands to yourself and don't steal photos and use them for your own personal gain (for Ebay auctions and what not). If you think the photos are top notch and want to use them feel free to email me and inquire about it (I read and respond to all emails).

Furthermore: I do all my work on an Apple iMac and I've never owned a PC in my life (up yours, Bill!). The photos (atleast these days) were taken with a Nikon D50 digital camera (you'll notice quite a large difference in quality between some sets but this is all because of the time span I had to work on this project and a lot of the early photos are just down right awful - well, almost).


This site is done as a private hobby and there is no financial gain or economic winning made through it at this time (I don't have any sponsors or anything).

If you like this site and want to keep it running, you can help out by donating a small sum of money (whatever amount you feel like - to be honest I don't really think there will be any submissions).

All contributions will go directly into buying new box sets (hooray!). So far, the only means of payment available is regular PayPal.

You can register for a PayPal account for free at

If anyone feels like donating a penny or two, my paypal adress is

Feel free to tell all your friends and enemies about this project and thank you for all your support.

Warmest regards