2010-01-22 19:56

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A couple of days ago I got a message from Cricket over at who gave me some praise for my videoreviews and also asked me if I wanted to team up and do some cross-linking. As flattered as I am about someone wanting to link my stuff I currently don't have a linking section on the site and before I do I don't really want to put up individual banners and such.

Either way, is actually really entertaining and they cover all kinds of nerdish stuff, from crazy sci-fi toys to Star Wars inspired strip clubs. And now also a couple of my videos :D So be sure to check it out! Furthermore I've just gone a head and ordered my most expensive box set ever and it's a limited edition bluray/dvd combo from the mother of overpricing countries. Yeah, you guessed it - it's time for another epic release from the heart of Japan... but what is it? Well, if you're up to date on all my information outlets you might have already noticed, but if not I can assure you that it will be shown on the site as soon as possible.

Nerdishly yours...


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