2010-02-02 12:39

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I've recently disovered a podcast originating from the good people over at /Film (slashfilm) where the incredible storyteller and long time hollywood actor Stephen Tobolowsky shares his storys about life, love and the entertainment industry.

The podcast was inspired by the film Stephen Tobolowsky's Birthday Party, where the man of the hour is documented on his birthday as he tells stories from his life to the people around him. So for short, it's all about story telling and the art of captivating simply through the use of that very talent. And Stephen certainly is a man who can captivate an audience. I mean the man has so much to tell, it's down right incredible what he has been through and I find myself laughing out loud while on the subway, just from hearing his bizarre and unusual anacdotes being played back in my headphones.

And now I'm guessing a bunch of you are repeatedly shouting "WHO THE FUCK IS STEPHEN TOBOLOWSKY!?"

And by all means, he's not a guy that most people know as a Hollywood actor but the guy has been in more blockbusters than most major actors have even heard of, yet alone acted in. So be sure to head on over to and to take part of Stephen's bizarre and unusual tales of awesomeness.

Tobolowskingly yours...


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Posted 2010-02-03 (17:26)

Mystepho: I know! :D I was actually planning to mention it next time we spoke - just to see if you were in fact following it. Can't wait to see the movie :)

Mystepho Posted 2010-02-03 (16:59)

I havn't actually told you, but since the first days when I got my iphone I have been listening to the Tobolowsky files and man is he great! Can't wait for friday! (that's when the podcast is updated)

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