2010-03-10 10:17

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Youtube is booming as usual and my lack of time and energy for updating the database on a regular basis is still pretty noticable. The great Mystepho has done some good work with updating the codes of the site and now added Bluray and Bluray/DVD combos as separate product types so I can begin posting Bluray box sets without there being any confusion as to what the format is.

Furthermore we're actually planning to get together the upcoming weekend for an all night Matrix viewing, as I've yet to see the three films on bluray even though they've been in my shelf ever since I recieved the super fantastic Nebuchadnezzar box set from Japan (Yep, that's right - I know it's not on the site yet but check discjunkieTV for a detailed 2 part review).

Over and out from the real world.


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