2010-04-28 09:56

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It goes without saying that I should write something about all the shit that has been going on over at youtube during the last couple of days. Like many of you, I showed my support for a girl who reached out to her youtube followers after she (as she puts it) was sexually harassed by another person on the tube. This situation quickly spun out of control and due to my support for this friend I ended up loosing another one in the process.

I wish that things could go back to as they were prior to this whole shitstorm but some things can not be undone. I've done what I can in this situation and I've also decided to stop making videos ABOUT IT. At this point I don't feel a need to dwell on the matter any further and I'm now going back to making regular videos. I wish that everyone effected by this event will be able to move on at some point. I've decided to take my hands off the matter as things have turned way to ugly all ready.

Hope to see everyone on the tube (including my lost friend) and thanks to everyone for their continued support to the channel.


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Posted 2010-05-08 (20:45)

He will be missed in more ways than one.

jonathan Posted 2010-05-02 (16:37)

It sucks that BookhouseBoy had to close his channel

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