2010-07-27 19:15

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I can't really say exactly when my love for packaging originally sparked but I know when it was reborn. And that time was yesterday, when I first laid eyes on my very first laserdisc box sets. HOOOLY HAROLDSON! In America and Japan the laserdisc format was pretty well recieved back in the day but over here in Europe the market never really took off and if you go out on the street 7/10 people have probably never even heard of such a thing. But I did hear about them and so I decided to pick up a few, mainly as a curiosity.

One of the primer reasons why I wanted to investigate laserdiscs was to check out a few releases that had special features which were never ported to DVD. One of these releases was the Criterion edition of Dead Presidents (yes, Criterion used to release high quality laserdiscs in the same why they release DVDs and Blurays today). I found this through ebay and even though it's usually listed at quite a high price it ended up being much lower than expected. To save on shipping I also added a few other titles (Terminator 2 and Natural Born Killers) that I'd had my eye on when I realized that they were available from the same seller.

And yesterday I got em. I don't know what it is about them but the size and the artwork is just mesmarizing. And if you're not a collector then I'll try to put it into everyday terms for you - it's like I just re-experienced my first kiss (or got laid, which ever gets my point across). The colors, the size, the weight, the look, the feel and (OMG) the quality! I just feel reborn as a collector now when I realise how impressive the format really is. Granted I don't own a player yet and a lot of my fascination does stem from a general interest in packaging but you can be sure that I will pick up a few more LDs as soon as possible.


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Tomas | Location: Blackeberg Posted 2010-07-28 (06:23)

Check out "1984 Pioneer Laserdisc demo with Devo" on YouTube!

Tomas | Location: Blackeberg Posted 2010-07-27 (19:55)

Sounds cool!

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