2010-07-30 18:54

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I've always been really proud of the discjunkie logo (which, for those who don't know it, is an original design and not a logo based on an excisting font) but the accompanying avatar has started to feel a little bit outdated. I understand that my old haircut has become something of a signature but now when I havn't had it for quite a while I'm starting to wonder if I should re-define the icon you commonly associate with yours truly.

Perhaps the reality of needing to wear glasses on a regular basis will spark some kind of new portrait but I'm still in doubt on what route I should go for with this. Should I just make a head like I've had so far, should I make some kind of icon relating to DVDs, should it be a nudge mainly to packaging (cause god knows that's been my main focus for quite a while know, despite the contradictury nature of my alias) or should it be something else entirely?

Feel free to let me know what you think.


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PMD | Location: Germany Posted 2010-08-01 (09:15)

- Some changes to the old logo to show your actual style and keeping the type of design would be a good agreement.

- Or How about a Black & White Pop Art Style Logo of yourself (or your head)?

Tomas | Location: Blackeberg Posted 2010-07-31 (20:14)

You know, the discjunkie pops out from a package...

Posted 2010-07-31 (15:53)

Really??? How so???

Tomas | Location: Blackeberg Posted 2010-07-31 (11:35)

What first comes to mind is jack in a box, but that might be far too obvious.

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