2010-08-03 18:15

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After my recent Inception USB drive and spinner purchase (yes, more info about this coming up soon) I noticed a couple of really odd collector style USB drive over at Amazon UK. They're apparently part of a product line where the movies have been converted to DivX format and are presented directly on a collectable high quality USB memory drive. Yeah, neat huh? Well, maybe not everyone's cup of tee but based on what I've seen on youtube (as well as a "second hand" look that a friend provided over MSN) these thing look REALLY good in terms (packaging) quality. So far the only two movies to get this treatment are Star Trek and Transformers 2 and from what I understand, each of them are limited (and numbered) to 20 000 copies, complete with an embossed tin presentation and a plastic slipcase.

Seeing as Amazon UK don't ship "gadgets" here I had to go through ebay UK but the price difference is neglitiable (maybe even cheaper on ebay I think) and you can expect to pay roughly 10 GBP plus shipping for each. Now I know I havn't seen these in the flesh yet but the whole idea is really quite fetching to me. I mean, truth be told I got USB connection on both my TV, BD-player and DVD-player and if one could watch movies by pluging in one of these in there that would be a really neat trick. I know those ports CAN play movies from USB-sticks normally (say no more) but from what I've heard these movie-on-USB-files seem to be encrypted somehow. So chances are they might only work in a special DivX player (that you get as a free download through a link on the memory itself) on your computer.

Either way, that's all of my recent USB crazyness but if they keep putting out stuff in this collectable USB style fashion I can really see myself collecting them anyway. I mean they're just cool gadgets, am I right? :)


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Ronnie | Location: Sweden Posted 2010-08-07 (12:12)

You can get them from, for like 18 GBP together and with free shipping. Don?t now if the send "gadgets", cant find that information.

PMD | Location: Germany Posted 2010-08-04 (00:40)

It's a nice kind of curiosity to have and i also think they look quite nice (especially the Transformers 2 version) in matters of the style of their presentation.

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