2010-08-04 21:51

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Yesterday I recieved a package with an odd blood bag promo for the korean film Thirst that I picked up from ebay. But what was more surprising was that the seller had been kind enough to throw in a surprise bonus promoting another film (just because he felt the shipping had gotten a bit delayed, which I quite honestly hadn't thaught about). Inside the box I found a police evidence bag containg a blood-smeared plastic funnel. Neither the funnel nor the evidence bag had any kind of company markings or regular movie info so I was quite intrueged to find out what it was for. After a bit of googling it turned out to be a promo for the upcoming film Let me in (which is a remake of the SWEDISH hit horror movie Let the right one in) directed by Matt Reeves. I didn't even know they were remaking it and not sure how thrilled I am about that idea in general but as for the promo this was just a really cool (and ectremely vague) item IMO.

Overall it seems a lot of people are just really goodhearted right now. I got a couple of gifts on the way both from ebay sellers and youtube folks and I can't wait to see what I get. Plus, I even have a few things going out myself as well as a few new ideas for youtube-competitions brewing behind the scenes. Also, I'm managing to sell stuff that I wasn't really expecting to get sold at the prices I wanted so that's also a happy turnout. Ahhhh, life is good...

... except for the usual stuff of course.


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