2010-08-10 17:19

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Yesterday I checked out a film called Jack Brooks: Monster Slayer. This was something I got recomended by a friend (Thanks, Craig!) and explained as being just an odd and somewhat unknown film with some really nice monster effects and something for an all in all good old time. And it was. What strikes me about this film is that it's got that old school feel to it - sort of like in the era of a classic horror comedy like Little Shop of Horrors or Tales from the Crypt. Now, despite the film taking some time to get going, once it heads off into mayhem the effects (which seem to be pretty much all practical rather than CGI?) are really fun and gory.

My only concern is probably that the film comes to an unexpected halt leaving us with a little less answered questions than I imagined. Okay, let me explain. The movie starts off in a jungle where natives are fighting some kind of monster. They call upon our hero Jack, who lives there in a hut for some reason, to come fight the monster. We then cut to the more traditional beginning of the film where we get the whole story of how he became a monster slayer but at the same time this is not a full life-story type film but rather just a look at Jack's road to his first monster slaying encounter.

So why even include the jungle stuff? I mean I get the idea but it just feels pointless. It doesn't really add much and we still miss out on his whol life story going from his first monster slay to where he's this legendary jungle warrior. I don't know, the jungle beginning and end just felt weird IMO. Still, be sure to check out the movie anyway cause the rest of it is quite a nice ride.


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