2010-08-19 04:12

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A while back I decided to check out Peter Jackson's The Lovely Bones. This was actually very different from what I had expected and overall all a really unique experience crossing a variety of different genres. Personally I guess I was mostly in it for the dark mystery horror story of "who killed the little girl" but the film itselfs goes so far beyond that and is at the same time as being an investigating thriller a post crisis family drama as well as a remarkably told fantasy world fairy tale.

I don't know what else say. It's just a very unusual hybrid and for me it certainly adds a new level to Mr. Jackson's portfolio as it shows a brand new side of him that I havn't seen before. And if you're still not sure what to think of this I'd say it's kind of like a cross between Sean Penn's The Pledge and some kind of Alice in Wonderland spin-off without all the weird creatures in it.


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Mystepho Posted 2010-08-19 (07:23)

Sounds very interesting. I skipped it and went to see The Expendables instead :D

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