2010-12-10 06:41

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At this point a lot of my focus is aimed at finding an extremely rare Swedish VHS rental version of Tobe Hooper's The Texas Chain Saw Massacre but apart from this I've also spent some time on the limited editions of Inception recently being unleashed all around the world.

So far I've only recieved the UK "briefcase" version but I'm also waiting for the much anticipated French Fnac exclusive set (a briefcase as well), which is apparently completely sold out and already selling for ridiculous prices on ebay. Now, I havn't gotten a shipping notification so lets just pray that Fnac has kept my copy in stock despite a slight delay of payment... which was there own fault anyway.

Right now it feels like I'm waiting for my luggage at the first international Blu-ray/DVD airport. God I hate that revolving thingamajigg showing me everyone elses shit.


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Marcus Posted 2010-12-19 (20:49)

Har inte sett dig online p? msn p? ett tag, m?ste prata lite om diverse editioner :) Jag var den nye samlaren som du pratade med f?r ett tag sedan :P

Matthew | Location: Birmingham Posted 2010-12-12 (23:19)

Nice analogy! I hate waiting for things in the post too.

Ventish Posted 2010-12-10 (11:29)

I got my Fnac Briefcase last week, it's wonderful. Hope everything works out for you because the uk briefcase simply don't match the awesomeness of the french edition.

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