2011-03-18 00:46

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Well, now I know. Check out my unboxing video for the package I recieved from the Long Pigs crew.

Thank you so much for this :)


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mystepho Posted 2011-04-09 (23:10)

Hey Joe's. The Import Forums is closed for good (or atleast for a long time), but according to crew it'll be online kept as is "forever".

Not Another John Doe Posted 2011-04-08 (13:56)

haha, ow wow, Joe, just thought of asking somewhere the same thing and since, frankly, this is the only other renowned and worthwhile place known to me for my daily portion of limited movie editions, I went here to do so.

truth be told, I'm guessing they got either servers blown one reason or the other and are probably looking for a new host. that's what I hope for at least, would be a darn shame if they would colse indifinitely.

also, maybe our Dear Host here would know of any other lively places like the (temporarily) deceased importforums? ;]

joe Posted 2011-04-03 (03:15)

Do you know what happened to It's unavailable since 1 or 2 weeks.

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