2011-05-06 10:21

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Hi everyone

Okey, so some of you might be wondering why a couple of my youtube vids have been taken down (I highly doubt people have even noticed but it felt like a nice way to start things off). The reason for this is that I recently signed up to become a youtube partner and hence I need to rid my account of anything that violates everyday copyright laws (like music, clips from movies etc. etc.). Oh, and this partnership thing isnít all that special Ė anyone can sign up for it. Plus, I wasnít invited or anything, I just filled out the form and hit the submit-button.

Seeing as I had a lot of old vids which obviously violated the guidelines for what a youtube partner can post I decided to take em down Ė better safe than sorry, ey? But becayse I really really wanted my videos to still be available Iíve actually re-uploaded most of them using a different youtube account so if youíre looking for something I posted in the past that doesnít seem to be accessable through the channel anymore you can always try the search function and chances are the vid will still be available (without the old comments and rating of course, but still).

So why do I wanna become a youtube partner anyway?

Well, truth be told my main reason for it is for the extra features. Becoming a youtube partners means being able to choose your video thumbnails more diversely as well as the ability to add a custom header to your channel page and things like that. Plus, you also get revenue sharing abilities for your vids which means you can make money based on people clicking the adds that run before said video. But this is very much a secondary thing for me as youíll have to have a rather insane amount of views for it to make any kind of difference to your bank account.

But there you go, thatís the story of the day. Iíve also been re-working my logo as I mentioned in a previous news post and Iím also working on some kind of new avatar/icon to use instead of my old floating skull/head-thing. I mean Iím still going for something like that but the current one just feels very outdated with me having a different hair color and glasses and all.

Affiliatedly yours...


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Posted 2011-05-17 (05:28)

Check :)

Matthew Alton | Location: United Kingdom Posted 2011-05-06 (18:27)

Which channel are they on now? And you said "most"... which ones are gone forever?

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