2011-05-22 15:38

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Holy hell! On may 27th David Fincher himself is attending an actors studio conversation with Roger Wilson over at Cinemateket. Realizing this I immediately told Mystepho about the event and we quickly set out to get tickets. Luckily, Mystepho was able to hit the ticket stands on the day when the released the tickets... and thank god. As it turned out the 300 tickets (or so) sold out within 35 MINUTES (!) and Mystepho got to the stands just in time with only 8 tickets still available for purchase. :D

The staff at the stands said they had never seen anything like it and I couldn't be more psyched to get a look at one of my all time favorite directors up close... oh, and of course there's some plotting and scheming going on over here... but what it is... well, I guess I'll CLUE YOU IN on that later in the week ;)

Fincheristecly yours...


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