2008-06-24 20:59

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Oh my god! I can't believe this day has finally come along.

I'm now a proud owner of my very own Minority Report limited edition Acadamy Awards screening copy attaché case (man that's a long title).

Limited to only TWENTY copies and distributed exclusively to the judges at 2002s Academy Awards (as far as I know), this thing is by far the most limited and most valued piece in my entire collection and obtaining it has been nothing less than a search for the holy grail itself.

But now it's resting peacefully in my overcrowded bookshelf and I can't help to wonder where I go from here?...

Getting a hold of the actual attaché case has obviously been the biggest problem and being as this set is so rare, and so high priced when it actually appears, I grabbed it as soon as I saw it. With this said, the set is actually not complete and I'm still missing a few minor contents.

But the big stuff is all there and if I ever come across the few missing pieces it will obviously be supercool but I'm not sure if I will put any major energy into tracking them down. I mean hey, the attaché case is there, the tin case is there and the screening dvd as well.

I doubt I'll get to much closer to a complete set but I'll always keep an eye out.

Proudly yours, the one and only...


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