2008-10-01 23:24

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As you can see, the main menu has been given an extra section today, featuring a simple and easy to use link to my up and coming youtube account :)

The title for this little sideproject is Discjunkie TV and for now, it's just something I'm trying out but it's proven quite popular and I have a lot of fun doing it so I'm sure you'll see a lot more of this as the project develops.

The basic idea is pretty simple; I am to discuss and document some of my more unusual box set on video and post them on youtube. I will obviously keep doing my usual thing here at but some sets just feel very special and sort of hard to describe using simple words and photos, and that's where the videos come in.

Furthermore: my friend Mystepho is also working on integrating the videos into the site itself - so you can easily access the related clip directly through the specific product page here at, which I think is really cool :)

Should there be a particular set that YOU would like to see on video, you can always send me an email about and I'll see what I can do. Remember; this site is nothing without it's fanbase (HA! Fanbase... yeah. that's cute)...

Last but not least you'll notice that the header is shifting a lot these days. This is because I never really felt satisfied with the original disc-skull-thingy and I'm trying to come up with a new look. My guess is you'll probably see a few more changes before this thing is through.

But that's it for the news today. Hope you're all really well fed with sets and that everything is getting delivered in mint condition to your dirty little doorstep.

Over and out from your favourite druglord...


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