2009-02-02 10:03

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Tomorrow it will be exactly one year since my first news post here at (counting from the re-launch of 2008). It's been a great year in terms of collecting and a great year for the site as well. I guess I've started buying less and less "normal" releases and more and more of the insanely unusual and often promo-related collectibles.

Either way I think the site is really going in the direction I've been wanting it to go and I keep getting more and more response to my work every day now. I really can't say thank you enough to anyone who's taken an interest in my site and the people who've commented or emailed me. And first and foremost I also want to make an anniversial shout out to my man Mystepho, who single-handedly made the site into what it is today. This project could just as easily have been dead if it wasn't for you.

So what does the future hold for my trustworthy visitors and what changes may we see at during the year to come? Well, for starters, we're corrently looking into incorporating the comments function to each individual news-post and also, as you've probably noticed, I've started to run the news more like regular blog rather than just an update companion. I'm not sure exactly where this will take us but I'm hoping that I'll be able to write this as more of a general movie-related blog rather than a dvd-exclusive thing. I'll obviously keep adding stuff to the database and all that but this way I'll have an outlet for discussing general news and other experiences as well.

As for DISCJUNKIE TV, which is well on the way over at youtube, I'm hoping that we'll be able to incorporate this as part of the individual database entries by embedding videofiles with related box sets and so on. So in conclusion I think we're looking at a great year for and I hope you all enjoy where the project is heading. :)

Now bring on the champagne and party girls!!! It's an anniversary! WOOOOOO!!!


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