2009-02-05 21:18

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Just got back from the theaters after seeing Bryan Singer's new big budget war drama Valkyrie with Tom Cruise (no I didn't go to the theater with him. He was in it! Oh you know what I mean!). The movie was surprisingly good. I mean obviously it's Bryan Singer we're talking about (granted I never really cared for X-men or Superman Returns but the man can certainly make big budget pictures even though I doubt he'll ever top his milestone debut with The Usual Suspects)...

Anyway... (long paus)... The film is, as you probably know, totally in english, even though it tells a story with nothing but german characters. This feels like a very cheezy (and perhaps even controversial?) thing to do these days and especially when it's based on actual events and thereby features all kinds of well or lesser known germans.

And surely, I wasn't really sure how this would go either. I mean... Tom Cruise?... playing a GERMAN officer planning to assassinate Hitler himself?... and NO ONE IS SPEAKING GERMAN!? But it works. Granted, the film does start quite cleverly with the main titles being printed in german and and the faded into english, followed by a scene of Cruise's voices reading one of his diary entries in german, which then fades over into english by the time the scene ends. It's a cheap trick but at the same time it's just what the film needs.

I think the fact that everyone speaks PERFECT english is one of the keys to why this film is as successful as it is. Cause if you think about it, back in the old days when you'de see a film about the war on Nazis the german parts were usually played by americans using a fake german accent (not actually speaking german, just with a german tone, you with me?).

Anyway, the OLD way of making germans out of american actors simply doesn't work to well on a believable level as there are so many foreign (and american) big budget films using actual germans these days (thank god!). But when one makes a german film with an (almost) all english cast WITHOUT the silly accents the film also stops being silly. Because you don't see it as a "fake" german film. You just see it as a german film TOLD in english... Sort of like how the germans dub everything over into german... but the other way around... and also the lipsync matches perfectly ;)

So where was I? Oh yeah, the film LOOKS great! Everything feels totally believable and Bryan Singer shows us once again how he can make a great big budget Hollywood film without flinching for a second. The storytelling is superb and makes for an all together suspenseful war-drama full of plots and intrigues.

And last but not least we get to see Eddie Izzard in what is probably his most serious roll-preformance yet. :-o

So whoooopi! Well done by Singer, Cruise and Izzard, as well as everyone else who helped get this movie made.


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