2009-08-03 20:34

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Today is monday. I went to get registered at the unimployment office and after about 3 hours worth of filling in computers forms and such I was finally done. After that I went to the store and bought some dinner. We had pasta with pesto, salami and cachews. We put up a new wallpaper in the livingroom on friday and yesterday evening we did a major paintjob in our computer room turning two of the walls into a deep red colour for a very cozy feel.

Anna just got her new iPhone so she's been busy setting that up pretty much the whole evening. I rewatched the documentary Surplus and thaught about how I'm gonna solve my video-review situation. I mean I really need a good place to shoot but the dvdroom doesn't really have the space to support a constantly set up table just for that.

Hmm. Might consider keeping a quick foldout table stored away and just take it out when I feel like reviewing. I still need to work out what kind of furniture I want. I think to really comfy chairs would be best... but then again the room is meant to double as a potential guestroom so some kind of foldout sofa would be more practical...

But then again... Arghhh! This is so hard!!!


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Mystepho Posted 2009-08-06 (17:34)

I'm holding my thumbs and everything else in order for you to get a great job! To sheer you up I finished this comment section today :D

Hope you enjoy...

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