2009-08-06 19:03

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Hey everyone! Today I've got some awesome news for you to check out. As mentioned before, me and Mystepho have been discussing the possibilities of a comments-function for the news posts but the whole thing has sort of been put on hold due to lack of time.

But now, totally fresh and fully operational, I can finally present to you... the totally awesome news post commenting feature!!! (APPLAUSE) Yeah yeah, maybe not a squirt-in-your-pants kinda newsflash but still pretty fucking good if you ask me.

For anyone not noticing, there's now a comments-link on the top right corner of each news-post. This links to a separate page for each individual newsflash and enables you to comment on that specific newspost. And don't be afraid to comment (!). I'm just glad to get some action and there's nothing more fun than getting people to interact on my favourite hobby.

So I'll see you in the comments :) (and oh yeah, I also switched the link-colours around a bit, but I don't expect any hardons for that one either)

Lovingly yours


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Tomas | Location: Schweden Posted 2009-08-14 (15:09)

Finally! And hey, I didn't notice you had a news feed until now. Wohooo!

Mystepho Posted 2009-08-07 (10:35)


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