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I recently watched both the My Bloody Valentine movies (the original and the remake). Now, the original is obviously a classic I guess, but I think that the remake actually comes through slightly better. It re-uses a number of classic elements from the first but still twists up the story and makes it it's own.

All in all I guess my main attraction to this piece was the protagonist himself. I mean a rampaging mineworker with a gasmask slaying people with a pick-axe - how could you possibly go wrong? On the other hand, the storytelling feels a bit so and so sometimes. Sure it's entertaining but it's just a bit crappy on the build up. I mean there's no tip toeing suspense, no slow moving tension to lay the ground for a big finale, you know? It just rushes in head on and the the slaying roughly occupies 90% of the film (or atleast that's what it feels like).

Obviously maybe not the best horror ever made but certainly worth a watch for some good looking gasmask action. Plus, the identity of the killer is a bit of a mindboggler and that's always helped to sell a few tickets in my book.


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