2008-02-25 23:35

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I finally got around to documenting the American UE for Blade Runner so now you can read all about the differences between this set and the tin box set released in United Kingdom. And all at the same site! Whoooopi!

Apart from this I've also added my very first super jewel case to the database. It's a rather old and unimpressive release for Lock, Stock And Two Smoking Barrels but it's still a fun type of case and I might just get me some more of these babies later on.

And finally in the news today, I've just recieved my fourth Autobahn steelbook! Be sure to check out the other Autobahn steelbooks as well and maybe you'll fall in love with this high quality film series as quickly as I have. Just type in the word "Autobahn" in the search field above and push enter. It just doesn't get any easier than that.

So go now! Godspeed, my fellow steelbook enthusiasts! Godspeed!


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