The Poughkeepsie Tapes ComparisonComments (0)

Today I added a new title to the database for the first time in... two years? Well, you all know Im not really keeping this thing updated but today I really felt a need to do so. One of my all time favorite horror films The Poughkeepsie Tapes just came out on blu-ray after 10 years of obscurity and I just couldnt wait to check it out.

To my surprise the film was actually quite different to what I remembered and when I started studying it side by side to one of my old bootlegs copies I quickly realized that there had been quite a few changes done to the film before its first ever official release. As I hadnt seen any other reports on this I felt a strong need to try to compile some sort of list about all these changes and so thats exactly what I did. Check out my full review through the link below. :)



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Future PlansComments (0)

As of the last few years there really isnt a lot happening with this website. I mean I like to think that its a valuable source for information but my passion for doing this has certainly gotten lost along the way. Still, its not from lack of collecting, its just a matter of not collecting... as much.

Or let me rephrase. I still collect but now I mainly collect one movie. I collect The Texas Chain Saw Massacre. Now, with this in mind I guess its safe to say that Ive gone a little mad but that doesnt mean that there isnt a method to that madness. So yeah... yada yada yada, Im working on something but until I do heres some more updates to the Texas Chain Saw Massacre collection.

Stay analog.



» The Texas Chain Saw Massacre | VHS (Europa Home Video, Brazil)

» The Texas Chain Saw Massacre | VHS (Transeuropa Video Ent., Argentina)

» The Texas Chain Saw Massacre | VHS (Victor, Japan)

» The Texas Chain Saw Massacre | VHS (Culture Publishers Inc., Japan)

» The Texas Chain Saw Massacre | VHS (Culture Publishers Inc., Japan)

» The Texas Chain Saw Massacre | VHS (Victor, Japan)

» The Texas Chain Saw Massacre - 25th Anniversary S.E. | VHS (Vipco, Denmark)

» The Texas Chain Saw Massacre - Promotional Poster (Andarve Production)

» The Texas Chain Saw Massacre | Limited Edition | Lenticular Cover (R2DE)

» The Texas Chain Saw Massacre | Limited Edition | Lenticular Cover (RBDE)

» The Texas Chain Saw Massacre - Ultimate Collectors Edition (RBDE)

» The Texas Chain Saw Massacre | Rental Version (R0SE)

» The Texas Chain Saw Massacre - Atari 2600 | Alternate Game Version | Limited Edition


Stories of Addiction S01E01Comments (0)

(Re-posting this from March 2014 as it was accidentally deleted)

Over the years my collecting has brought me a lot of fond memories and awkward encounters but most of these stories never really come to light when I'm doing my regular reviews videos. So, after much thought I decided to try out something different and actually sat down to record a podcast.

I decided to name it Stories of Addiction and the basic premis is that I will devote my attention to a particular item of my collection in each episode. Obviously, each and every item might not have an especially interesting story to go with it but there are a few oddities that are just begging for attention in regards to how they have affected my life as a collector.

In the first episode I decided to focus on one of the objects that started it all and also one of objects that I have become more or less accociated with as a result of this website.

So check out it and let me know what you think.



» The Texas Chain Saw Massacre | Finnish Keepcase (R2FI)


Life In The WoodsComments (0)

It's been kind of a hectic time after moving to our new house back in the summer of 2013. I know a lot fo people have been wondering when I'm gonna put up new videos on youtube (IS HE DEAD!?). The short story is that I've just havn't had the time or the energy to continue shooting videos after the move. For one thing, living in a house on the countryside (in the woods) is awesome but there's always work to be done - like cutting down bushes, making fires to burn the stuff you cut down (I mean our yard is 1,5 hectare!) and also plowing away the snow from our road during wintertime.

I havn't stopped collecting (obviously) but (as mentioned in some of the more recent videos) I have taken a big step back from buying "new" releases and have more or less been totally consumed buy collecting vintage VHS releases from the 80s. At this point I'm still very interested in setting up some kind of a reviewing table and get back to shooting videos again but I don't exactly have a good place to put that table so it's at a bit of a standstill.

Hopefully, people will still take an interest in me when I return. Oh, and if you're very bored you can always keep track of me by checking my facebook page, where I post comments and small reviews of the movies I watch.

Roll credits.



» Anna Ternheim: Leaving On A Mayday | Limited Edition

» The Texas Chain Saw Massacre | 8mm Pre-Cert (Iver Films Services, UK)

» The Texas Chain Saw Massacre | 8mm Pre-Cert (Derann, UK)


To All Indonesian Hacker. And You.Comments (0)

I just wanted to say that Im back and that the site is now up and running again (duh) after being hacked by some fuckfaced Indonesian hacker who couldnt use proper grammar if his life depended on it (a situation which he hopefully finds himself in sooner rather than later).

But anyway, everythings back to normal and theres also a new video up on the tube.



» The Texas Chain Saw Massacre - Extreme Edition | Fright Rags Exclusive Box Set

» The Texas Chain Saw Massacre | Betamax (K-Tel, Australia)

» Night of The Creeps | VHS (Japan)

» Horror Box Collection (R2SE)

» The Mummy Trilogy - The Ultimate Luxury Box Set (R2UK)

» The Texas Chain Saw Massacre | VHS (VML aka Video-Movies, Holland)

» The Texas Chain Saw Massacre | Betamax (Astral Films Limited, Canada)

» The Texas Chain Saw Massacre | Limited Edition Custom Case


Prometheus ReviewComments (1)

Aight, so last week I was able to see Prometheus in the theaters (it actually premiered on the 31st at midnight over here but I saw it on the third which would be sunday). Instead of re-hashing what I've already told everyone through various medias I'm just gonna go a head and paste my little review of off Facebook (yeah I'm that lazy).

So, was it worth the watch? Yes, it was well worth the watch, and no, it doesn't have any classic "ALIENS" in it (the way we're used to seeing them). Period (but yes, there are other monsters and don't worry, I won't give you any more spoilers and for good reason). Now, the only reason I'm blindsidingly telling you that THERE ARE NO "ALIENS" is because I think anyone going into the theaters expecting to see the same old facehuggers and extra terrestrial monsters that they've seen 4-6 times already will be somewhat disappointed.

What I will say is that Prometheus is a VERY bold move in terms of expanding on the Alien universe and I think that if anything, it will probably grow to be thought of as a very self-sufficient scifi-adventure instead of a re-hashing of a bunch of stuff we've already seen.

Ridley Scott has created a movie which shares a lot of common ground with the original franchise but he's also taken the saga in a whole new direction which is both equally terrifying and equally groundbreaking - I mean they're really going at it with a bulldozer this time around. Who are we? Where did we come from? And where did the Aliens come from? And will this movie give you all the answers you've been hoping for?...

Well, probably not, but it does give us some much needed info about the "Space Jockey" and the crashed ship (I guess)... though in all honesty I felt really puzzled when the credits started rolling.

My guess is there will be as much speculation and discussion about this one as there was about Inception after that blew everyones brains out the airlock. I mean I know what I just saw and I know it was awesome in a very unique and special way... but I'm still standing here with a bunch loose ends with slime on them...

... and people keep telling me to get back on the ship. What the fuck is going on?



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Coping With LossComments (4)

I'm always surprised at how ridiculously calm I can be. I mean there's really very few times that I actually loose it. And whenever there's like an accident where something gets broken or such I'm always the first to say "Don't worry, it's just stuff and it was an accident, not like you broke it on purpose" and so on.


Yesterday I had this brilliant idea (which I'll get back to at a later point) and I wanted to move some of my TCM-editions around to try something. So I'm standing there picking out a couple of VHS boxes, to aid me in testing my brilliant idea, when suddenly, my most expensive TCM rarity starts to tilt...

Panic strikes. My hands are full. The item falls.

Before you ask which one it is I'll just come out and say it: MY IFS PRE-CERT (1ST EDITION) WITH THE SQUARE SUPER 8/VHS COMBO BOX SET TOOK A FALL TO THE FLOOR AND IT BROKE. There you have it. It's one of those things that happen. You can never be safe from stupid shit like that. But what surprised me was that it didn't really effect me. I mean I was pissed, sure... but it lasted no more than 5 minutes and then I let it all go. I think I actually said "Well, atleast now I have a reason to hunt down a replacement box" (thinking to myself that it wasn't really in mint condition to begin with).

I mean what the fuck is wrong with me!? This thing cost a fortune! Oh well. Atleast it doesn't show from the outside (just some plastic shattering on the interior of the case). Hmmm, maybe it's the fact that I'm always buying new shit - maybe that's why it doesn't effect me... or maybe I'm just still in shock.



» The Texas Chain Saw Massacre - Ultimate Collector's Edition | Keepcase (R2SE)

» The Texas Chain Saw Massacre - Special Edition (R0SE)

» The Texas Chain Saw Massacre - Promotional Pin

» The Texas Chain Saw Massacre - Special Edition (R2)

» The Texas Chain Saw Massacre | Special Edition (R2HU)

» Minority Report | Promotional Attaché Case | FYC Golden Globe Awards Edition (R1US)

» Kill Bill vol. 1 | Limited Edition Gift Set + Promotional Rider-Suit Case (R2JP)

» The Texas Chain Saw Massacre | 35th Anniversary Edition | Numbered Limited Edition (RBAT)

» The Texas Chain Saw Massacre | VHS (Cult Classics Austria, Germany) | Bootleg (!)

» The Texas Chain Saw Massacre | VHS (VPS Film-Ent., Germany) | 2nd Release

» The Texas Chain Saw Massacre | Korean Keepcase (R0KR)

» Minority Report | Press Kit | Limited Tin Case (Unknown origin)

» Kill Bill vol. 2 | Limited Edition Gift Set (R2JP)

» The Texas Chain Saw Massacre | VHS (Atlantic Film, Sweden) | 1st Release | 2nd Press

» The Texas Chain Saw Massacre | Special Edition (R2FR)

» The Texas Chain Saw Massacre - Collector's Edition (R2SE)

» The Texas Chain Saw Massacre | VHS (Skorpion, Italy)

» The Texas Chain Saw Massacre | VHS (Atlantic Film, Sweden) | 2nd Release

» The Texas Chain Saw Massacre | VHS (Atlantic Film, Sweden) | 1st Release | 3rd Press

» The Texas Chain Saw Massacre - Edizione Speciale (R0IT)

» The Texas Chain Saw Massacre | 35th Anniversary Edition (R2ES)

» The Texas Chain Saw Massacre | VHS (Network, Sweden)

» The Texas Chain Saw Massacre | VHS (Atlantic Film, Sweden) | 1st Release | 1st Press

» The Texas Chain Saw Massacre | Limited Edition (Cover B) (R2AT)

» The Texas Chain Saw Massacre | Limited Edition (Cover A) (R2AT)

» The Texas Chain Saw Massacre | Betamax (Media Home Entertainment Inc., America)

» The Texas Chain Saw Massacre | VHS (House of Horror, Sweden)

» Minority Report | Press Kit | Limited Tin Case (UK origin)

» Minority Report - Special Press Kit | Limited Tin Case (American origin)

» The Texas Chain Saw Massacre | VHS (Andarve Production, Sweden) (DELETED)

» The Texas Chain Saw Massacre | VHS (Dutch Filmworks, Holland)

» The Texas Chain Saw Massacre | VHS (Futurefilm, Finland)

» The Texas Chain Saw Massacre | VHS (Converge Video, Holland)

» The Texas Chain Saw Massacre | VHS (Wizard Video, America)

» The Texas Chain Saw Massacre | VHS (Video Treasures, America)

» The Texas Chain Saw Massacre | Betamax (Iver Film Services, UK) | 3rd Release

» The Texas Chain Saw Massacre | VHS (Force Video, Australia)

» The Texas Chain Saw Massacre | VHS (Iver Film Services, UK) | 1st Release

» The Texas Chain Saw Massacre | Betamax (Victor, Japan)

» The Texas Chain Saw Massacre | VHS (Iver Film Services, UK) | 5th Release

» The Texas Chain Saw Massacre | VHS (Iver Film Services, UK) | 4th Release

» Studio S & Videovåldet | 30th Anniversary Edition (R2SE)

» The Texas Chain Saw Massacre | UK Keepcase #1 (R0UK)

» The Texas Chain Saw Massacre | UK Keepcase #4 (R0UK)


Texas Chain Saw Mania!Comments (2)

Aight, so you all know I got a big hangup on The Texas Chain Saw Massacre from 1974. Well now I finally decided to shape stuff up a bit and actually put all my releases into the database so you can see them.

Ain't it cool news, eh?

Anyway, if you want to see a listing for all of my currently owned copies of this greatest of horror movies, just use the search function and search for "Tobe Hooper" (or click here if you're incredibly lazy)



» The Texas Chain Saw Massacre - Limited Edition | Chainsaw Edition (R2AT)

» The Texas Chain Saw Massacre - Seriously Ultimate Edition | Limited Steelbook (R0UK)

» The Texas Chain Saw Massacre (R0TH)

» The Texas Chain Saw Massacre - Classic Horror Soundtracks Vol. 1 | Bootleg

» The Texas Chain Saw Massacre - Ultimate Edition | Limited Steelbook (R1US)

» The Texas Chain Saw Massacre - Special Edition (R2UK)

» The Texas Chain Saw Massacre - Special Edition | Virgin Store Exclusive (R2UK)

» The Texas Chain Saw Massacre | Premium Collection Box Set (R2JP)

» The Texas Chain Saw Massacre | Cyber Pirates Exclusive Bloodpack (R2DE)

» The Texas Chain Saw Massacre - Ultimate Edition | Collector's Tin (R0AU)

» The Texas Chain Saw Massacre (RBSE)

» The Texas Chain Saw Massacre - Special Edition (R2NL)


A Different Kind of CollectibleComments (0)

Check out what my awesome dad got me for my 30th birthday (yeah I know, I'm a fucking senior citizen) in this latest video from yours truly :)



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SSGFC 2011Comments (0)

Hey everyone, guess who's back!

Well, maybe not back in full force but I'm certainly still here. I'll admit my videomaking has been close to zero for a while which is a bit of shame but for whatever reason I've just been busy. I'm still working on finalizing the setup for my new DVD-room (oh, you didn't hear? I moved the entire collection from the old room to the much smaller room that used to be our main bedroom) but it's coming along great.

Tomorrow it's time for The Scandinavian Sci-fi, Game & Film Convention once again and as usual I'll be making the place unsafe together with Mystepho and a bunch of other nerds. So hopefully I'll see you there - don't be afraid to come up and say hi, I'll most likely be wearing a brand new "" t-shirt so you''l probably spot me pretty easily (as if I wasn't recognizable enough already).

Peace out, all you awesome conventionalists!



» The Nightmare Before Christmas - Ultimate Collector's DVD Set | Limited Gift Set (R2UK)


Horror Happy Hour: Part IIComments (2)

You heard it hear first (or atleast third). Check out this brand spanking new special guest review I did of Kevin Smith's Red State over at one of my all time favorite YouTube-channel - the one and only... Horror Happy Hour :)



» The Texas Chain Saw Massacre - Ultimate Collector's Edition | Limited Steelbook (R2SE)


Horror Happy HourComments (0)

For today I just want to give a shout to Krys & Dave over at They're just such awesome people and their videoreviews on youtube are just addictive :)

Oh, and don't forget Facebook.



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New Avatar!Comments (2)

I've been quite puzzled over if I would be able to come up with a new avatar that could much the iconic look of my old one. I mean I wear glasses all the time now and even though my old hairstyle is back in action it just doesn't look like me anymore (the old avatar that is).

But now I have finally done it! It started out as a rather quick sketch on the back of a used envelope (or something like that) and then it evolved.

Add a couple of hours of Photoshoping and I'm now finally ready to show you my new face! Granted I havn't been able to find a proper way to implement it into the website yet but checkout facebook or youtube (which has also recieved a much needed facelift now that the new avatar is in place).

Graphically yours...



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Overview, July 2011Comments (0)

Okey, despite the fact that I don't write much over here I'm still very much alive (yeah, the chickenpox didn't kill me) - you should see me on Facebook and YouTube, I'm doing pretty good over there.

Anyway, for today I thought I'd throw in this link for my new DVD room overview video. Hope you like it :)



» Blue Velvet - Special Edition (R2SE)


And I'm Back! (in HD)Comments (3)

Wow, I've really been stuck on trying to re-invent the youtube channel and I've gotten nowhere despite hours and hours of sketching and editing.

So finally I just said fuck it. I can't stand trying to work out a new watermark, intro and what have you. I just wanna make vids. So until I come up with something brilliantly clever my new HD-vids will just go unmarked.

Hope you like em and hope you didn't mind waiting :)



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Swapping StuffComments (0)

Not much to mention today but be sure to check out these two unboxing videos from Nathan & Mike who I recently did swaps with :)

SiilentMiike's unboxing:

Wolfeman323232's unboxing:



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The Fincher VidComments (0)

Alright! I'm back! My new 27 inch iMac is blasting a bunch of high tech goodness into my face and I am back! Apple style! And so, for my first new video I went ahead and edited together the stuff shot at the Actors Studio Conversation with David Fincher at Cinemateket.

Check the clip here:

Starstrickenly yours...



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Waiting For TechnologyComments (0)

Okay, so Fincher-day is officially over and I'm sure you're all dying to know how our little venture turned out. Unfortunately, being without my own computer at the moment (typing this on my GFs iMac), I need to wait a bit before I start editing the footage we shot.

Rest asured I will be back with new vids fairly soon once I got everything set up :)



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Sold OutComments (0)

Holy hell! On may 27th David Fincher himself is attending an actors studio conversation with Roger Wilson over at Cinemateket. Realizing this I immediately told Mystepho about the event and we quickly set out to get tickets. Luckily, Mystepho was able to hit the ticket stands on the day when the released the tickets... and thank god. As it turned out the 300 tickets (or so) sold out within 35 MINUTES (!) and Mystepho got to the stands just in time with only 8 tickets still available for purchase. :D

The staff at the stands said they had never seen anything like it and I couldn't be more psyched to get a look at one of my all time favorite directors up close... oh, and of course there's some plotting and scheming going on over here... but what it is... well, I guess I'll CLUE YOU IN on that later in the week ;)

Fincheristecly yours...



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Howdy Partner!Comments (2)

Hi everyone

Okey, so some of you might be wondering why a couple of my youtube vids have been taken down (I highly doubt people have even noticed but it felt like a nice way to start things off). The reason for this is that I recently signed up to become a youtube partner and hence I need to rid my account of anything that violates everyday copyright laws (like music, clips from movies etc. etc.). Oh, and this partnership thing isn’t all that special – anyone can sign up for it. Plus, I wasn’t invited or anything, I just filled out the form and hit the submit-button.

Seeing as I had a lot of old vids which obviously violated the guidelines for what a youtube partner can post I decided to take em down – better safe than sorry, ey? But becayse I really really wanted my videos to still be available I’ve actually re-uploaded most of them using a different youtube account so if you’re looking for something I posted in the past that doesn’t seem to be accessable through the channel anymore you can always try the search function and chances are the vid will still be available (without the old comments and rating of course, but still).

So why do I wanna become a youtube partner anyway?

Well, truth be told my main reason for it is for the extra features. Becoming a youtube partners means being able to choose your video thumbnails more diversely as well as the ability to add a custom header to your channel page and things like that. Plus, you also get revenue sharing abilities for your vids which means you can make money based on people clicking the adds that run before said video. But this is very much a secondary thing for me as you’ll have to have a rather insane amount of views for it to make any kind of difference to your bank account.

But there you go, that’s the story of the day. I’ve also been re-working my logo as I mentioned in a previous news post and I’m also working on some kind of new avatar/icon to use instead of my old floating skull/head-thing. I mean I’m still going for something like that but the current one just feels very outdated with me having a different hair color and glasses and all.

Affiliatedly yours...



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New Logo!Comments (1)

After much thought I decided to try out a new logo variation I've been working on. I've also decided to drop the floating head for the moment, mainly cause it feels very outdated and I've been wanting to do something new for quite a while now.

So yeah, nothing but symmetry now. Hope you like the new look. :)



» Primer | HMV Exclusive (R0UK)


My First Movie ReviewComments (0)

Okay, so despite doing a lot of videos about DVD packaging I never really did a movie review where I just talk about the movie. I don't know why but I just felt like it's harder to talk about a film than to talk about a physical item like a DVD box or such. Anywhooo, I decided to finally give it a go and choose to review the lesser known unreleased horror mockumentary The Poughkeepsie Tapes from 2007.

Check out the full review over here:



» Primer | HMV Exclusive (R0UK)


Who The Fuck Do I Know In Germany?Comments (0)

Today I got something very mysterious in the mail that turned out to be not quite so mysterious when I opened it. :)

From the good people over at I recieved no less then 4 awesome hartboxes and a limited edition keepcase (plus someodd items that I don't know what to think of, LOL). Be sure to check out this awesome little online shop for all your drooling hartbox needs... and, don't forget to check out the rather confused and squeaky-voiced unboxing video I did for the occasion :P



» Office Space - Fan Kit

» Dumbland | Limited Deluxe Box (R0US)


So what's way cooler than a t-shirt?Comments (3)

Well, now I know. Check out my unboxing video for the package I recieved from the Long Pigs crew.

Thank you so much for this :)



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The TCM-Timeline ProjectComments (0)

After gaining a special interest in Tobe Hooper’s The Texas Chain Saw Massacre and it’s troubled history here in Sweden I’ve taken it upon myself to actually purchase every fucking release Sweden has ever had to offer of this movie in order to shed some light on things. And I hear you saying; "Okey, so every release, you mean like very cool release, right?"...

And I say NO, I mean EVERY FUCKING RELEASE ever. Period. Starting back in the days of VHS-rentals the film got completely banned here but we still had a wide variety of VHS tapes come out over the years (both cut and uncut) before DVDs came along. Truth be told I'm already close to sourcing everything so I guess you could say I’m seeing a light at the end of the chainsaw-wielding maniacs underground tunnel.

But why am I doing all this? Well, for one I really do like the hunting process and this movie especially has turned into a real treat when it comes to double-dipping. Plus, of course, there’s always the informative value of the things I do (or atleast that's what I tell myself) and once I got everything on the table I plan to make one long video where I'll go through all the releases chronologically and look at how the movie has evolved in Sweden over the years. Much like a good old wine or a not-too-decomposing corpse in the body-size freezer box.

But how many Swedish releases are there, you might ask? Well, at this point I’m aware of approx 6 VHS versions and 4 or 5 DVD variations... and all in all I’m missing around 2 or 3 releases (in total) from what I can tell. :)



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Katching!Comments (0)

Seems that I've gotten into a frenzy of trading and selling stuff left and right now that I'm on a restricted budget. Truth be told the offers for some of the stuff I got have just been coming out of the blue so I wasn't even prepared for it. Hopefully this will keep me a float until I can get back to spending my dough a bit more generously.



» Sunshine | First Pressing (R3TH)

» Fargo - Widescreen Collector's Set | VHS And Snowglobe | Re-Release

» The Book of Eli - Amazon Exclusive | Special Edition | Limited Edition (RBDE)

» Last Days | Limited Edition (R3KR)


Knives, Swords and ChainsawsComments (0)

Alright, so it's finally time for a couple of new sets to be published. And yeah, there's no excuse for me taking so long to get this done... except... well, I'm just one man! I mean I hardly have time to watch movies anymore with all the work I put in to making video-reviews these days (seriously, my hobby stresses me out.. but in a good way)...

Also in the news today I can mention that I got a couple of different sponsorship projects going on, giving me a bit of freebies which should be arriving sooner rather than later... but I'll have more on these things when they get here.

But that's all for now, just wanted to post something so you know that I'm not dead (or a zombie).

Collectibly yours...



» The Dark Knight | Joker Knife | Prop Replica

» The Texas Chainsaw Massacre - Promotional Evidence Bag Kit


Apartment Walktrough... Again!Comments (0)

Around december of 2009 I did a video on the tube where I showed what are new apartment looked like. Seeing as we've now re-done the whole kitchen area and also added some new stuff to the bathroom I felt that I really wanted to do a second showing of the place. Ironically it's just as snowy now as it was then and I fear that I'm giving Sweden a reputation of having nothing but snow to offer...

... but on the other hand us Swedes tend to associate the Swedish weather with snow and rain anyway so... well, hope you enjoy for what it is :)

Check out the new apartment tour video over here:



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Cold TurkeyComments (0)

After a lot of planning we recently decided to go ahead and finally do something about our boring old kitchen. We ended up switching all the cabinet-doors for new highly glossy white ones, as well as putting in new boards and brand spanking new fridge and freezer. Plus, new awesome looking wall tiles for a slick, darker look to give some contrast to all the whites.

It ended up being so fucking perfect we just can't stop smiling walking in there... but of course, getting such a wonderful kitchen costs a bunch of money, which now forces me to hold of on most (if not all) of my DVD-purchases for a while. So that's that. No purchases until all the loans are paid. So far I'm doing okay cause there's still a few packages in transit that are yet to get here but once everything is recieved I'll really start getting the shakes. Then again, I guess that's just one of the risks you take when you choose to be a movie memorabelia crackhead.

Choose Life. Choose a job. Choose a career. Choose a family. Choose a fucking big television, choose washing machines, cars, compact disc players and electrical tin openers. Choose good health, low cholesterol, and dental insurance. Choose fixed interest mortgage repayments. Choose a starter home. Choose your friends. Choose leisurewear and matching luggage. Choose a three-piece suit on hire purchase in a range of fucking fabrics. Choose DIY and wondering who the fuck you are on Sunday morning. Choose sitting on that couch watching mind-numbing, spirit-crushing game shows, stuffing fucking junk food into your mouth. Choose rotting away at the end of it all, pissing your last in a miserable home, nothing more than an embarrassment to the selfish, fucked up brats you spawned to replace yourselves. Choose your future. Choose life...

But why would I want to do a thing like that? I chose not to choose life. I chose something else. And the reasons? There are no reasons. But who needs reasons when you've got fucking Blu-rays?



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A Two Time Only Screening of Texas Chain Saw Massacre at CinemateketComments (0)

To celebrate the abolishment of censorship for cinema here in Sweden, Cinemateket put up a series of special screenings showing a couple of classic movies that were never shown uncut in Sweden before. Mystepho was nice enough to surprise me by taking me to their unique screening of Tobe Hooper's The Texas Chain Saw Massacre and it easily became the most memorable and mindblowing cinematic experience I've ever had.

This was the first (or possibly second) time ever that the film has been shown in theaters in Sweden so I will always cherish being able to experience the film this way atleast once in my life. The film was banned between 1984-2001 and it never received a theatrical release back in the 80s due to it being the main attention of the ongoing censorship debate for home video over here.

But now, let's hear what we had to say about the film after the screening :)



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Re-arranging / Overview Dec. 2010 Comments (2)

During the last week my DVD-room has looked more and more like a war zone and less and less like a place where I show off my various limited editions. But now it was finally time to get my shit together and complete the re-organizing that's been tormenting my mind since I began.

And as luck would have it, youtube just granted me (and everyone else?) the possibility to upload videos longer than 15 minutes (not sure how long), giving you a brand new re-arranging/overview video of as much as 21 minutes (don't worry, time will fly by if you have an interest in all this crap) ;)

Seasony Greetings & Coughing Condolences (I'm sick)



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Where's My Luggage?Comments (3)

At this point a lot of my focus is aimed at finding an extremely rare Swedish VHS rental version of Tobe Hooper's The Texas Chain Saw Massacre but apart from this I've also spent some time on the limited editions of Inception recently being unleashed all around the world.

So far I've only recieved the UK "briefcase" version but I'm also waiting for the much anticipated French Fnac exclusive set (a briefcase as well), which is apparently completely sold out and already selling for ridiculous prices on ebay. Now, I havn't gotten a shipping notification so lets just pray that Fnac has kept my copy in stock despite a slight delay of payment... which was there own fault anyway.

Right now it feels like I'm waiting for my luggage at the first international Blu-ray/DVD airport. God I hate that revolving thingamajigg showing me everyone elses shit.



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SSGFC 2010Comments (0)

Already posted this on every channel but hey, it would be a disgrace to the site to not link it here as well :)



» Dexter | Blood Slides Box | Replica Prop


The 412thComments (0)

Today I added the 412th box set to the database (though 130 of them are still "unpublished"). And I'm only really posting this cause I have nothing to say.



» Dexter | Blood Slides Box | Replica Prop

» Phantasm Sphere | Limited Edition (R2UK)

» The Prodigy: Their Law (The Singles 1990-2005) | Limited Edition Box Set


TCM FreakoutComments (0)

The last week has been a crazy time for my Texas Chain Saw Massacre addiction. First I found two pre-cert VHS tapes from the UK and then I also grabbed a Japanese betamax edition (though it's still waiting to be shipped by my own choice) and got word about a newly issued DVD edition from Thailand with an unusual but quite interesting slipcase cover. :)

Oh how I love the sound of chainsaws approaching in the distance...



» The Texas Chain Saw Massacre - Collector's Edition (R2AT)

» The Texas Chain Saw Massacre - Special Edition | 30th Anniversary Meat Case (R1US)


FNUC!Comments (3)

A few days ago I pre-ordered the Fnac exclusive Inception briefcase when it came back in stock again, giving a lot of attention to the fineprint where it said that my card would NOT be charged until the item was released and ready to ship (in december). But when I went by the local grocery store after work and attempted to buy some dinner I was meet with a friendly "not approved" as I tried to pay for my merch.

What the hell!? After calling my girlfriend to help me re-route some case to buy food I went home to investigate. And yes, the amount reserved on my bank account is indeed the for the briefcase set so now I have to figure out why and how to get it back (though most likely the reserved amount will be let go in about two weeks if not charged by Fnac but why it was reserved in the first place is a mystery to me)...

... however I do have a slight recollection of these sort of things happening in the past when utilizing my banks so called "e-card" service. I don't know if this is available anywhere else but the way it works is that instead of ordering something with your regular Visa you can enter the banks website and use a service that allows you to create an electronic Visa card. The so called "e-card" comes up on screen and has all the info of a normal Visa card (card number, name, expiration date etc.) and works just like your normal card... except it can only be charged ONCE and (and up to a certain pre-decided amount) and is thus a very good choice for dealing with shady online shops that you don't fully trust as it easily prevents anyone from emptying your card just using your card info...

... but it doesn't stop idiot companies from charging you 2 months in advance I guess. And something tells me explaining such a matter to a French customer service section will be even more troubling.



» Donnie Darko - Collector's Edition | Tin Box (R2DE)


Hanging out at the David Fincher setComments (3)

On monday I took a trip to Uppsala to hangout at the filming location for one of the exterior shots of David Fincher's upcoming film The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo. This is of course the American remake of the Swedish film with the same (international) name. Being an avid Fincher fan it's gonna be really interesting to see how this works out. I mean I really liked the original version as do most Swedish movie goers... so how will a remake look in comparison when it's not just another box office remake... but a FINCHER FILM?...

In any case it was a lot of fun standing at the barricades hearing Fincher yell "ACTION!" from a far even if I technically never actually saw him (I don't know what to say, the street where they were shooting was quite closed off so one could only stand in some of the adjacent streets peeking at the extras as they did their thing. Seeing as I'm tend to treat real life like it IS a movie I did of course bring some DVDs that Fincher could've signed if I had gotten a chance to meet him face to face. And, I also recorded a short clip where I showed my Fincher-shelf and talked about some of the odd stuff I have in there. Then I stuck this clip on a USB-drive and sealed in a plain envelope marked "The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo, Filming Location: Uppsala. Please Rush to the Director!" (as a nudge to Zodiac of course) and managed to convince a security guy on the set to hand it over to David Fincher's personal assistent.

What will actually come of it? Well, I don't know. Perhaps he will have a laugh about it and write me an email or maybe it will just end up in a pile of rubbish somewhere. Either way I took a shot at getting a message through to one of my favorite directors.

Check the footage I shot on set by clicking this link:



» Wolf Creek - Limited Collector's Edition | JB Hi-Fi Exclusive | Incorrect Inlay Version (R4AU)


The Usual FuckupsComments (2)

Just uploaded a new blooper-vid. Check it out :)



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Unboxing MadnessComments (1)

Yesterday I recieved a truly epic package from my good friends Krazy Jason & Other Jason of Cackalacky Movie Madness. I originally sent out a limited edition Star Trek Online box set that I got on sale and knowing that the Jasons are both pretty big Star Trek fans I figured I should let em have one. I said that they could decide what to get me in return once they recieved it and, well, apparently they reeeeeeally liked it cause the amount of goodies they sent back was just overwhelming.

Check out the awesome unboxing video over here.



» Event Horizon - Collector's Edition | Limited Pod Packaging (R2SE)

» Doomsday - Unrated | Limited Steelcase (R2SE)


Perceptionwhatnow?Comments (1)

Now I commonly don't mention upcoming releases here but I thaught that (in the future) I might try to atleast comment on some particular releases that have caught my eye. Today I was tipped off (special thanks to Tarmin1489!) about the limited edition bluray briefcase edition coming out for Inception in december. It can be pre-ordered for 29.99 GBP (plus shipping) over at Amazon UK... and I did - even if I don't like pre-orders (don't get me wrong, it's good to have the ability to reserve a copy but I hate having a pending cost getting deducted from my account when the edition is released rather than having it deducted right away - I wish we could just choose when we wanted to pay for it so one could get it out of the way).

Also, in the mail yesterday I recieved my new Inception totem replicas from Kevinericon over on Fucking awesome, Kev! So now I got a spinner, brass bishop, poker chip AND loaded dice sitting on my Nolan shelf. Need less to say things are getting crowded over here. And there's still a wide variety of press and promo stuff to keep my eyes on.

Still no sign of my retro-style glasses though (yeah I need glasses in case you didn't hear, read or see it). I doubt the lack of glasses is directly related to me not noticing the briefcase edition at an earlier state but who's to say for sure ;)

Blurringly yours...



» Dexter | Blood Slides Box | Screen Accurate Replica Prop

» The Punisher - Limited Edition | Steelbook (R2NL)


GrindhouseComments (0)

A little while ago I recieved an absolutely AWESOME gift from one of my youtube friends - Craig (emothursdays). And now I finally had the time to publish it to the database (Yeay! One down, 116 unpublished sets to go!) :D

Be sure to also check out the original unboxing video to see one truly surprised junkie.



» Grindhouse - Complete Box | Limited Edition (R2JP)


Evil VehiclesComments (6)

Yesterday I sat down to watch Steven Spielberg's The Duel for the first time. This is a film I'de been meaning to buy for ages and now it had been sitting on my shelf for a while when I finally remembered it. I gotta say I really really liked this one. I know most of you have probably seen it but if you havn't it's definitely a thriller classic to check out. Much like the trucks shortly featured in Jeepers Creepers and Haute Tension, the truck in The Duel seemed to really capture that whole wicked dark mysterious vibe that one just can't describe. I don't know if it's the "Mad Max:ian" rust or the mystery of who's driving that captures me the most but I sure know that this kind of "character" is something I'd love to see more off.

So if anyone has any tips on other films with cool mysterious looking vehicles that instantly inspire fear and horror be sure to let me know. :P



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No, No, What's in the box!?Comments (4)

I've been snooping around for a laserdisc player but it's very hard to recognize the difference between a good deal and a downright scam. I mean what am I looking for exactly? Most people keep saying I should go with a pioneer player but it's still a pretty big jungle out there and they're not exactly easy to find around these parts. Prices range from doable to doodeli-googeli-insane so I have no idea what to think about that factor either.

Meanwhile I got like a ton of packages I need to box up and postage from here is as high as they come. Still, it's very much worth it as a lot of it is stuff that I've sold so I've already gotten money for it, and the rest is basically gift and swaps so I can also look forward to recieving some more DVD surprise in the mail during these next few weeks. :)



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I Can Feel It In My BonesComments (1)

A while back I decided to check out Peter Jackson's The Lovely Bones. This was actually very different from what I had expected and overall all a really unique experience crossing a variety of different genres. Personally I guess I was mostly in it for the dark mystery horror story of "who killed the little girl" but the film itselfs goes so far beyond that and is at the same time as being an investigating thriller a post crisis family drama as well as a remarkably told fantasy world fairy tale.

I don't know what else say. It's just a very unusual hybrid and for me it certainly adds a new level to Mr. Jackson's portfolio as it shows a brand new side of him that I havn't seen before. And if you're still not sure what to think of this I'd say it's kind of like a cross between Sean Penn's The Pledge and some kind of Alice in Wonderland spin-off without all the weird creatures in it.



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Framing MyselfComments (2)

It recently occurred to me that I need to wear glasses regularly and so I've been wanting to try out some. The problem is that I want to get something unique (obviously) and felt like going down the alternate route of the retroesque. The problem is that I don't know where to look. Obviously it's not hard to find retro-style glasses using ebay and google and then just walk in to your nearest optician and have them put in the right lences but the problem is that picking out glasses is a very special process and it really helps to try them out BEFORE YOU BUY THEM. I mean after all, a pair of glasses can look great when you see them on their own but when you try them on you might realize that they don't really go with your face AT ALL. So I'm gonna see if I can track down other opticians that actually carry something more interesting than the latest and most popular (aka boring) frames. Cause rest asured I really want to get a pair of glasses that people will notice

And no, I'm not gonna go all John Lennon you here.



» Panic Room - Triple Deluxe Edition | Limited Edition Tin Case (R2JP)


Still SealedComments (3)

Me and Anna are now watching nothing but Dexter when we get home. She's watching it for the first time but I'm on my second run obviously. But it's such a thrill to re-watch it and it really helps me control the frustration in waiting for season 5. Still, we're going through it so fast that we've already covered the first half of season 3... and we've only been at it for about 2 or 3 weeks.

Also, it seems that just about everything is about evidence bags right now. At first it was the Dexter season 2 "evidence bag edition" from australia (yeah I know, I've been meaning to review this for quite some time). Then came my second Dexter blood slides box (made by Michael Cosentino) with a screen accurate real life evidence bag just like the one that appeared on the show in season 2. And then there was that bloody funnel promo for Let Me In (also with a baggy) and now I'm looking at an odd press junket package for the 2003 remake of The Texas Chainsaw Massacre which, of course, comes neatly sealed inside another one of your standard law enforcement plastic protectives.

Hmmm. Way to help the forensic team when I finally snap.



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Laser LoverComments (1)

At this point I am really sparkling with love for the laserdisc format. And I've now also come up with a good way to display them using a couple of slick, simple, picture-frame shelves that I put in over my reviewing table. You can check out the entire process over on youtube.

Still the shelves are maint mainly to be a display for "normal" LD releases (not for big heavy box sets) so it can work sort of like a wall of art... because let's face it, the artwork on some of the old LDs out there... oh man, it's like a nostalgic orgasm. As for releases to look for I've already started keeping my eye out for a couple of old Criterion editions. Several of these are of interest mainly for extras but as a standard Criterion tends to have pretty awesome covers. Among the ones clearly on my list so far are Se7en (though this is a box set), The Game, Robocop, Trainspotting, Brazil and Fisher King.

Another release that caught my eye as having a really wonderful cover is the US version of Leviathan. And overall I'm sure there are a lot of these retro-esque pieces of eyecandy out there but it's all about finding the right ones. So if you got any tips on LDs with a coverart unlike any other feel free to let me know :)

Hmmm. All these awesome covers make me wonder when I'm gonna have time to pickup a player, though. :P



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Up Yours, Buffy!Comments (0)

Yesterday I checked out a film called Jack Brooks: Monster Slayer. This was something I got recomended by a friend (Thanks, Craig!) and explained as being just an odd and somewhat unknown film with some really nice monster effects and something for an all in all good old time. And it was. What strikes me about this film is that it's got that old school feel to it - sort of like in the era of a classic horror comedy like Little Shop of Horrors or Tales from the Crypt. Now, despite the film taking some time to get going, once it heads off into mayhem the effects (which seem to be pretty much all practical rather than CGI?) are really fun and gory.

My only concern is probably that the film comes to an unexpected halt leaving us with a little less answered questions than I imagined. Okay, let me explain. The movie starts off in a jungle where natives are fighting some kind of monster. They call upon our hero Jack, who lives there in a hut for some reason, to come fight the monster. We then cut to the more traditional beginning of the film where we get the whole story of how he became a monster slayer but at the same time this is not a full life-story type film but rather just a look at Jack's road to his first monster slaying encounter.

So why even include the jungle stuff? I mean I get the idea but it just feels pointless. It doesn't really add much and we still miss out on his whol life story going from his first monster slay to where he's this legendary jungle warrior. I don't know, the jungle beginning and end just felt weird IMO. Still, be sure to check out the movie anyway cause the rest of it is quite a nice ride.



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Better Late Than Never (?)Comments (2)

Yesterday I sat down to watch Boondock Saints 2: All Saints Day after actually hearing someone say that they loved it. Truth be told I was pretty pleasantly surprised as I wasn't really hoping for much but at the same time the film does feel a little all over the place. There are a lot of nudges to the original and even though Julie Benz feels a little misplaced as the Wilem Dafoe substitute it's still an okay movie and worth the watch IMO. Now, I'm not crazy about it in it's entirety but it has some good parts. The ending was a real surprise to me and definitly sets up the stage for a possible sequel (which felt weird because I think I will probably enjoy that sequel a lot more than I enjoyed this one - trust me, when you get there you'll understand why).

As for new faces (and no, I'm not talking about Sean Patrick Flanery looking like a completely different actor after the the effects of time) this film adds the always entertaining Clifton Collins Jr. to the cast along side quite a large array of returning characters from the first film. One of the more interesting aspects of the film was the background story of Billy Connolly's character, which we never really saw in the first film. This takes as back to when he was a young boy and what lead to his imprisonment in the first place. It's not a major part of the movie and so I guess I would have wanted this part to get fleshed out a lot more.

Overall I found the film to be a bit silly at first (like it's trying to hard) but after a while it sort of cleared up and even felt like it was poking fun at itself every now and then. The bottom line I think is that there's not much new stuff going on here. It's a sequel but it's doomed to get repetitive. There are some good and interesting parts, yes, but it's also close to impossible to get the same unique storytelling flow as the original (especially without the brilliance of Wilem Dafoe).

So yeah, I don't know how to wrap things up really. If you're a big fan of the first one I think you owe it to yourself to atleast see this but don't expect to be hit with same impact. Also, I'm not holding my breath here but I definitely see the possibility of both a sequel and a prequel as there's still a whole lot I wanted to get see cleared up when they started rolling the credits.



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In An Out of Stock Egg No One Can Hear You ScreamComments (3)

The upcoming Alien Anthology box set on Bluray may be one of the more anticipated box sets of 2010 but from the looks of it, getting a hold of the limited edition "Alien Egg" version might be harder than first assumed. I actually pre-ordered my copy from HMV UK about a week ago but now it seems most UK retailers have labeled it as Out of Stock, Out of Print or just deleted it completely from all their listings. The initial report from the US was that Fox would be selling the egg exclusively over there and that limitation would be a run of 5000 copies. Exactly what's going on with the UK releases is still not entirely certain but I'm guessing it's just a temporary removal as the set isn't actually produced yet (probably) and there might be problems or change of plans (I don't know). If it really did sell out during pre-orders this will easily become one sought after son of a bitch... but to be honest I'm a bit doubtful that that's what happened as it just feels like to fast a sell out if you ask me.

For those who want to pre-order the egg within Europe are still listing it but who knows for how long.



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The FunnelComments (0)

Yesterday I recieved a package with an odd blood bag promo for the korean film Thirst that I picked up from ebay. But what was more surprising was that the seller had been kind enough to throw in a surprise bonus promoting another film (just because he felt the shipping had gotten a bit delayed, which I quite honestly hadn't thaught about). Inside the box I found a police evidence bag containg a blood-smeared plastic funnel. Neither the funnel nor the evidence bag had any kind of company markings or regular movie info so I was quite intrueged to find out what it was for. After a bit of googling it turned out to be a promo for the upcoming film Let me in (which is a remake of the SWEDISH hit horror movie Let the right one in) directed by Matt Reeves. I didn't even know they were remaking it and not sure how thrilled I am about that idea in general but as for the promo this was just a really cool (and ectremely vague) item IMO.

Overall it seems a lot of people are just really goodhearted right now. I got a couple of gifts on the way both from ebay sellers and youtube folks and I can't wait to see what I get. Plus, I even have a few things going out myself as well as a few new ideas for youtube-competitions brewing behind the scenes. Also, I'm managing to sell stuff that I wasn't really expecting to get sold at the prices I wanted so that's also a happy turnout. Ahhhh, life is good...

... except for the usual stuff of course.



» The Day After Tomorrow - Ultimate Edition (R2JP)

» Robocop Collection - Limited Edition Collector's Box | First Pressing (R2JP)


U.S.B.O.D.Comments (2)

After my recent Inception USB drive and spinner purchase (yes, more info about this coming up soon) I noticed a couple of really odd collector style USB drive over at Amazon UK. They're apparently part of a product line where the movies have been converted to DivX format and are presented directly on a collectable high quality USB memory drive. Yeah, neat huh? Well, maybe not everyone's cup of tee but based on what I've seen on youtube (as well as a "second hand" look that a friend provided over MSN) these thing look REALLY good in terms (packaging) quality. So far the only two movies to get this treatment are Star Trek and Transformers 2 and from what I understand, each of them are limited (and numbered) to 20 000 copies, complete with an embossed tin presentation and a plastic slipcase.

Seeing as Amazon UK don't ship "gadgets" here I had to go through ebay UK but the price difference is neglitiable (maybe even cheaper on ebay I think) and you can expect to pay roughly 10 GBP plus shipping for each. Now I know I havn't seen these in the flesh yet but the whole idea is really quite fetching to me. I mean, truth be told I got USB connection on both my TV, BD-player and DVD-player and if one could watch movies by pluging in one of these in there that would be a really neat trick. I know those ports CAN play movies from USB-sticks normally (say no more) but from what I've heard these movie-on-USB-files seem to be encrypted somehow. So chances are they might only work in a special DivX player (that you get as a free download through a link on the memory itself) on your computer.

Either way, that's all of my recent USB crazyness but if they keep putting out stuff in this collectable USB style fashion I can really see myself collecting them anyway. I mean they're just cool gadgets, am I right? :)



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What Should I Do?Comments (4)

I've always been really proud of the discjunkie logo (which, for those who don't know it, is an original design and not a logo based on an excisting font) but the accompanying avatar has started to feel a little bit outdated. I understand that my old haircut has become something of a signature but now when I havn't had it for quite a while I'm starting to wonder if I should re-define the icon you commonly associate with yours truly.

Perhaps the reality of needing to wear glasses on a regular basis will spark some kind of new portrait but I'm still in doubt on what route I should go for with this. Should I just make a head like I've had so far, should I make some kind of icon relating to DVDs, should it be a nudge mainly to packaging (cause god knows that's been my main focus for quite a while know, despite the contradictury nature of my alias) or should it be something else entirely?

Feel free to let me know what you think.



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First Blood Part FourComments (1)

I've been wanting to catch up on a couple of movie classics I never really paid attention to growing up. One of these was Heat which I checked out the other week and lately I've now been plowing through all of the Rambo movies (yes, I hadn't seen any of them in their entirety before this day). All in all I quite enjoyed them. I think the first and the fourth film were the most powerful and I must say that I was really surprised at the brutality and edge of the latest installment. I mean there were some pretty horrific shots in that one - maybe not in terms of the gore level, though that was pretty high as well, but just the overal raw tone and the way they depicted the true horrors of war without your typical hollywood mentality. I mean it actually felt real in a sense - like no one was safe, even kids got killed off for gods sake.

Not sure how big a fan I am but yes, they're movie classics for sure.



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Bye Bye FellingsbroComments (0)

I was visiting Mystepho in Fellingsbro last week and had a few awesome days before everything got boxed up for his big move to Stockholm (yeah, that's right, he's moving closer! Hooray!). I shot a ton of video clips on my iPhone and I'm currently cutting it down into watchable segments from a total time of over 2 hours. We go bargain hunting, cook dinner and even go urban exploring in this epic final chapter (?) of his home in Fellingsbro. Hopefully I'll get through all the footage soon enough but it takes a lot of time to edited it all together.

As it might take a lot longer than expected I decided to upload it in parts as soon as I finnish them and the first one just went live on the tube. Follow the link to check it out. :)



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Pulling an AronofskyComments (0)

Finally got around to seeing Christopher Nolan's Inception yesterday and must say it's a bid of an odd ride to follow. Not just in the sense that it's odd to follow the plot but also that I'm really curious to see where the director will go from here. I don't know, as much as I'd like to say that the film was a mindblowing masterpiece I think that it's much harder to swallow than I imagined. The film is definitely worth a watch as long as you have a mind that doesn't get scared off by a plot that might require you to leave the theatre with more questions than answers. The whole experience of Inception reminds me very much of what happened back in 2006 when Darren Aronofsky got the chance to follow up his two groundbreaking films Pi and Requiem for a Dream with a project of much higher budget and funding that ended up as the film we now know as The Fountain.

Don't get me wrong, I think both Inception and The Fountain are remarkable films in their own right, but as a major fan of both Nolan and Aronofsky up until this point I can't help to feel that they might just have had too much pressure and money riding on the success of their projects. When it comes to Aronofsky I was actually quite frustrated after finnishing The Fountain. I mean it was just so weird in comparison. Multiple storylines in multiple universes, a man travelling into space in some kind of spaceship bubble centering around a million year old tree, knights in shining armor, perplexing drama and a whole lot of incredibly stunning visuals.

I mean yes, it's an interesting experience, but what happened to the trademark fast cuts, unique style and spectacular guerilla style camera work that got the man so popular? Obviously people can change and this is true for directors as well... but at the same time if you're going in to see a film by Polanski your not really expecting to be hit by Bridget Jones' Diary if you know what I mean.

When it comes to Nolan I never really found Batman Begins to be as good a picture as a lot of other people did when it was first released. However, after my surprising amazement over The Dark Knight I did fall in love with his work once again. Granted, it seems like he has taken a break from the haunting David Julian soundtracks and clever storylines alá Memento and The Prestige (his best ever IMO) to work on the more super-budget projects like the Batman movies and Inception but he's shown that he can do this too so I don't really mind. I just hope that he will return to his previous style in the future and follow up with a film that doesn't leave you wanting a 500-page manual that gives you the much desired backstory of his beautiful new maze of awesomeness (aka Inception).

Might enjoy it more the second time around but I have to say I sensed a lot of frustrated viewers in the theatre attempting to cope with exactly what was going on.



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Ihceptidn?Comments (2)

During the last couple of weeks I've noticed an odd speck in my line of sight where ever I go. Several times I've tried to wave it off with my hand thinking it was a fly or something. But no, it's not a fly. Apparently I got something wrong with my left eye cause the damn speck keeps following my eye whenever I move it (can't feel anything unusual though). So yeah, I decided to go by my local optician and get it checked, and get a general eye exam while I was at it, cause god knows I've felt a bit blurry for a while now (call it a coming of age, I don't know).

When it came to the odd speck the optician couldn't see anything unusual when checking my retinas but they did mention a condition where there's dark stuff inside the eye that whirls up for one reason or other (they didn't phrase it exactly like that but that's sort of what I translated it too) and this is completely harmless. They said it could recide with time and if not it's just something that people usually learn to live with. And in any case it's not something I should worry about and a lot of people have it. Aight, guess that's something at least.

And then we came to the eye exam. Now, I've had a hunch that I might have had a need for glasses for quite some time as I've commonly had trouble focusing, suddenly getting involuntarily cross eyed, seeing double etc. And to be honest I did rule out much of the latter as just me being really tired a lot cause I tend to sleep less than the avarage person...

... But now I know. It seems I'm not exactly 20-20 and apparently I will need to wear glasses all the time. This is actually quite a welcome surprise for me because I've always wanted to wear glasses in a sense - yeah, call me crazy but it just feels like my face needs glasses, ya know? The sad part about it is that I've just now become accustomed (and quite addicted) to wearing sunglasses (something which I've avoided for most of my life just because I didn't like the feeling of seeing everything dimmed or tinted). Guess I'll need to try out contacts if I'm gonna keep using my newly purchased Elvis shades... *sigh* ... Can't wait to decide on "my new face" though :)

But that's all from this lazy-eyed goggle-addict today. Now I'm off to check out Christopher Nolan's Inception at the cinema and think about my new sofisticated look of the future.

(oh yeah, and glasses on a hot chick just makes her hotter IMO)



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Battles Won and Battles LostComments (0)

Recently I've had no less than two paypal disputes running on empty and a few days ago they both "cleared up". The first one was lost and ended up costing me roughly 75 AUD. I got items that weren't as described. I sent them back untrackable to save on postage. They never arrived. Bang. Seller wins the dispute. My second dispute had a much happier outcome though. Filed a dispute simply for security as I was yet to recieve an couple of items that I purchased OUTSIDE of ebay. As it turned out the delay was not the seller fault at all but rather just a case of a torn adress label that caused the package to get returned to sender. Never the less, a few days ago the package arrived safe and sound and the dispute was closed. Plus, the seller threw in a couple of bonus items as a way of apologizing for the delay and man, those were some really awesome bonuses.

Almost made me forget about the money I lost on the other one. :)



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Like a VirginComments (2)

I can't really say exactly when my love for packaging originally sparked but I know when it was reborn. And that time was yesterday, when I first laid eyes on my very first laserdisc box sets. HOOOLY HAROLDSON! In America and Japan the laserdisc format was pretty well recieved back in the day but over here in Europe the market never really took off and if you go out on the street 7/10 people have probably never even heard of such a thing. But I did hear about them and so I decided to pick up a few, mainly as a curiosity.

One of the primer reasons why I wanted to investigate laserdiscs was to check out a few releases that had special features which were never ported to DVD. One of these releases was the Criterion edition of Dead Presidents (yes, Criterion used to release high quality laserdiscs in the same why they release DVDs and Blurays today). I found this through ebay and even though it's usually listed at quite a high price it ended up being much lower than expected. To save on shipping I also added a few other titles (Terminator 2 and Natural Born Killers) that I'd had my eye on when I realized that they were available from the same seller.

And yesterday I got em. I don't know what it is about them but the size and the artwork is just mesmarizing. And if you're not a collector then I'll try to put it into everyday terms for you - it's like I just re-experienced my first kiss (or got laid, which ever gets my point across). The colors, the size, the weight, the look, the feel and (OMG) the quality! I just feel reborn as a collector now when I realise how impressive the format really is. Granted I don't own a player yet and a lot of my fascination does stem from a general interest in packaging but you can be sure that I will pick up a few more LDs as soon as possible.



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We're Looking For Deniro...Comments (1)

Say what you want about never having enough cash to buy all the stuff you want but the US dollar is awesomely low right now (in relation to the swedish crown). Obviously I wish I could buy a bunch of cool stuff from the US right now to save a bit but in all honesty I don't have a lot to spend so I'm still choosing my pickups quite carefully. Personally I never understood how the market works (I hear it fluxuates, right?). I mean fucking currency, how does it work? Sometimes it's low, sometimes it's high, sometimes it's euro and sometimes it's thai (Baht) and so on.

In any case I guess I SHOULD make some kind of order to save myself a bunch of cashinos but it's quite hard to choose. On a different note I accidently missed an ebay auction last night (and it was something I really really wanted). I don't know what happened. I mean I found it and saw it had like "1 day" to go and then 2 hours later it was over (!?). Maybe it's the heat that's messing with my mind. During the same time I was also on MSN when I suddenly noticed that I had unexplainably typed "When will you be home?" to one of my friends, but I had no idea why nor any memory of doing so. And so I really thaught I had been hacked or something. I mean I had no other conversations on MSN that would explain the question (like if I had accidently typed it into the wrong conversation or such) and I was absolutely positive that I hadn't even thaught of writing it.

Is the audience listening?...

After about 5 minutes I realised that the question was actually something I planned to write in a text message on my iPhone (!) but apparently my brain just thaught "Bah! I'll just write it in a random chat window instead! Saves time, ey?". Hm. Maybe it's the coming of age? I mean I'm not exactly 28 anymore, am I? Maybe I should get my rinkly head examined...

NOT David Lynch Referencingly Yours...



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Some times it sets my teeth on edgeComments (1)

Right now I am just sooooo fed up with ebay deals gone bad. First up I bought a combined set of what was supposed to be the australian editions of Dexter season 1, Dexter season 2 (evidence bag edition), Dexter season 3 (bloodpack edition) and a t-shirt (atleast that's what was pictured in the auction, but the description was vague and missleading IMO). Anyway, I recieved Dexter season 1 (UK edition!), Dexter season 2 (australian evidence bag edition, as promised), Dexter season 3 (US edition!) and t-shirt (as pictured). The seller agreed to swap the season 3 ONLY (because season 1 had the same features and should be about as valuable in his opinion).

I sent back season 3 using standard airmail as the seller refused to pay return postage and I for one obviously wanted to cut down my losses for an already overpriced package. But just like Lando Calrissian I should have have expected the deal to get worse before it got better. The seller claimed the package was never recieved and even though I filed a paypal dispute and escalated it to a claim I doubt I will get back the money I spent for season 3 and it's return postage. From the looks of it I'm down roughly 74 AUD and I also got a quite overpriced copy of season 1 from the UK. So yeah, perhaps I feel that I'm being treated unfairly? (please add heavy breathing by James Earl Jones for atmosphere)

Next up there's a couple of Dark Knight and AVP props that I purchased outside of ebay. These were supposedly sent by registered airmail quite some time ago but just got word that they got returned due to the adress label getting torn off in transit. The seller says he has put more stuff in the package as a compensation and has followed up saying that he will provide me with a tracking asap. Still, due to time constraints I've been forced to file a paypal dispute just the same. This time I have quite a bit of hope that the items will get here but it's still annoying to have it take so long.

And then there's the story of my recent laserdisc purchases. I picked up 3 box sets from the same seller on ebay and shipping was supposed to be 30 USD. After the auction ended I got word that it was in fact 60 USD and I would need to pay more to get things going. Once again this was also a good seller and he followed up saying that it was okay to pay an extra 21 USD to cover the listing prices only. I said fine and asked if he could put in an extra LD or two as compensation but I'm yet to see the outcome of this so not sure exactly where it will end.

Overall it's not all bad but multiple fuckups all at the same time like this do tend to wear me down. I can't wait to get some timeout as I go to visit Mystepho for a few days next week and just clear my head. God knows I need to get away right now. I've just been feeling very stressed lately so can't wait to just chill out and stay up late for a few days, taking in the warm summer night air and watching movies till the break of dawn.



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Watching Heat in the HeatComments (3)

Just finished watching Michael Mann's Heat for the first time (believe it or not) and was quite pleasantly surprised. The thing is that I honestly never really liked Pachino. Yeah, call me stupid but every movie I've ever seen him in has been so overhyped and it feels like all he does is running around saying "Fock!". Okay, okay, I didn't mind him in Insomnia but I still think Scarface was one boring piece of crap.

Anyway, Heat WAS good and I found myself really captivated through it all despite Pachino. I honestly don't know what it is about him. Maybe it's just that he feels like an unrelatable jackass? I mean I in Heat I wasn't really that annoyed with him but at the same time I wasn't captivated by HIS performance but rather just captivated by the story and the movie itself. I don't know. I guess some actors just fall flat with me regardless of there work. It seems I just can't bring myself to like him but I can't say why.

Speaking of heat, today is just one of the hottest days ever and just exiting the apartment feels like a quick and easy way to die (from spontaneous combustion). Still, this might just be another piece of evidence pointing to the fact that I might actually be a vampire. I mean I'm always up nights (if possible), I harvest a whole bunch of blood editions in my collection, I rather stay inside when the sun is too bright and I also don't like Twilight (which would be the next logical step for a true vamp).

But that's all for today. I'd write more but I fear the keyboard might short circuit from all the sweat on my hands.



» Zodiac - Edición Coleccionista (R2ES)

» The Devil's Rejects | Promotional Box of Matches


Another Set of Pieces for The PuzzleComments (0)

My entire collecting focus has sort of shifted lately as I've become more and more interested in props and prop replicas. I started hanging out at and I also made a couple of crazy prop replica purchases to go into my already intricate collection room.

One of the items I picked up was an old Barbie-like doll from Integrity Toys. This was the exact same model of doll used for the very first episode of the TV series Dexter as the so called "Ice Truck Killer" doll. I obviously had to do some modifications to get the doll into the same shape as in the series but the end result is really quite stunning so be sure to check out the video for the complete chopping experience :)

Also in the mail recently were THREE new editions of The Texas Chain Saw Massacre bringing my glorious TCM-shelf into an even more awesome state of insane. The editions recieved were all three limited edition Austrian hartboxes from XT video, which I've been wanting for ages. And so a very special thank you to jab over on for helping me get these.



» The Devil's Rejects | Promotional Box of Matches

» Dexter | Ice Truck Killer Doll | Replica Prop

» The Texas Chain Saw Massacre | Limited Edition (Cover C) (R2AT)


Happy DaysComments (0)

Times are pretty good right about now. I've had a lot of awesome stuff coming in but there's also been a few set backs. Hopefully things will clear up eventually. I sent a package out to DVDMike007 the other day as a little cheer-you-up-surprise and recieved a surprise of my own in the mail a few days later (be sure to check out Mike's and my own unboxing vids for these events). Also I've been able to source some truly awesome Austrian editions for The Texas Chain Saw Massacre that I've been wanting to get for a very long time. Yes, I'm speaking of course of the extremely OOP limited edition hartboxes from XT Video. And also coming in very soon I picked up the odd "Chainsaw Edition" released in Austria together with a few other picks over at DTM.

I try to keep my videoreviews pretty regular but working full time I rarely find the time to update photos and specs in the database. Hopefully I'll be (mentally) able to take a bit of a break from buying too much stuff soon (need to save up some money) and maybe then I can focus more on the editions I already have and follow up by getting some actual updates done ;)

And on a total different note it gives me great pleasure to congratulate Mystepho today as it's his birthday! So hooray! :D



» Gangs De Nova Iorque (Gangs of New York) - Edição Especial | Limited Gift Set (R2PT)

» Natural Born Killers - Deluxe Edition (R2DE)

» Hell Ride | Limited Steelbook (R2SE)


Flea Market BargainComments (1)

Okey, I know this isn't very luxurious or cutting edge or flashy... but man is it a piece of nostalgic packaging history :D



» Hell Ride | Limited Steelbook (R2SE)

» JM: Johnny Mnemonic | Re-issued Japanese Director's Cut (R2JP)


What's With All These Boxes?Comments (2)

I recently recieved a really spectacular gift from opiumaddict over on the tube and I must say that unboxing this thing quite blew me away so a very big thank you to my new friend Loren. You can check out the unboxing video over here. :)

I also decided to put up a video talking about future unboxings and generally mentioning that if there are people out there who do want to send me stuff (whatever it may be) I plan to start doing unboxing videos of any packages I get that are directly related to people on the tube. This mentioning seems to really have hit it off with people as I've been contacted by a whole bunch of subscribers saying that they got some DVD they want to send me. So currently I got around 4 or 5 "surprise gifts" coming my way and I can't even explain how excited I am (!). I mean in a way I always hoped that this kind of thing would get a snowballing effect but I never really thaught it would get there so soon (I mean I don't have THAT many viewers in comparison to a lot of other reviewing-type channels).

Apart from all these recent gift stuff I have however been having quite a shitty week in terms of unboxing. It seems like just every motherfucking order that I've recently recieved has just been messed up, damaged, unexplainably incorrect or in some other way strangely depressing. I guess most of these orders will eventually be cleared up for the better but I have lost a bit of cash from paying return-postage already. Hopefully things will get better before they get worse.

Also in the news today I've recently bought and paid for my SECOND Dexter blood slides box replica which will be coming in from Michael C Collectibles. The price is pretty hefty but as of season 5 Mr Cosentino (the craftsman making these things) is actually the original source for the screen used boxes! (That's right! He's actually made boxes for Showtime now so what you see on the show in season 5 is EXACTLY the same type of box that I'll be getting). But I'll write more about this once it arrives.

That's all to you from me today but keep your eyes on they tube and I'll try to put up some new reviews asap. :)



» JM: Johnny Mnemonic | Re-issued Japanese Director's Cut (R2JP)

» Dobermann | Limited Edition (R0)

» Minority Report | FYC Edition | Screening Copy (R1US)

» House M.D. | FYC Emmy Awards Edition in Bloodbag Case (R0US)

» True Blood | Tru Blood | Official Bottle Drink


You've Come A Long Way, JunkieComments (2)

Yesterday was a memorable day for Discjunkie TV as I've just hit 1000 subscribers over on youtube. To be honest I did always think that there would be a lot of people who would enjoy these videos but at the same time it's very bizarre to consider the fact that there are so many people who care about what I do. I mean I know there's not actually 1000 people watching (a lot of the subs are obviously old accounts, deleted profiles and such) but never the less at some point they DID subscribe, and in conclusion there are atleast 1000 people whom I've been able to attract to the channel at some point.

I don't know. It makes you think. Sort of.

Furthermore I've always thaught that youtube is a great place. The interaction and appreciation that I get for the channel alone is such a big part of what drives me to keep doing what I do. It's a great way to find new friends and connect with people who I would have never even meet otherwise.

Also in the news today: I've actually got a couple of gifts coming into the collection! :D YEEEEAAAAY!!! That's right, people have suddenly started sending me stuff to show their support for the project. I mean it's not like people are begging me to unbox their stuff but there are a couple of folks out there who have actually contacted me to say that they have something they want to add to collection. :)

With this said, I am obviously planning to do some more unboxing videos when these things start to arrive. I'm actually very excited about this, even more so than about some of my other recent purchases. I mean the surprise-element of getting a gift this way is so much fun that I can barely keep contain myself. Just imagine - someone likes my videos so much that they actually want to give me free shit (!)... or maybe they just want to score some new subscribers from a shout out and leach off of my popularity ;) Nah, just kidding, I can tell that the people who've contacted me about these things are just really friendly people who want to give something back for what I've given them by keeping this project going.

So, I've decided that ANYONE on the tube who sends me something - regardless of whether it's a gift or a trade or something they helped me buy - EVERYONE deserves an unboxing video (!). Period. Back in the old days I havn't really done unboxings as it goes without saying that it's felt a bit pointless. I mean my channel is all about doing reviews anyway so I tend to end up doing two videos showing the same object that way. But hey, people really seem to like unboxings and capturing my own surprise on camera is definitely worth the extra video. Plus, I figure I can always do a quick unboxing video to show my appreciation and give a big thanks and then I can do a separate in depth review of the object the old fashioned way. :)

But anyway, before I go I wish to give a big THANK YOU to EVERYONE who supports this project. YOU are what makes it all worth while!

(well, YOU and all the cool stuff I buy)

Greatfully yours




» The Game - Screensaver | Promotional Floppy Disk


Don't Panic! It's Panoramic!Comments (0)

As some of you know I have a lot of other interests apart from DVD collecting (well, not really but I got one or two at least). One of my other hobbies (or skills if you will) is 360 degree panoramic photography, which I have pretty much learned through trail and error. And so, a few days ago I finally decided to set up a 360 degree photo session inside my DVD-room so you can get a feel of what the collection actually looks like in real life.

And here it is:

PS. I also posted a video about the making of this over on youtube but it's not all that informative actually. DS

Panoramically yours



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This (Almost) Just In!Comments (0)

I recently posted a note about me registering over at However, before I even got started over there I discovered, which seems like a much better place to get things going. So from now on, be sure to check out my channel over at Justin and if you sign up (which is free) for an account on the site you can also get regular email updates whenever I go live, so this way it's a whole lot easier to keep track of me :D ... Plus, the live videos will stay on for 6 days after their initially broadcasted so there's plenty of time for you to catch up if you miss the live feed (and I will also download the material for possible uploads on youtube later on).

So weeee! I say welcome to the future of discjunkie TV! :D



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Stickam Up, Sucker!Comments (2)

A couple of days ago I decided to register at to try out their liveshow abilities. My first impression of the site wasn't good at all and I couldn't even get my camera up and running. But after re-visiting the site a couple of days later it seems to work a bit better now. I still havn't schedueled anything or tried it out for real but I plan to do something in the near future.

So until I get a new livefeed flowing... uhm, just stay alive!



» Starship Troopers - Special Twinpack | Collector's Edition | Limited Edition (R2JP)

» Lost Highway - Special Edition (R2UK)

» Lock, Stock & Two Smoking Barrels | EZYDVD Exclusive Tin Case (R4AU)

» The Dark Knight - Special Edition (R3TH)

» Sunshine | Limited Edition (R3HK)

» Indiana Jones | The Adventures of Indiana Jones | Limited Gift Set (R3KR)

» The Queen | Limited Edition (R3TH)

» The Usual Suspects - Special Edition | First Pressing (R1US)

» Alien Quadrilogy | Limited 25th Anniversary Alien Head Box Set (R2UK)

» Doomsday - Limited Edition (R0TH)


The Day When The Shit Hit The FansComments (2)

It goes without saying that I should write something about all the shit that has been going on over at youtube during the last couple of days. Like many of you, I showed my support for a girl who reached out to her youtube followers after she (as she puts it) was sexually harassed by another person on the tube. This situation quickly spun out of control and due to my support for this friend I ended up loosing another one in the process.

I wish that things could go back to as they were prior to this whole shitstorm but some things can not be undone. I've done what I can in this situation and I've also decided to stop making videos ABOUT IT. At this point I don't feel a need to dwell on the matter any further and I'm now going back to making regular videos. I wish that everyone effected by this event will be able to move on at some point. I've decided to take my hands off the matter as things have turned way to ugly all ready.

Hope to see everyone on the tube (including my lost friend) and thanks to everyone for their continued support to the channel.



» Starship Troopers - Special Twinpack | Collector's Edition | Limited Edition (R2JP)

» Lost Highway - Special Edition (R2UK)

» Lock, Stock & Two Smoking Barrels | EZYDVD Exclusive Tin Case (R4AU)

» The Dark Knight - Special Edition (R3TH)

» Sunshine | Limited Edition (R3HK)

» Indiana Jones | The Adventures of Indiana Jones | Limited Gift Set (R3KR)

» The Queen | Limited Edition (R3TH)

» The Usual Suspects - Special Edition | First Pressing (R1US)

» Alien Quadrilogy | Limited 25th Anniversary Alien Head Box Set (R2UK)

» Doomsday - Limited Edition (R0TH)


Trading SeasonComments (6)

Today I got a bunch of stuff in the mail that's not even for me. That's right! I actually bought a number of DVDs to simply give away... or, well trade away to be more specific... hmm, let me explain. There are some people on youtube that make unboxing videos that impress even me ;) and one of those people is Mizpol. Now, sending packages to people on the tube is sort of an odd thing - there's like a strange groupie-feel to it. I mean, maybe not on this particular occassion but a lot of the time I see really high profile youtubers doing unboxings of stuff that they just get sent at random because people like their videos :)

Now, so far I've never gotten a package "for no reason" but I figured I might try to get the ball rolling myself by sending something to someone else. And so that's why I got in touch with Mizpol. I told him that I would box up some cool DVDs and send him a package and then (based on what he got) he could send me some cool DVDs right back. Kind of like a secret easter egg santa thing.

So anyway, why am I doing this? What's the angle? Ain't I worried that I'm gonna loose money and get a couple dusty keepcase copies of Weekend at Bernie's 2 for all my troubles? Well no, not really, I mean I know Mizpol is a nice guy who gets cool stuff and I highly doubt I'll be less than thrilled over what he'll send back and also, so much of this is about the surprise itself. It's kind of a gamble, of course, but then again it's not like I'm spending a fortune and a worst case scenario is I'll get some okay stuff in return, plus I might score some new subscribers based on the shoutout in Mizpol's unboxing video.

So in conclusion I guess it's kind of an experiment. I've never done this kind of swap before but it felt like a really fun project and a fresh way to get some new sets for the collection :)

On top of this I've also proposed a trade with one of my norwegian visitors here at, who was on the hunt for the limited edition of Last Supper. Seeing as he couldn't order this from and I'm also on the hunt for a couple of norwegian releases that I myself can't get through I suggested a simple trade. He'll buy me keepcase-editions of Fritt Vilt (2 disc edition) and Fritt Vilt 2 and in return I'll get him a copy of Last Supper. And then we just pay for postage ourself and everyone gets what they want :)



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A fryingpan?Comments (0)

Today I gave Mystepho one of the coolest gifts imaginable...



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The Ultimate Luxury (Box Set)Comments (0)

Today it's time for something I rarely do, which is an unboxing video. I choose this format mainly because it felt like a really fun title for me to experience first hand and catch my initial experience on tape rather than doing it as a regular review. All in I guess I was pretty okay with how it turned out, but should it really be THAT hard to open a package?



» Marathon Trilogy | Limited Collector's Box


It's a Hovercraft, baby!Comments (1)

After a couple of hours of typing I've now managed to go through all the menus and specs for the the ultimate Matrix collection from japan (I didn't actually watch all the extras but I did flip through all the menus to see what's included). Furthermore, if you're gonna check the attached video review, be sure to note that in comes in TWO parts so you might need to jump on over to youtube to get the sidebar link that will take you to the second video.

Oh, and btw: if you're curious about the whole "RABCJP" thing with parantheses at the end of the link it's a database-generated shortening of "Region ABC, Japan". Prior to bluray, this would just be generated as "R2JP" for "Region 2, Japan" but now when it's all letters (due to the region encoding of blurays) things are starting to look a little bit weird. So in other words: yeah, we're working on it.

Revolutionarily yours



» The Matrix - The Ultimate Matrix Collection | Limited Edition with Nebuchadnezzar Model (RABCJP)


Richard Kelly Strikes Back... I think...Comments (0)

Okay, so we all love Donnie Darko but what the hell happened after that? Richard Kelly's directorial debut is now considered a cult classic and anyone who knows anything about notable films of 2001 has probably already seen this time and time again. But what became of Richard after that? He wrote the story for the Tony Scott directed Domino that came out in 2005 but it wasn't until 2006 that he returned to the director's chair once again, with the highly anticipated Southland Tales.

Now... I honestly don't know what to say about "Southland" - it feels like a very strange and misguided piece of cinema and it probably deserves a much smarter audience. And I'll tell you why. Southland Tales is one of the first (if not the only) movie that I've seen, which left me completely mindboggled when people came up to me afterwards and asked me what I thaught of it.

It's just... I mean... you know... like, timetravel and The Rock, weird twins, Sarah Michelle Gellar as some kind of prostitute... uhm... some big musical number... eh... the end of the world, WHAT THE FUCK!? To put it the easy way, Southland Tales took the strange parts of Donnie Darko and pumped them full of acid to the brink where everything we see on screen looks like one hell of a film but what we're seeing is so hard to figure out in terms of "where the hell is this going?" that the film leaves you with a complete sense of "Well, this was either the worst film of all time or a complete masterpiece!" once the end credits start rolling...

... and I think that's pretty much the only way I can explain it. So my suggestion is that you go into Southland Tales not trying to understand it but rather just try to look at it as an atmospheric and bizarre blend of interesting cinema combined with a bit of tongue-in-cheek irony that's supposed to go with Dwayne "The Rock" Johnnson and Sarah Michelle Gellar's preformances.

Because that's the other thing that's so weird. I have NEVER really watched a film where either Sarah or Dwayne (yeah, that's his REAL name in case you didn't know - but this is the first film where he was ever credited as something other than "The Rock" so go figure) gave what I would call "a serious" preformance - I mean I'm not saying that they're bad actors but they're not exactly Oscar-material if you look at what kind of roles they usually play.

But then came Southland... and I think that's also part of why this film is so hard to take in. Sarah Michell Gellar and Dwayne "The Rock" Johnsson are just so out of place and so far from anything they have EVER done when starring in this film so for me it was close to impossible to get a grip of what I was watching. Is it good? Is it bad? Are they trying to be ironic or are they just wrong for the part? And why are there two identical cops running around? JUST TELL ME WHAT IT'S SUPPOSED TO BE! "Have A Nice Apocalypse"!? What does that even mean!?

Okay, I'm drifting away again but this is the kind of impact the film had on me. I was completely blindsided, I couldn't make up my mind about it. And did I mention it also has Justin Timberlake in it? Oh yeah, Justin Fucking Timberlake and Seann William Scott - and they both do a great job with whatever the hell is going on.


Of course, and here's the thing. Southland Tales isn't even why I'm writing. I wasn't gonna talk about that film at all but I just had to mention it in order for you to understand where this guy is coming from. Because yesterday I sat down to watch Richard Kelly's latest cinematic riddle. The film is called The Box and it stars Cameron Diaz and James Marsden in what appears to be the first of an entirely new type of strange in Mr. kelly's portfolio.

The Box is a very strange and mysterious film but it differs to Southland Tales in the sense that I actually knew what I thaught afterwards. Was I able to grasp it all? Absolutely NOT! But it's still a very interesting film and makes me think of David Lynch just as much as of Richard Kelly, which I think is a very interesting mixture. The film is based on a short story called "Button, Button" and revolves around a couple who recieve a strange wooden box with a button on it from a mysterious man with a horrific face deformation. He tells them that if they push the button, someone (whom they don't know) will die and they will recieve a cash payment of 1 million dollars. If they don't push the button the offer and the money will go to someone else and they have 24 hours to decide. And if they discuss the matter with ANYONE the offer will be withdrawn and there will be "consequences".

I wasn't really sure what to expect from this movie but it turned out to be one of the most mindboggling things yet... but in a good way. The tone of the film feels very David Lynch:ian but the storyline still has a lot of ingridients that I've now come to associate with the director himself, such as timetravel, alternate realities and the ever so overshadowing end of the world.

So if you're looking for a movie that requires a lot more brainpower than what the average moviegoer is capable of this might just be the thing for you. And if you also want to see the mysterious characters that you'de commonly find in a David Lynch film misplaced into the dark and moody locations of David Fincher's Zodiac (alongside a couple of places that feel more like something out of the X-files) then this is just what you need...

... or so I'm guessing...



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The Youtube EffectComments (0)

Every now and then the videos I make end up getting the strangest results. For instance, after making the video review of Last Supper it turns out that the video was noticed by a friend of the directors themselves. The video was then forwarded and seen by the makes of the film, who decided to stop by my website and noticed that I also did panoramic photography and ended up contacting me for a possible part time job.

Now the job thing never really happened but we did get in touch and have a pizza together and talk movies and stuff so it was still a very cool connection made purely through the power of one video. And then yesterday I got an email from another director. This time it was from Agnieszka Jurek, who had seen my video review of her documentary Does that hurt you? on youtube and just wrote to say that she really enjoyed it and was very excited that I choose to do a video about it.

And I don't know what I'm getting at but it's surprising who much fun and how many new friends and connections one can make simply by posting a video on youtube.

I guess that's really all I wanted to say. :) Youtube is awesome. <3



» Red Dragon - Collector's Box | Premium Edition | Limited Edition (R2JP)

» 8 Mile | Limited Edition Tin Case (R3KR)

» Watchmen - Director's Cut | Amazon Exclusive Nite Owl Ship (RABCCA)


A Lack of MatrixComments (0)

Youtube is booming as usual and my lack of time and energy for updating the database on a regular basis is still pretty noticable. The great Mystepho has done some good work with updating the codes of the site and now added Bluray and Bluray/DVD combos as separate product types so I can begin posting Bluray box sets without there being any confusion as to what the format is.

Furthermore we're actually planning to get together the upcoming weekend for an all night Matrix viewing, as I've yet to see the three films on bluray even though they've been in my shelf ever since I recieved the super fantastic Nebuchadnezzar box set from Japan (Yep, that's right - I know it's not on the site yet but check discjunkieTV for a detailed 2 part review).

Over and out from the real world.



» Red Dragon - Collector's Box | Premium Edition | Limited Edition (R2JP)

» 8 Mile | Limited Edition Tin Case (R3KR)

» Watchmen - Director's Cut | Amazon Exclusive Nite Owl Ship (RABCCA)


I Guess I Missed The PartyComments (2)

I just realised that february 3rd was in fact a two year anniversary for the site in it's current format. How about that? Exactly! Yippiekayey, motherfucker! :) And things have certainly changed since the start if you ask me. I really like the exposure I've gotten with the introduction of videoreviews on youtube and also the way people keep interacting and giving me feedback (not that it's THAT much feedback - I mean I it's pretty random so I still respond to ALL emails, no matter how insignificant).

Right now I've got somewhere in between 400-500 subscribers for DiscjunkieTV and I hope to get many more over the years to come. It's surprising how a mentioning by Zaranyzerak managed to generate such a massive amount of new followers but then again... What can I say? The man's a legend (!), pure and simple.

Also I've been meening to do a random giveaway video to show my appriciation for all the new subscribers. You know, sort of like a followers commemoration or something in that area. I had originally planned to make a giveaway for when I hit 300 but when I was attempting to gather all the names for an old school draw I realised that it wasn't 300 at all but actually 275 subscribers plus an odd number of duplicates. This whole event caused the thing to get delayed and what with the whole impact of the Zaranyzerak video i figured maybe hitting the big 500 would be a more appropriate time for it.

So... yeah. Right now I'm working a lot and my energy's kind of drained but I'm trying to get a move on with updating the troubling amount of unpublished box sets that are still lingering in the obscure and unofficial backstage regions of the database.

However I did come up with a smooth way of checking disc specs without the use of my (currently disc-scratching) DVD-rom drive. It's really quite simple. We got a laptop at home so now I can simply take the laptop with me and edit the details directly in to the database, using a wireless internet connection, while I'm checking the discs on my precious 47-inch Philips flatscreen TV :) Why the hell didn't I think of this before?

Anyway, things are pretty hectic but my love for reviewing and talking movies is always strong so I'll try to keep things running as smoothly as I can despite the general low-flow attitude I got going for the mainpage over here.

Happy tuesday, everyone!



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The Tobolowsky FilesComments (2)

I've recently disovered a podcast originating from the good people over at /Film (slashfilm) where the incredible storyteller and long time hollywood actor Stephen Tobolowsky shares his storys about life, love and the entertainment industry.

The podcast was inspired by the film Stephen Tobolowsky's Birthday Party, where the man of the hour is documented on his birthday as he tells stories from his life to the people around him. So for short, it's all about story telling and the art of captivating simply through the use of that very talent. And Stephen certainly is a man who can captivate an audience. I mean the man has so much to tell, it's down right incredible what he has been through and I find myself laughing out loud while on the subway, just from hearing his bizarre and unusual anacdotes being played back in my headphones.

And now I'm guessing a bunch of you are repeatedly shouting "WHO THE FUCK IS STEPHEN TOBOLOWSKY!?"

And by all means, he's not a guy that most people know as a Hollywood actor but the guy has been in more blockbusters than most major actors have even heard of, yet alone acted in. So be sure to head on over to and to take part of Stephen's bizarre and unusual tales of awesomeness.

Tobolowskingly yours...



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Detectives Watching The?...Comments (0)

A little while back I rented a little film called Watching the Detectives, starring Cillian Murphy and Lucy Liu. It turned out to be a surprisingly heartwarming and enjoyable film, with an atmosphere very simular to what you got in the recordstore scenes of High Fidelity.

It's about this guy who ownes a videostore, basically, and how him and his friends sit around talking nerdishly about films and all that. Then comes this weird girl (played by Lucy) who starts to hang out with our main character (played by Cillian) and suddenly everything is up side down. She tricks him, pranks him and shocks him in the craziest and most devious ways imaginable... but all in that loveable "bad girl" way so who can hate her, really?...

However as I was watching the film I got this odd feeling that something wasn't quite right. First of all there was this scene where a guy is walking around in a cowboy outfit and is about to enter a dark alley... and then all of the sudden he's wearing different clothes and bumping into some friends at a videostore on his way to a picknic.

Wait a minute? What just happened?

After a couple more of these odd Memento-esque time displacements I start getting really confused. But then again, who am I to criticize this cool and hip cutting technique of our times? But when it happens the forth time I give up. What the fuck is going on!? Now I know something is messed up - I'm seeing fractions of a scene now only to jump into a completely different set up. HEY!?

After studying the timer on my dvdplayer right before the jump I now realise that the movie is jumping scenes, most likely because of scratches to the disc... but it gets worse. When examining the chapter index I realice that I've been watching the whole movie almost at random. It's not just skipping scenes, it's remixing them!!!

So finally we decide to start rewatching the film on a different player and now everything works fine. It was quite annoying to go through it all again (in parts) but the film was still such a nice little movie that I would gladly watch it all again (in the right order of course).



» Battle Royale - Special Edition | Limited Edition (R0UK)


When Did I Become Part of a Society?Comments (0)

A couple of days ago I got a message from Cricket over at who gave me some praise for my videoreviews and also asked me if I wanted to team up and do some cross-linking. As flattered as I am about someone wanting to link my stuff I currently don't have a linking section on the site and before I do I don't really want to put up individual banners and such.

Either way, is actually really entertaining and they cover all kinds of nerdish stuff, from crazy sci-fi toys to Star Wars inspired strip clubs. And now also a couple of my videos :D So be sure to check it out! Furthermore I've just gone a head and ordered my most expensive box set ever and it's a limited edition bluray/dvd combo from the mother of overpricing countries. Yeah, you guessed it - it's time for another epic release from the heart of Japan... but what is it? Well, if you're up to date on all my information outlets you might have already noticed, but if not I can assure you that it will be shown on the site as soon as possible.

Nerdishly yours...



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My Number One Fan?Comments (6)

Today is a heartwarming kinda day as I just recieved the first ever paypal donation into the discjunkie project. For anyone reading my "about" section you might have noticed a small part called "support and donations". The whole section (for those lazy enough not to click the links at the top) reads as follows:

"This site is done as a private hobby and there is no financial gain or economic winning made through it at this time (I don't have any sponsors or anything). If you like this site and want to keep it running, you can help out by donating a small sum of money (whatever amount you feel like - to be honest I don't really think there will be any submissions). All contributions will go directly into buying new box sets (hooray!). So far, the only means of payment available is regular PayPal. You can register for a PayPal account for free at If anyone feels like donating a penny or two, my paypal adress is"

I never really expected anyone to send me anything but I figured it was a good thing to write in the unlikely event that some crazy DVD collecting millionaire ever stumbled upon my page during a temporary give-away rampage as this might help me score a few bucks. But the first donation didn't come from a crazy millionaire at all. It just came from a random fan. And so, without further delay I would now like to show my great respect and humble gratitude to Kevin Jukes (aka RobotOnLine) for the first ever paypal-donation into my favourite project.

Thank you! And rest assured the money you sent will go directly into the purchase of something new and wonderful to display on the site. Furthermore it's a very strange feeling, getting money for just doing what I love... it's almost shameful in a way and I gotta say that it's one of the weirdest experiences I've had in relation to this website. I mean I get it - people like the site, but economical support? Really? It's that good?


Thankfully yours...



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What is this, Frostbite?Comments (0)

We recently got a new puppy in our home so I've been a bit busy with things other than reviewing during the last week. Not that I don't have the time - it's just... well, a puppy is very much like a child - it needs close to constant supervision. Unless you want your home to turn into dogfood that is.

However I've been buying way to much stuff lately. Most of it has been very spontaneous. I hadn't really planned to buy as much but good deals seem to pop out all around these days. So anyway, until I get around to shooting something new, keep watching the skies, the TV or the internet.

Also it's cold as hell right now. The overall temperature seems to be running strong around 20 below zero... and if you compare that to our standard plus-20-something indoor temperature it's like a bloody systemchock whenever you set your foot out the door.

I mean come on! It's a 40-degree drop in comparison! My hands go numb just form thinking about it. Brrrrrrrrrrrr.

Frostbittenly yours



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Oh My, It's Like a 2001 SequelComments (0)

Hey everyone and welcome back. It's now 2010 and I finally have a new box set published (Yeah, I know, it's been ages!). But anyway, I thought I'd try out my new camera flash on the somewhat recently arrived blood slides box replica inspired by the TV series Dexter.

And I must say, the new flash does wonders in terms of not having to do so much work in post (or well, in the computer so to speak). However, I still end up taking too many photos but now it's just because it's so much fun shooting em'. ;) But anyway, that's it from me this time. I shot a couple of other sets in the same session today but those are still not quite done so I'll follow up that stuff later.

Peace & love



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Merry Christmas, junkies!Comments (2)

I havn't had too much extra time to think about christmas this year as my new job means a lot of hours away from home, and also because we're going away for the holidays and don't really have to worry to much about decorating home base so to speak. But anyway, it's cold as FUCK and I just hate all that white crap that makes you freeze your nuts off.

Happy holidays everyone and thank you for all your continued support even if things are a little bit on the stuck-in-a-blizzard side over here.



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Blood SpatteredComments (0)

Today I got an odd text-message from my girlfriend at 13:57pm. It read:

"Haha, I just opened the door for the postman who handed me a bloody package looking completely terrified"

Oh my, a blood spattered package in the mail? What on earth could it be? Well, I had my hunches and when I arrived home I found what I've been waiting for during the last week. That's right! My very own fan made prop replica of the Dexter Blood Slides Box.



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THX 1138 at the SSGFCComments (1)

For this years Scandinavian Sci-Fi, Game & Film Convention, Mystepho and I decided to take a shot at the whole costume thing. We ended up going as THX 1138 accompanied by a totally kick ass police-droid.

I played the part of THX and Mystepho was obviously the droid. As expected, a lot of people (kids and families especially) failed to understand who we were supposed to be and most of them misstook the police-droid for the T-1000 from Terminator 2 (which isn't far off actually - if you consider the scene in which the T-1000 jumps at the helicopter).

But anyway, it was just an awesome convention even though I failed to do a lot of shopping. Edward Furlong canceled but we did get a chance to talk to Michael Ironside who, despite being tired (I guess) was quite nice to us even though I completely forgot to ask if it was okay to film him (I felt really bad about it to be honest). However, he did recognize our costumes as being THX 1138 related and that was a lot of fun.

If you want to see it all, check out my recently posted videos on youtube.

Part 1

Part 2



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Work Hard and Play HardComments (1)

My new job is exciting and fast paced. This week I'm actually working ten hour a day, which is quite exhausting. This means that I leeve my home at 7 o´clock in the morning and come back home at 7 o´clock in the evening. Quite the workday if you ask me. Never the less I'm quite happy with it. The days don't feel all that long to be honest but I guess that the worker in me has gotten a bit of a chock out of going from completely unimployed to completely office-styled.

I even get to wear a suit. It feels a bit strange but not in a bad way. For some reason the suit makes me feel like I'm part of some kinda flight crew. I also find myself walking with one of my arms in a mannequin like fashion - sort of like a waitor would walk because he has one of those white towles over his arm (except I don't have a towel). The view from the office windows is spectacular. We're up on the 9th floor, which is the top floor on this building, looking out over rooftops and adjacent skyscrapers so it's really quite refreshing up here.

Plus, everything in the office is so stylized. All the furniture is that ultra-expensive weirdo-retro-bongo stuff and you can't even tell if the chair is a chair or if it's a piece of art in some places. But anyway, things are going good even though I'm quite drained of power from all the new info coming at me in the line of work.

Last but not least, this weekend it's time for the annual Scandinavian Sci-Fi Game & Film Convention in Älvsjö and I'm obviously going (and in costume no less!). My trusted brother in arms, Mystepho, will also be there and I will most likely document it all on video for upload on the tube later on.

So until then, keep your stormtrooper-helmets on and your vintage movie t-shirts free from pre-convention anticipation drool.



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It's Peanut Butter Jelly Time!!!Comments (3)

And why you may ask? Because I just found out I got a job from the 1st of december! :D



» Terminator 3: Rise of the Machines - GET! T3 | Limited Endoskull DVD Player


You Know What They Say About Men Who Buy a Big Table For Their DVD-RoomComments (0)

They say that they should focus on a new hobby. But then again I've never been one to listen so now I got a nice big white Amon Vika table (with black Amon Rörby legs) from IKEA laying on the floor of my favourite room. Come tomorrow I'll be starting my assembly. The lighting issue still feels like a big blur but I know I'll get there eventually.

That's all for now.



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Still SickComments (0)

I've been pretty absent due to catching the flu (or swine-flu perhaps) but I'm getting better and will probably be skipping and jumping in no time. Meanwhile I've also taken on a massive web-project, helping my girlfriend out with importing a bunch of old info into her new blog etc.

But I've got some fun sets coming in the mail pretty soon and I'll be sure to keep a bit of an update going to the best of my ability. Plus I also think I've finally settled for what table I'll be wanting for the DVD-room, so that's a start.

But that's it for now. Hope you're all feeling a bit better than how I am feeling.

Coughingly yours...



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» The Pledge - Special Edition | Gift Set (R0KR)

» Eternal Sunshine Of The Spotless Mind - Collector's Edition | Limited Edition (R3KR)

» Equilibrium - Special Edition (R3KR)

» Hardware (M.A.R.K-13) | Limited Edition (R2DE)

» Hardware (M.A.R.K-13) | Limited Edition (R2AT)

» The Straight Story | Transparent Edition (R3KR)

» The Shawshank Redemption - 10th Anniversary Memorial Box | Limited Edition (R2JP)

» Leviathan | Limited Edition (Cover B) (R0DE)

» Leviathan | Limited Edition (Cover C) (R0DE)


FinallyComments (0)

Just got word that the people over at the unemployment funds thingamajig-corp have finally managed to go through my papers so now I'll finally get to see some money coming my way. Still no luck with the job hunt but it feels like fucking thunderdome out there if you ask me.



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So Who's a Fan?Comments (1)

I recently posted some info on how you can now find me on facebook but then I realised that there's something even better than profiling yourself as a person on Facebook... and that's profiling yourself as a superstar! So long story short, if you like my site you can now become a fan of the official discjunkie-page over on Facebook.



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28 Sets LaterComments (2)

I've currently got 28 box sets added to my database that are yet to be published. The biggest problem right now is still not having a proper place to take photos and shoot the reviews so the unpublished section is continuosly growing behind the scenes. Also, in about one month it's time for the annual Scandinavian Sci-Fi Game and Film Convention. I'll be going with Mystepho for the third (?) time in a row... but unlike previous years we're now planning to go in costume (!) :D

So far we're not completely decided on what to wear but hopefully things will work out.



» Feindflug: Hinter Feindlichen Linien | Limited Combat Pack Box Set (R0DE)

» Flash Gordon | Edition Collector (R2FR)

» Inside Man - Edition Collector (R2FR)

» Léon - Anniversary Edition (R3KR)

» Predator - The Ultimate Dvd Collection | Limited Predator Head Box (R2UK)


Yes, The Rumors Are TrueComments (0)

I've officially parted with my groundbreaking hairstyle, in favor of looking a bit more presentable at any upcoming job interviews.



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Still PuzzledComments (0)

I'm still having some issues deciding on the furniture that's going into the DVD-room. I'm thinking like 2 really comfy chairs... but I still don't want them to be insanely big... and I want them to be sort of easy to move. Hm. And I'm also thinking about the review-table I'm planning on. I've come across this IKEA-made little computer-table, which I was planning to put together without the typical keyboard-shelf. That way it will just be like a really simple table on wheels. But at the same time I'm starting to think that maybe that table is too small? I mean I want to be able to use this for big sets too... but maybe I can. I mean I'll have a white wall behind it... I don't know, maybe it'll work perfectly.


So many questions...



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Hacking FacebookComments (1)

I recently went ahead and registered my own shortcut-URL thingy over on Facebook so now you can find me by simply surfing to Plus, I also figured out a way to make the word "Discjunkie" get hits in the facebook search engine. Now this is not something very incredible, it's just a simple and nice little feature that you can use on your facebook account (I can't remember what the url to set this thing up is but I think there's a link in your settings. Also, you can only select this shortcut URL once and then change it ONCE, after that you're stuck with whatever name you choose).

But anyway, this nice little feature aside I had a lot of problems getting the search-function to pick up "Discjunkie" even though that was the shortcut URL I registered. Yet, after some clever tricks I managed to find away around this using Facebooks very own settings. So do you want to find yourself on Facebook by typing a nickname into the search box? Aight, here's how to do it.

By going to you account settings and entering the section that deals with your name your free to type in whatever name you want. However, even if you'd like to be called "Discjunkie" or "Crazy Pornstar Jeff" Facebook's built in state-of-the-art super computer fake-name-recognizer will most likely identify this as a fake name and not grant you to change it (even if "Crazy Pornstar Jeff" might in fact be your real name).

BUT... if you take a closer look at the name section you'll also find a small box that reads "full alternative name". This box is meant to be used in case you have a middle name or something that people know you by. Like if people knew me better by my middle name "Lars" I could type in my full alternative name as "Oskar Lars Falk" and then people would get hits even when they search for "Lars Falk" (even though that's not the name I commonly use). Get it?

So the way to get your very own searchable nickname simply type in your first and last name into the "full alternative name" field as you do in your regular settings but also add a nickname. Like in my case: "Oskar Discjunkie Falk". Then you can uncheck the small box that says to show this in your profile and the search results and you're all set. People can search for your nickname in search box and find you instantly but you don't have to display the nickname if you don't want to.

Voila! You've just done a lame-ass hack to your Facebooks-account! (junkie style)

However, the "Full alternative name" field doesn't seem to work with anything and there's a block for using to many words. Still, adding ONE searchword or nickname shouldn't be a problem.

PS. It's quite possible that Facebook have updated their search engine so it get's hits based on your shortcut URL as well as your name but when I registered my shortcut URL this wasn't a working function. Still, in that case you can still use this trick to add a secondary nickname for people to find you by. DS



» The Blair Witch Project | Woolworths Exclusive | Special Edition Box Set (R2UK)


The HaulingComments (0)

WOOOHOOO! I finally had some guys come over here to haul away some of the furniture crap that's been piling up in the DVD-room. To be honest I don't really care that one doesn't get any money for it. I mean really, how much would I have gotten? Like 10, maybe 20 bucks at the most. But then you gotta haggle with people and set up apointments where the bastards don't show and all that.

Nah. Plus, GIVING your stuff away to a second hand charity saves you the trouble of having to load the stuff into your care and drive it to the dump, so it's a pretty good solution for everyone I think. I mean they're obviously making quite a bit of money in the end by getting to sell all this free crap that people don't want... but on the other hand... eh, what the fuck. Saves me from having to carry stuff and injuring my back and so forth.

I still don't have the review-table set up but atleast now there's room enough to put it in there. And I also need to look over the lighting situation. But we're getting there... slowly... oh so very slowly...

Peace and junk



» The Blair Witch Project | Woolworths Exclusive | Special Edition Box Set (R2UK)


Shut The Fuck Up!!!Comments (0)

Oh, sorry. I just finished watching Mamma Mia! and it just slipped out.

PS. And what's the deal with X-Men? I mean this is the second time (almost) I watched it and it just doesn't get any better. It sucks. Well, Wolverine's kinda cool but the rest is just annoying. And Toad! I mean hello!!! His only superpowers are a ridiculous toad-jumps and having a very long tongue! COME ON! .DS



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Show Me The Money!Comments (6)

I went to see District 9 yesterday and it was just AMAZING! The storyline turned out to be quite different from what I was expecting and it's filled with both humour, action and a whole bunch of drama as well. The updates on the site are incredibly slow these days. For one thing I'm still not completely set up in the DVD-room as I'm missing a good place to do my reviews. With this in mind I'm holding off doing any major reviews as the quality just wouldn't be as good as I'd like it to be.

Another fact of the matter is that I'm still unemployed and now completely scrapped for cash. I've got ZERO income and I'm still not getting my unemployment funds because the people in charge are just too overwhelmed with the number of people who are out of a job so getting your money takes atleast 2 or 3 months.

Oh yeah, it's a great day to be alive.



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Shoot Em' Up - A Somewhat Surprised ReviewComments (0)

Okay. So I just watched Shoot Em' Up after remembering it as being mentioned to me by a few people as "unusual" and also noticing it as scoring 7/10 over on iMDB. And now that I've watched it I just have one question.


I mean this thing is so silly and laugh-out-loud ridiculous that I honestly don't know what to think of it. I litterly find myself laughing abruptly at the insane and down right stupid scenes in this surprisingly popular action flick. The thing is that this movie LOOKS like your typical somewhat halfbad action movie... BUT, even though it's directed and shot quite nicely with a big Hollywood and "serious" feel to it, the entire film is just so over-the-top that it rather resembles a Family Guy parody than an actual action film.

And I'm not saying that this film is good. It's TERRIBLE! I mean you got Clive Owen starring as a mysteryous stranger-type who kills bad guys WITH A CARROT (!!!) and can delivery a baby with ONE HAND in the middle of a gun fight (!!!), and then you got Paul Giamatti co-starring as the head of the bad guys and he's got a pistol that will only fire if it recognises his fingerprint on the trigger (Oh, the technology!).

AND THE ONE-LINERS! Oh man, there are so many crappy one liners in this thing that I'm having trouble making out the actual rest of the dialogue. And another thing, this film seems hell bent on crossing every moral boundery known to man. I mean there's a new born child being handled like a fucking american football in the middle of a gunfight, there's a guy touching the breast of a dead girl, there's sex, there's violence and pretty much every action that feels like a bit too much is just thrown right in there with the rest.

But it's done so in your face and in such a stupid way that you can't take it seriously. I mean look at a movie like The Transporter. Now there's a film that has it's fair share of over the top action and questionable stunts. BUT it's still enjoyable because it's balancing on the level of what is still considered cool and believable (in some way). Shoot Em' Up on the other hand, takes all that kind of stuff and pimps it up to a level where you just find yourself laughing at it because you think to yourself that they must be joking.

Oh man. I don't know. I mean the easiest way to describe this crap is that it's a parody that refuses to admit it's a parody. The director knows it, the audience knows it, the producer don't care but they still know it (I think) but everyone's got a straight face on and the camera keeps rolling.

I strongly recommend that you avoid seeing this film because it's just that crappy. AND YES, I UNDERSTAND THAT THERE'S A TOUNG-IN-CHEEK THING GOING ON HERE, but there's a line between what works and what doesn't work and Shoot Em' Up just takes this concept to far IMO. I mean if they had done this thing with a classic parody feel to it (like they did with like... The Naked Gun back in the day), THEN I would have probably found it enjoyable... but now... I don't know, it just doesn't mix. It's INSANE. Either make a parody or make an action, you can't get an award in both categories.

This is one movie I'm never gonna watch ever again. That's for sure.



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Frontière(s) - Did I Just Reach My Boundery?Comments (1)

As you know, I've been really hell bent on horror for a while and I just finnished watching Frontière(s). Overall I'm not really sure how I feel. I mean it was pretty good I guess. A bit gory at times but it's not like that wasn't expected. I think it's a good choice for people who like the Hostel-franchise and other films around the same gore-level but somehow it just didn't do it for me today.

Hmm. I'm not sure why I wasn't more impressed. Perhaps I'm getting fed up with this ultra-violence stuff. I mean horror is still very appealing but it feels like I need a break from the films that are just a constant gore-fest from start to finnish.

I think I need to switch over to more interesting horror films for a while. You know, something with a twist, a mystery, a set of interesting characters and a big surprise pay off... yeah, that's it! More well-plotted, hard to figure out horror!...

Or maybe I just need a good rom-com? ;)



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A Short in The Afternoon And a feature In The EveningComments (0)

Today I went to see the second film of the so called "Millenium Trilogy". For those who don't know the story, this trilogy is based on 3 highly praised books by the late author Stieg Larsson. The sad part of the story is that Stieg died nine months prior to the first book getting published. It's just one of those things that breaks your heart and the fact that the books have gone on to get such a following all over the world and now with the success of the movies the whole thing just looks more and more like an incredibly sick joke (by whoevers in charge of this life and death shit).

But anyway, the second film of the trilogy just came out in the cinemas and today I went to see it. For some reason The Girl Who Played With Fire didn't seem to pack quite the same punch as it's precursor (Men Who Hate Women) but it still came off as a pretty good sequal and I can't wait for the next one to hit the theaters.

Apart from this I just got a copy of the Joan Lundh directed short Konvex-T in the mail (Thank you, J!). And I mean... Wow... seriously, this thing was just AMAZING in my opinion! I mean it's just got this bizarre atmosphere to it that hasn't really been seen in Sweden if you ask me.

It's sort of like the dark and stylish tone of a Fincher film... but at the same time there's a very Lynchian atmosphere thing going on (a lot of dim lighting, brightly collored lamp shades and subliminal messages). I've always enjoyed Felix Herngren (who stars in this 18 min movie) in a lot of his comedy work but I never really thaught of him as a guy who would fit in this sort of dark and spooky setting but he really did a great job and I can't wait to see what the director will come up with next.

All in all I'd say the only real problem with the film is the fact that it's just a short :( cause I would have easily continued watching this thing for hours on end.



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Mystery Horror ContestComments (0)

I uploaded another contest to youtube a while back and this time it's on the theme of horror and mystery. For a chance to win the "discjunkie mystery box", featuring no less than 2 limited edition dvds (possible more), simple check out the horror-related clips in the youtube video below and PM me a message on youtube listing as many of the titles as you can.

The contest will be open for... well, I guess that's another mystery for you - the contest could close at anytime, so be sure to get your answers sent in :) There's no point reduction for giving the wrong answers so just go nuts! Plus, after 308 views the contest still has no more than 13 contestents (!) so don't be afraid to join in.

Best of luck to all!



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The Last BroadcastComments (0)

I just finnished watching the pre Blair Witch mockumentary The Last Broadcast from 1998. This film follows a couple of local talkshow hosts who venture into the Pine Barrens of New Jersey in search for the legendary Jersey Devil. The overall setup is very much like the The Blair Witch Project and the film is wonderfully directed even though I think the ending feels out of place and just doesn't go with the rest of the film.

All in all I think the film works for the most parts and it ends up as a very believeble (well, to some point) fake documentary. From beginning to end it's a slow and creepy build up to what is something of a shocker ending (love it or hate it). I think that the overall tone and use of editing is superb and I really loved the way they puzzle unfolds right before your eyes...

So what's the final verdict? Well, if you enjoy movies in the likes of The Blair Witch Project I suggest you check this out. I thaught it was pretty damn good even if the ending didn't really feel as good as the rest of the story. But that's just me and I'm sure there's a lot of people out there who think the ending is perfect... so yeah, go check this out either way :)



» Last Supper | Limited Edition Tin Case (R0SE)


A Bastard of A BoxComments (0)

Today I spontaneously bought the new limited edition box set for The Inglorious Bastards (1978). The set is limited to only 500 copies so I've been a bit on edge about getting it as it feels quite cheap in quality so I've been wanting to see real photos before I actually bought it.

But anyway, I was in town today having a nice little chat with Bigert & Bergström (oh yeah, the incredible directors of Last Supper) reguarding the possibility of working together in the field of panoramic photography and while I was out I figured I'd try and track down a store that had the box set in stock so I could check it out in real life.

I found it at Megastore, who are the ones selling it at the lowest price so far, but had quite a hard time deciding as it's just an incredibly overpriced set and the quality is hardly everything one would have hoped for. But then I just went "Fuck it". I want to be the first one to show this thing and it is quite cool so what the hell. A couple of hours later and it's no sitting on a shelf in the dvdroom.

I havn't officially published the box set into the database yet but you can check the video review over at Discjunkie TV for now :) Oh, and almost forgot. While chilling with my new favourite directorial duo I had the privilige of getting my very own screener copies of their currently unreleased documentaries Tunnel Vision and Life Extended. :D Man, I can't wait to watch em'!

That's it from the inglorious junkie today. Aber aufenthalt stimmte für mehr Material ab.



» Insomnia - Collector's Edition | First Pressing (R2JP)

» The Terminator - Limited Edition Collector's Box | First Pressing (R2JP)

» Transformers - Special Edition | EZYDVD Exclusive Tin Case (R4AU)

» Cloverfield | EZYDVD Exclusive Tin Case (R4AU)


My Bloody ValentinesComments (0)

I recently watched both the My Bloody Valentine movies (the original and the remake). Now, the original is obviously a classic I guess, but I think that the remake actually comes through slightly better. It re-uses a number of classic elements from the first but still twists up the story and makes it it's own.

All in all I guess my main attraction to this piece was the protagonist himself. I mean a rampaging mineworker with a gasmask slaying people with a pick-axe - how could you possibly go wrong? On the other hand, the storytelling feels a bit so and so sometimes. Sure it's entertaining but it's just a bit crappy on the build up. I mean there's no tip toeing suspense, no slow moving tension to lay the ground for a big finale, you know? It just rushes in head on and the the slaying roughly occupies 90% of the film (or atleast that's what it feels like).

Obviously maybe not the best horror ever made but certainly worth a watch for some good looking gasmask action. Plus, the identity of the killer is a bit of a mindboggler and that's always helped to sell a few tickets in my book.



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It's aaaaaaaaa Live!!!... SessionComments (1)

Yesterday I held my very first live video feed attempt through BlogTV. It went pretty good but the use of a wireless connection (?) caused the audio and video to lagg a bit from time to time. I co-hosted the session with Mystepho who came in as a spontaneous halftime host while I went out for a walk with the dogs.

Upon my return Mystpeho was quite busy discussing anime and seeing as my girlfriend was off to sleep I choose to stay on mearly as a visual element while Mystepho did all the talking. All in all I think the session worked out quite well and I hope to make a second attempt pretty soon. For anyone who wants to catch me live you should bookmark the following link to access my live feed.

I'm guessing I will use youtube as a way to get word out that I'm broadcasting. So whenever the live feed is activated I will upload a new video on youtube simply stating that we're up and running. Once the session ends the video-announcement will be taken down from youtube.

That's it for now. See you all in the feed.



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BlogTVComments (0)

I've recently taken an interest in as it seems like an easy way to try out hosting live video sessions. My friends Eric and Sanna (more known as Bookhouseboy77 and SannaNM on youtube) have started making live sessions using BlogTV. You can check their videofeed through the following URL:

Apart from this I'm not really sure. Things are bleak as usual with no job and no steady income. Filling out the timecards for the unimployment office is something close to a mission impossible and the desperation in finding a new job is wearing hard on my everyday life pretty much around the clock.

Never the less, I'm confident that things will pick up eventually and I just hope that they do so sooner rather than later.

That's all from the classy crackhouse today. See you all in time for your next score.



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Videolicious :DComments (0)

Eureeeeka! A long awaited video feature has now been implemented to show you my youtube-reviews as part of the individual database pages. Meaning: When you look at a box set in the database, my video review on youtube (if there is one) will appear directly within the database, so there's no need to visit youtube to check out the videos. :)

If you still don't get what I'm talking about, you can check out the following set as an example.



» Terminator 3 : Le Soulevement Des Machines (Rise of The Machines) | Limited Edition (R2FR)

» A History of Violence - Edition Prestige | First Pressing (R2FR)

» T2 / Terminator 2 : Judgement Day - Extreme Edition | First Pressing (R1US)

» 300 - Comic-Con Exclusive Limited Edition | Immortal Mask Gift Set (R1US)

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» L.A. Confidential - 10th Anniversary Limited Edition | First Pressing (R2JP)

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Don't Mess With ReligionComments (0)

Today is wednesday. We gave away our old television set to a secondhand store, provided they pick it up. It's a simple solution to avoid having to go to the dump with it or try to sell it for 20 dollars or so. I mean it's just not worth the effort so good riddance it's finally out of the house.

I'm applying for a lot of jobs in switchboards and like front desk type places. Oh yeah, you might not know it to look at me but I actually have a past working as a "switchbitch" (common term for someone working in the switchboard, not sure how common it is in english but you probably get it anyway).

I got an absolutely awesome thai edition of Slumdog Millionaire yesterday but I havn't had time update all the specs in the database yet. There's a video up on youtube for the moment and I'll get to the rest as soon as I can.

I saw From Within a few days back. It was pretty decent I guess. Some pretty good scares, and a surprisingly haunting ending (credit sequence). The whole thing starts of with a spontaneous suicide for no apparent reason in a small town where religion is a big part of the community. Pretty soon more suicides start to happen and the people look for someone to blame which eventually turns everything into a modern day witchhunt. There's some interesting twists and the story felt pretty good overall.

Another film worth mentioning I think is End of the Line. This is also based much in the world of religious aspects and begins with a bunch of cult-members suddenly starting to slay people with daggers (once again for no apparent reason). Now, this film almost scared the crap out of me a few times but overall it's not as much a chocker as it is a suspenseful apocalypse-style journey type thing.

Okay, that sounded weird but the basic plot is this. Some random people get grouped together and have to escape a city in chaos as religious fanatics are waiting to kill them off at every corner. I mean it's sort of like a zombie-movie... except the zombies aren't really dead people... they're just crazy church folks.

Anyway, I thaught it was pretty good, but the ending was a bit strange as it gave the whole film a totally different direction right before the final shot. I don't know. A bit odd but still worth a watch if you enjoy watching a small group of people running for survival in the likes of Cloverfield or 28 days later (but DON'T watch this purely based on the monsterlike creatures on the cover, as they are hardly on screen at all).

Last but not least I want to REALLY recomend The Killing Room. Now, this film stars swedish actor Peter Stormare, who is well known for a lot of supporting roles in major Hollywood films but his part in this movie felt surprisingly heavy and unusual somehow. I mean he always does a great job in his smaller roles but this character is a lot less humourus than what we've usually seen him.

He plays alongside Chloë Sevigny in what can most easily be described as a government controlled version of Saw. A number of strangers are locked into a room under the pretext of being guineapigs for some kind of experiment but as it turns out, the name of the game is simply "be the last to survive" as a gun is thrown into the mix and the group is left alone under the surveilance of the people behind the curtain.

All in all this was just one of those films that grabs your attention and holds you at the edge of your seat just for the sake of finding out the truth behind it all. I found it to be very thaughtful and it felt like one of those storylines that just has you mesmarized trying to work out what will happen next.

I'm guessing some people might think of the ending as totally mind blowing but I wouldn't go that far. But either way it's definetly worth checking out reguardless of what you think of Saw. The acting felt really good and the coldhearted calculating enviroment of the so called "Killing Room" is just haunting. It's just a good movie. That's it.

Now I'm off to buy some Nutella (it's a strange german chocolate-sauce type thing) and make some pancakes.

Yummy Yum Everyone!



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Wolf CrapComments (1)

As mentioned a few posts back I'm currently looking for the 4 disc LE of Wolf Creek and came across an odd never before seen alternate cover version through one of my ebay searches. Well, the mystery-editon arrived a few days ago but as it turned out this thing wasn't quite what I expected. Upon first glance, the oddball edition appeard to be pretty fucking awesome as it turned out to be a singledisc digipack rather than a keepcase in a slipcase as I had first assumed.

However, when turning my attention to the fine prints I noticed something of an origin clue in the "Classic Australian Collection" logo printed at the top of the cover (the original ebay-photo wasn't very high quality so I was never able to make out this text prior to bidding). After some simple googling I came to the irritating conclusion that this was in fact NOT an individual release but actually a part of the Classic Australian Collection vol. 2 box set (10 discs), which I hadn't heard of before.

Being something of a purist I'm quite annoyed over the fact that I know own a good looking digipack that I don't really want, just for the fact that it's not a complete set. I know that some of you probably would have me labeled as completely mental for feeling this way, but add to the fact that this dvd cost me roughly 16 AUD (plus shipping) and the complete set is commonly priced around 130 AUD. You do the math. And I mean it's just common sense. YOU DON'T SELL PART OF A BOX SET WITHOUT CLEARLY STATING THAT THAT'S WHAT YOU'RE DOING. And especially if the buyer emails you and express his surprise in never having seen this cover anywhere (all I got in respons was "Yep - is more a collectors edition").


PS. As I refuse to upload this set into the database based on it not being an individually released dvd I decided to make a quick video showing it off. You can check out the video by clicking HERE. DS



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Come One, Come All, The Comments Are Installed!Comments (2)

Hey everyone! Today I've got some awesome news for you to check out. As mentioned before, me and Mystepho have been discussing the possibilities of a comments-function for the news posts but the whole thing has sort of been put on hold due to lack of time.

But now, totally fresh and fully operational, I can finally present to you... the totally awesome news post commenting feature!!! (APPLAUSE) Yeah yeah, maybe not a squirt-in-your-pants kinda newsflash but still pretty fucking good if you ask me.

For anyone not noticing, there's now a comments-link on the top right corner of each news-post. This links to a separate page for each individual newsflash and enables you to comment on that specific newspost. And don't be afraid to comment (!). I'm just glad to get some action and there's nothing more fun than getting people to interact on my favourite hobby.

So I'll see you in the comments :) (and oh yeah, I also switched the link-colours around a bit, but I don't expect any hardons for that one either)

Lovingly yours



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RedrumComments (1)

Today is monday. I went to get registered at the unimployment office and after about 3 hours worth of filling in computers forms and such I was finally done. After that I went to the store and bought some dinner. We had pasta with pesto, salami and cachews. We put up a new wallpaper in the livingroom on friday and yesterday evening we did a major paintjob in our computer room turning two of the walls into a deep red colour for a very cozy feel.

Anna just got her new iPhone so she's been busy setting that up pretty much the whole evening. I rewatched the documentary Surplus and thaught about how I'm gonna solve my video-review situation. I mean I really need a good place to shoot but the dvdroom doesn't really have the space to support a constantly set up table just for that.

Hmm. Might consider keeping a quick foldout table stored away and just take it out when I feel like reviewing. I still need to work out what kind of furniture I want. I think to really comfy chairs would be best... but then again the room is meant to double as a potential guestroom so some kind of foldout sofa would be more practical...

But then again... Arghhh! This is so hard!!!



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A Continuing CrisisComments (0)

Today is my last day working at the post office. Or atleast as far as sorting mail is concerned. I still got a couple of extra runs to do on sundays but it's just once a week (obviously) and won't get me a lot of money. So for short: I'm in desperate need of a new job. Panic is lurking around every corner and unimployment feels pretty imminent even if it's not an option.


It's a sad day for Discjukie.



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Dinner With MystephoComments (0)

Had a late dinner with Mystepho while re-watching Richard Stanley's Dust Devil. We had falafels followed by half a box of strawberries for dessert. Prior to this we exchanged a couple of late (or very early) birthday presents. I got a french digipack edition of Thank you for smoking along with a short film collection box set by Jens Jonsson :D and gave Mystepho a copy of the hand numbered singaporean digipack for JCVD.

Right now I got a stomach ache from eating too much food so there's not much left to do but try and find a movie and crawl on over to the couch. I guess I'll see you all again once the belly-swelling has gone away.

Burpy regards



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Crikey!Comments (0)

I've become a big fan of country-style horror in the likes of Texas Chainsaw Massacre - or films that follow generally the same storyline (youngsters travelling through small towns and getting slaughtered by crazy killer psycho types). So far it's been quite hard to track down the really good ones so any tips are greatly appriciated.

One of my recent favorites is the australian soon to be cult classic Wolf Creek, which follows two girls and a guy travelling across the australian outback to visit an old tourist attraction in the form of a meteor crash site and suddenly getting stranded. They obviously get help from a lonesome stranger aaaaaand... well, you can guess where it goes from there. Anyway, I'm looking to track down this film in an old 4 disc LE that's been OOP for very long so here's to hoping.

However, when I was researching this set I came across an odd (and to me never before seen) collector's release with a totally messed up red slipcase cover. I havn't found any details on when where or how this set came to be but seeing as I won the auction I hope that I can shed some light on it once I can investigate the case IRL.

I must say I'm really excited to find this version though. I don't know, for some reason this slipcase set (which is probably just 2 discs) feels even more interesting than the 4 disc set just because I've never seen it before. I still want the 4 discer too but getting a hold of an even lesser known version is obviously an incredibly bonus to a packaging-freak like myself.

That's it for today. Keep watching your rear-view mirrors and watch out for hitchhikers (that's right; you know they're probably just dying to drag you down in a ditch and bash your brains out). Furthermore: offending locals with weird teeth are never a good sign if you're looking to go home with all your bones intact.

So yeah... sweet dreams to all!



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Another One For The MR-ShelfComments (0)

Over the years I've become something of an expert on the topic of Minority Report press kits and screening copys. And now I've finally managed to get my hands on the UK press kit. Granted, this isn't nearly as impressive as the american press kit but it's still a nice addition to the shelf and I'm glad that I bought it.



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Fortyseven!?Comments (0)

After a quick stop at the gym to play squash with myself (and accidently hitting my head with the racket, giving me a nice little scare in the middle of my forhead), Anna came up with the idea of stepping into one of the local electronics stores and look for new television set as it's right next to the gym, and we've been looking to update from our old stoneage set since... well, since the stonage, really.

After some debating and great confusion we went with the salesmans advice and went home with a Philips 47PFL5604H12 LCD flatscreen set. It's a 47" set and seeing as we don't really know much about these things I'm guessing it might not be the bestest choice ever but it sure as hell works for me, having never owned a flatscreen before this is a step up no matter what.

So... yeah...


Discjunkie's got a new TV! :D



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Another WalkthroughComments (0)

I thaught I'd restart my activity on youtube by posting a new walkthrough video. I ended up with something around 20 minutes and cut it up into two parts. Enjoy the show :)



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Late NightsComments (0)

Today it's friday. The term "TGIF" doens't really work when you're looking for a job... cause... well, the days just drift together and time just blurs out.

I stayed up until 0430 am last night watching Hostel 2 and The Hills Have Eyes (remake). Both films were quite good. I havn't seen the original The Hills Have Eyes but I might take a gander at it somewhere down the line.

Anyway. Nothing much new in the dvdshelf these days. I've bought the french limited edition photobook "Fetish" by David Lynch & Christian Louboutin but it hasn't arrived yet.

Come to think of it, I havn't set up a new place to shoot my review-videos or photos in the new apartment. Hm. Not really sure where I'm gonna put that but I'm guessing I'll try to make a place for it in the dvdroom.

Oh well, that's it for now. I'll be trying to film a winner video for the Last Supper contest on youtube but I've just been busy. Bu don't worry. Good things come to those who wait :)



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What's This I Hear About Not Working?Comments (0)

Even though I'm currently working part time at the post office I must say that unimployment doesn't feel particularly unimployed at all. Recently it feels like everything I do is work. Wether it's moving boxes, buying new furniture, assembling new furniture, installing new shower doors, cleaning up, organising DVDs, going grocery shopping and so on.

I mean who has time to look for work with all this going on??? Never the less I'm doing quite well. Not having any money to buy DVDs is a somewhat good experience to go through every once in a while.

Cause it gives you a bit of a perspective; You can't buy everything you want all the time. I mean you just can't. The market is whipping out new editions faster than one can type "doubledi" (yeah, told you so). Anyway, for the moment I'm just unwinding from my need to buy stuff. Not that I don't want to. I mean of course I do. I'm dying to! But with no full time job and double rents and whatnot it's just not possible.

So there you have it. Fixing up our new apartment and getting setled in is pretty much taking up all my time but the new DVD-room is looking really good and I finally have a good place for the collection to grow in. I'm guessing the most action you'll see in terms of DVD-related news from myself will be on the tube for a while. It's just so easy and simple to through something up there.

So yeah. That's it. I hope everyone still enjoys the site, dispite my constant lagging and boring newsless chitchats.



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A Collection RebornComments (0)

At this point I'm spending a lot of time in my new DVD-room. It's got book shelves along most of the walls and there will also be a place to sit (I'm guessing a foldout sofa or possibly a small bed).

The basic idea for this room was that it would just be a DVD-room but it will also work as a guestroom in case anybody wants to sleep over. There's still a bit of work to be done before I'll give grand tour of the place but if anybody wants a sneak preview you can check out my youtube channel :)



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Yeay! :DComments (0)

I got a job for next month! It's just a small sorting gig at the Post office but still. gives me something to do and put's a little extra money in my pocket. I'll also be out in a car emptying mailboxes which might be kinda fun. Either way I'm glad I got SOMETHING going for me.

All my DVDs are pretty much packed up into boxes now and are waiting to be moved to our new apartment. Oh, man. I'm so excited about maybe getting a DVD-room all to myself :D Meanwhile Mystepho's off in france on some animation festival thingy buying a bunch of cool stuff at Fnac :(

I miss you, you bastard!



» Brick - HMV Exclusive (R2UK)


The Discogsian LifestyleComments (0)

Good news everyone! After some clever programming we've (meaning Mystepho) added discog-links alongside album and artist info on all my music box sets! :D

Not that there were a lot of them but still. Looks pretty sharp, don't ya think? And I for one just LOVE discogs. I mean it's pretty much like IMDb but for music :) So what could be better?



» Unkle Sounds: Edit Music For A Film | The Director´s Cut | Limited Edition


Contest Time! (again)Comments (0)

Hey everyone! It's time for another limited edition dvd contest on my youtube channel! :D

Be sure to send in your answer before the last of june! :)



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Fixing The Locks... Redux TimeComments (0)

And so the story of my broken locks on the Minority Report attaché case comes to an end...



» Lost Highway - Ultimate Edition | Édition Limitée (R2FR)


Even HarsherComments (0)

Okay, so not only am I short on cash but I've also found myself to be out of a job as of the night before last.

That's right - complete and utter unimployment. So you all know what this means. Yeah, even less money for DVDs. On the other hand I seem to find stuff anyway and might be able to keep a bit of a flow going anyway (a true junkie always finds a way).

Anyway, if you want to show some economic support or something the paypal-adress is Not that anyone ever has... but then again I havn't been unimployed in over 5 years.



» Mawnhnct (The Machinist) (R5RS)


Harsh TimesComments (0)

Everyone knows that the global economy is totally SNAFU:ed right now and it's actually pretty hard on good old discjunkie as well. I'm guessing I wont be buying to much stuff for quite a while now but I'll try to keep you occupied with what I have. But the reason I can't spend too much money on dvds right now is that I'm saving up for a trip to Thailand in november :D

Obviously, once in Thailand I hope to pick up a few good sets and until then I'll just focus on publishing some stuff that I never got around to reviewing. Plus, my youtube-channel is just bursting with activity right now so be sure to check that out over the months to come.

A special thanks to all my visitors and youtube-subscribers. I'm sorry if things are a bit slow here but I've been shifting a lot of energy to my youtubing so I hope I'm rubbing most of you the right way just by doing that a lot.



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Four Vids In One EveningComments (0)

I had a bunch of energy last night and decided to do four new youtube-videos with some stuff both new and old. :)



» Enter The Matrix - Promotional Attaché Case | Limited Edition (R2UK)

» The Science Of Sleep - Limited Edition (R3KR)


Youtube Contest!Comments (0)

After much thought I finally unleashed my first ever youtube-contest onto Discjunkie TV. The first and only price is a brand new R2SE digipack release of Requiem For A Dream distributed by Atlantic.

The contest will only be open for 3 weeks and you need to be one of first 10 people to get there answers right if you're gonna have a chance to win. Last but not least the only way to enter is through a PM on youtube so get moving, folks! :D



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Friday 13th... And Life Is Good! :)Comments (0)

After going into town to return my Prodigy box set (but forgetting my reciept and having to go home again and come back another day) I came home to find a paypal payment from HKFlix in my inbox! :D Long story short: I bought two copies of the Thai LE of Sunshine with the flashing cell phone light thingy from them about two months ago but it turned out that they just sent me regular keepcases instead - not to big of a surprise as that LE has been OOP for quite some time (but HKFlix has had some weird stocks in the past so one never really knows).

Anyway, after discussing the matter for over a month with customer support and finally filing a paypal-report to get my money back they actually took my advice and let me keep the dvds while also offering me a full refund.

So now I got some USD to spare on my paypal account. Hmmm... I wonder what I should get? :)



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There's Something About ValerieComments (0)

And that something is as follows: That Spanish little dvd-chick didn't leave her email-adress when she left a comment on the site so it's hard for me to get in touch with her. But if you're reading this, email me at and I might have some good news for you (and don't just comment in reply to this cause I don't have automatic notification for comments so it's better if you send me a mail).

(not the most interesting news for the rest of you but sometimes you just have to reach out to the individuals)



» Lock, Stock & Two Smoking Barrels - The Director's Cut | First Pressing (R2UK)

» Captivity - Special Edition | Limited Steelcase with sand (R0NL)

» The Evil Dead - Book Of The Dead | Re-Issued Limited Edition (R2UK)


AbstinenceComments (0)

It feels like I havn't ordered anything for ages... though in reality it's only been like 20 days. I don't know, I guess I've just been busy with other stuff, plus I bought some stuff that turned out to be... like, not what I wanted (meaning they sent me something other than what they claimed they were selling)... So... yeah... On the other hand, don't forget to stop by my youtube-channel every now and then cause I don't automatically link that from here just because I upload a new review.


I miss Dexter. Finishing the last of season 3 was just awful. On the other hand this forces me to watch a lot of other stuff... but still... I need blood. Plus that limited edition forensic bag set of season 2 feels like sort of must have (eventually). I guess there are a lot of those... "eventually must have" things... I guess if I was a millionaire I might buy it all. But I'm not. I'm just me.

Also I saw Harsh Times with Christian Bale the other night. Not as good as I had hoped. Bale is always Bale but the story just didn't go anywhere - everyone was just drifting around, gangland shoot-outs, bad choices, lies, weapons, drugs, no momentum. Roll end credits, move on, ya know?

Plus I sat down to see Death Sentence by James Wan, which I had sort of high hopes for. Cause let's face it; Kevin Bacon chooses his roles very carefully and usually delivers surprisingly well... even if the film itself sucks. I'm not really sure what I thaught of this one though. I guess Bacon was good, the film looked good, the story was dark but perhaps not dark enough, I don't know. Somehow it just didn't come through as good as I had hoped it to be. But still a decent way to spend the night I guess. Plus, a white guy in a suit starting a war against a gang of down and dirty gangsters is always an enjoyable setup.

I think I should definitely go on the hunt for more Bacon. Talk to you later.



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Wrestlers, Communists and NazisComments (0)

These last few days I've been watching a lot of memorable stuff. First up was the highly anticipated new film from one of my favourite directors - Darren Aronofsky. The film is called The Wrestler and stars Mickey Rourke as a washed out wrestler trying to get back in the game even though his body is not what it used to be. Marisa Tomei co-stars as a single-mom stripper and takes it all off for this powerful drama. I think pretty much everyone makes a great performance and the film is certainly worth watching for anyone with a taste for stories about broken people just trying to hold on in a world collapsing. Sadly enough, I still think The Wrestler comes off as one of Aronofsky less interesting films as it's lacking the classic editing elements and alternate stylings of his previous classics like Pi and Requiem for a dream. I guess that Aronofasky takes a slightly different direction with every film these days, and this time he just focuses on the drama rather than on the eye-catching effects of alternate cutting. A slight letdown by Aronofsky standards if you ask me but still a great film overall.

Next up was an old Swedish film I've been wanting to see ever after I saw the trailer a while back. The title is Sacrificio: Who Betrayed Che Guevara? and it was directed by Erik Gandini and Tarik Saleh. However, one of my main interests in this film was the fact that the editing was done by Johan Söderberg as I remembered he's memorable cutting techniques from the documentary-styled films Surplus and Lucky People Center International. If the second title sounds familuar it probably won't surprise you to know that Johan also took great part in the scoring of this film as it's a central piece of work from his musical collaboration with Erik Pauser under the alias/band name "Lucky People Center". But anyway... Sacrificio tells the true (?) story of what actually happened to Che Guevara. The makers travel all over the world and meet with a bunch of key-people tied in with his ultimate death and capture. One of these men is Ciro Bustos, the one guy whom history has pointed out as the person who betrayed Che Guevara the most and helped bring him to justice by ratting him out. This is allready a widely known fact for most people... but as it turns out... the official story has a lot more holes than anyone would have thaught.

And finally in the viewing these last few days was The boy in the striped pyjamas directed by Mark Herman. Just like Valkyrie, this is a film that centrals around a plot of german characters but everyone in the cast is actually speaking english, which is quite an unusual concept these days (or so I thaught). But anyway... the film tells the story of a german family during the nazi era, where the father is working as an officer in the concentration camps, while the wife and two kids are surprisingly oblivious to what actually goes on in there. After moving to a new home in the middle of the country side the 8 year old son of the household is becomming increasingly bored. With no friends to play with and nothing to do he decides to sneak out into the nearby woods and ultimately ends up outside the fences of a nearby concentration camp. Through these fences he meets a young jewish boy pretending to do choirs at the corner of the camp. Being kids they soon become friends and the son continues to sneak out to see him even though his parents forbids it. The film is incredibly gripping and certainly takes a step away from the happy hollywood framework. In the end, this is just one of those must see films and it comes through as one of the more tragic and memorable films I've seen in recent times. My only wish would have been for it to take the story further and not ending as quickly as it did but it's still gets a high score in my book.

PS. I know the database updates are slow but I tend to focus on quality more than quantity these days. DS



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ValkyrieComments (0)

Just got back from the theaters after seeing Bryan Singer's new big budget war drama Valkyrie with Tom Cruise (no I didn't go to the theater with him. He was in it! Oh you know what I mean!). The movie was surprisingly good. I mean obviously it's Bryan Singer we're talking about (granted I never really cared for X-men or Superman Returns but the man can certainly make big budget pictures even though I doubt he'll ever top his milestone debut with The Usual Suspects)...

Anyway... (long paus)... The film is, as you probably know, totally in english, even though it tells a story with nothing but german characters. This feels like a very cheezy (and perhaps even controversial?) thing to do these days and especially when it's based on actual events and thereby features all kinds of well or lesser known germans.

And surely, I wasn't really sure how this would go either. I mean... Tom Cruise?... playing a GERMAN officer planning to assassinate Hitler himself?... and NO ONE IS SPEAKING GERMAN!? But it works. Granted, the film does start quite cleverly with the main titles being printed in german and and the faded into english, followed by a scene of Cruise's voices reading one of his diary entries in german, which then fades over into english by the time the scene ends. It's a cheap trick but at the same time it's just what the film needs.

I think the fact that everyone speaks PERFECT english is one of the keys to why this film is as successful as it is. Cause if you think about it, back in the old days when you'de see a film about the war on Nazis the german parts were usually played by americans using a fake german accent (not actually speaking german, just with a german tone, you with me?).

Anyway, the OLD way of making germans out of american actors simply doesn't work to well on a believable level as there are so many foreign (and american) big budget films using actual germans these days (thank god!). But when one makes a german film with an (almost) all english cast WITHOUT the silly accents the film also stops being silly. Because you don't see it as a "fake" german film. You just see it as a german film TOLD in english... Sort of like how the germans dub everything over into german... but the other way around... and also the lipsync matches perfectly ;)

So where was I? Oh yeah, the film LOOKS great! Everything feels totally believable and Bryan Singer shows us once again how he can make a great big budget Hollywood film without flinching for a second. The storytelling is superb and makes for an all together suspenseful war-drama full of plots and intrigues.

And last but not least we get to see Eddie Izzard in what is probably his most serious roll-preformance yet. :-o

So whoooopi! Well done by Singer, Cruise and Izzard, as well as everyone else who helped get this movie made.



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Threehundred And Sixtyfive DaysComments (0)

Tomorrow it will be exactly one year since my first news post here at (counting from the re-launch of 2008). It's been a great year in terms of collecting and a great year for the site as well. I guess I've started buying less and less "normal" releases and more and more of the insanely unusual and often promo-related collectibles.

Either way I think the site is really going in the direction I've been wanting it to go and I keep getting more and more response to my work every day now. I really can't say thank you enough to anyone who's taken an interest in my site and the people who've commented or emailed me. And first and foremost I also want to make an anniversial shout out to my man Mystepho, who single-handedly made the site into what it is today. This project could just as easily have been dead if it wasn't for you.

So what does the future hold for my trustworthy visitors and what changes may we see at during the year to come? Well, for starters, we're corrently looking into incorporating the comments function to each individual news-post and also, as you've probably noticed, I've started to run the news more like regular blog rather than just an update companion. I'm not sure exactly where this will take us but I'm hoping that I'll be able to write this as more of a general movie-related blog rather than a dvd-exclusive thing. I'll obviously keep adding stuff to the database and all that but this way I'll have an outlet for discussing general news and other experiences as well.

As for DISCJUNKIE TV, which is well on the way over at youtube, I'm hoping that we'll be able to incorporate this as part of the individual database entries by embedding videofiles with related box sets and so on. So in conclusion I think we're looking at a great year for and I hope you all enjoy where the project is heading. :)

Now bring on the champagne and party girls!!! It's an anniversary! WOOOOOO!!!



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The Men Behind The CurtainComments (0)

Okey. Here goes. September 12th, 2008. I'm trying to come up with a good name for my upcoming youtube channel as the username "discjunkie" has obviously already been taken. Granted, the user on that account hasn't been active for two years but what are you gonna do? Well... guess what. On september 12th I decided to send youtube a message. Now if you know anything about youtube you probably know that getting in contact with the mysterious people behind it all is virtually impossible, and if you do, you're likely to get absolutely zero in respons...

And so I thaught. Until now. Now, getting in touch with youtube is kinda tricky. First off you have to find the contact form, which isn't really a form at all. After a bunch of googling and trouble-shooting I finally ended up at this page where you're able to suggest a new feature to the youtube crew. From there you can check the box marked "I have another idea" and this let's you add a message while also including your email adress for further communication...

Well, to be honest I can't really recall if THAT was the page I used but I'm pretty sure of it. I mean I never actually thaught that it would lead anywhere. So many others have tried and failed, I mean it's almost a given outcome that one will become absolutely mad at some point if you ever try to get through the youtube help pages...

*Sigh*... Anyway... I wrote youtube a letter as follows...

I would like to register the username "discjunkie" but this is allready taken. The user has not been active in 2 years and does not respond to PMs. Is there any way to have youtube contact this person or give out his email?

And as you might have guessed, nothing happened... until I checked my email this morning, january 30th, 2009. Yes, I actually got a respons from youtube. And what did they say, you might ask?... Well, they let me have it... but not in a bad way, no no... THEY ACTUALLY LET ME HAVE IT! is now MINE (!!!). Ironicaly I choose the username "discjunkietv" a long time ago and the term really grown on me so I don't really feel like switching accounts anymore.

In the end I guess I'll just keep the new account on hold until I've figured out what to do with it. Either way I'm just blown away buy the fact that my pleed actually went through and was granted by the ever anonymous people in the gigantic shadow of the tube. So for anyone who feels that contacting youtube is a dead end. Don't give it all up just yet... Cause even if nobody's responding, big brother is certainly still watching from behind the screen.

This is discjunkie. One of the few people who got a respons from the youtube team... and lived to tell the tale.



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The Sets And The Massacre RemakesComments (0)

Today is thursday. Thursdays are always long but you're still pretty happy since friday is just around the corner. Browsing through my admin-section I can now count a total of 264 sets here at, where 16 are yet to be published.


That's a pretty big number, well... atleast for just ONE guy. I mean, it's not a big number in collection-size terms but as for reviewing and documenting them all I think that's a pretty big accomplishment (and I don't even get paid for it).

I started watching Luc Bessons Le Dernier Combat a few nights ago (for the first time ever). Looks really cool but I just havn't had the energy to see the whole film at this point. Will probably try to finnish it in a few nights but I feel really creative these days so I tend to prioritize a couple of other projects with more of a graphic side to them.

Oh, but I took the time to finnish Texas Chainsaw Massacre: The Beginning the other night. Pretty good I guess. The first remake (which takes place after this one) with Jessica Beil was definetly better but it's allways fun when they make a prequel that incorporates returning cast members and try to unravel some of the mysteries and such.

The film looked great, very much in the same fashion as the first one, but I can't really say that I cared to much for the characters... but on the other hand I guess you just assume that everyone will die since the secret of the Hewitt family obviously never saw the light of day... and maybe that just makes you care less about them when you know that a violent and horrible death is most likely unavoidable.

I think the "hitchhiker" of the previous film would have been a cool character to see in a prequal. I know TCM: The Beginning takes place long before the first film so it wouldn't have worked out, but still, had they made it differently I think that she would've been a character that I'd want to explore further. Cause you never really get to know anything about her and it would have established a more enjoyable connection between the two films if you ask me (cause her small part in the first film is VERY memorable).

Also I don't really get what's up with leatherface's mask in prequel, I mean I know he hasn't started killing people yet so there's no reason why he should have skin-masks but I just think the mask he uses to cover up his face is weird. It looks stupid more than it looks scary and just doesn't feel right for him IMO. Still, Bryniarski makes for quite a memorable leatherface and does a good job of (p)reprising his role from 2003 so any fan of the remake will probably enjoy this on a couple of levels even without the best of characters.

That's it for now. And until next time, don't be running with chainsaws, okido :)



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Lars And The Real GirlComments (0)

Yesterday I sat down to watch Lars and the real girl. It turned out to be quite a nice little film. I mean I wasn't sure what to expect as the storyline sounded like something that could either be incredible funny or incredibly tragic.

The film tells the story of Lars who is very lonely and has a hard time interacting with other people. One day he decides to order the "real doll" - a highly detailed sex-doll complete with hair and posable arms and all that. This might not sound like to big of a deal but the problem is that Lars doesn't see Bianca (the doll) as just a doll at all... He sees her as an actual person. So when he confronts his brother with the fact that he's met someone over the internet and shows up at the door with his brand new sex doll, an odd story of love and confusion begins to take shape.

As it turns out the film landed somewhere in the middle between comedy and drama. It's actually quite a loveable film and not the over-the-top comedy you might assume from the odd topic. The story feels quite tragic at heart, yet at the same time it's kind of an eye-opener. I mean Bianca ends up tying the community together in an odd act of pretending (cause everyone figures that's the best way to deal with Lars' problem - so they can figure out what's causing this delusion of his) and as it turns out, maybe she's a lot more real than people give her credit for.

So what's the final verdict? Well, I might not place it in the totally amazing category but it's certainly worth watching and turns out as a surpringly thaughtful film and all together heartwarming experience. I guess there's kind of a Wez Anderson feel to it - I never really know if it's time to laugh or cry and all that.

I think I enjoyed this film more than I thaught I would. Most likely not a film for anyone but probably a potential favourite for others so I advice you to check it out for yourself.



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Snow Globe Fever!Comments (0)

I know my writing at is somewhat lacking. But as usual, me not being here generally means that I'm somewhere else, and if I'm somewhere else then I'm probably buying stuff, and if I'm buying stuff then you all know what's in store for later on. These days it's very cold and snowy in Sweden. The ground is icy and wet and I ride my car through a gray and cloudy landscaoe almost every morning.

In other news I havn't really bought to much DVDs but I recently bought my very first VHS LE! :D Haha, how about that, ey? And now before you get all weird and start wondering if I've lost it completely.

"Doesn't he know that the VHS is actually older than the dvd???"

Well yes, of course I know. I'm just so much more focused on the packaging and the design more than I am about the format these days. This doesn't meen that I'm gonna start collecting a bunch of old VHS boxes, I'm just saying that there are some sets that are totally unique and just deserve to be on the collector's shelf even if they're old and obsoloete.

So where was I? Oh yeah, the VHS box set. I got it on ebay and it's an old collector's edition of Fargo including a transparent plastic box and a collectible snow globe with one of the films more memorable scenes in it. :) I mean how cool is that! Now I'm not gonna tell you what the scene is as it's sort of a spoiler but there are two versions of this snow globe set (it was re-issued with an alternete snow globe) and from what I've heard my versions (the re-issued one) is a lot rarer than the first.

Now I'm not really big on snow globes per say and I've actually found it to be quite a boring bonus when it comes to movie memorabelia in general. However, with Fargo there's a significant difference to it. I mean the snow globe scenes in this case are really gruesome and that's what makes it so special. Cause a snow globe is by definition usually a very happy and heartwarming thing. You see what I meen? But with Fargo... I meen... wow! What a wicked idea...

Oh, and speaking of which, when I realized I had won the Fargo auction I got all excited about snow globes and figured I should check if there were any other "fun" snow globes done for movies and then I remembered seeing a promotional snow globe for The Mist a while back, which I always thaught was kinda a cool. Next thing you know, I'm browsing ebay just for fun and there it is. Buy it now: 2.95 USD :D Unfortunetely neither of these auctions had the option of shipping to Sweden so I have to re-route them through a friend in the states which will put quite a delay on the ETA (I'll let you know as soon as it gets here, don't worry!). But never the less, I'm REALLY excited about these sets. :)

Now I gotta get over to the laundrymat and put my stuff in the dryer so... ya know. Hmm... I would like to go out on a punchline though... damn it, what's a good farewell for an occassion like these?...

Oh oh, I know!

Keep it clean, junkies! :D



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Simple PleasuresComments (0)

First off I just wanna say I'm sorry for not running this site with updates at the speed you might prefer. On the other hand I've been doing a lot of discjunkie videos on youtube so don't forget to check that out (link in the menu above as usual).

Secondly I also wanna say thanks to everyone who keeps visiting the site and everyone who shows there support and appriciation for what I'm doing around here.

Love, peace and kinky kinky dvd thaughts to all...



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We Can't Stop Here! This Is Bat-Country!Comments (0)

Today it's time to publish yet another amazingly rare promo set. Much like the Minority Report briefcase, this release also originates from the world of the Acadamy Awards. It's a limited edition screener set only sent out to press and media affiliates (as well as award judges I'm guessing). So far I don't have an exact number on how many were made but I know that it's atleast 93 copies at a minimum.

The screener discs and the original cardboard sleeve are still missing from my copy so if anybody have these for sale feel free to contact me. And for anyone who's a Dark Knight fan like myself I advise you to stay tuned for more unusual promos related to this supercool flick.

And now: To the junkiemobile! Let's go!



» Requiem For A Dream - Premium Edition (R2DE)


Fixing The Locks (Part 2)Comments (0)

As you may or may not remember my Acadamy Awards screening set for the film Minority Report is presented in a limited edition attaché case, which sadly enough doesn't have working locks anymore. Well, GOOD NEWS EVERYONE! I've managed to track down the maker of the attaché case! :D

They're called T.Z. Case International and are apparently still alive and kicking. I've allready written them an email to see if there's anyway to get replacement locks for my case. I'm not incredibly hopeful of getting replacement locks on there own but now I can keep a look out for second hand cases of the same brand, as the locks are apparently quite common :)



» The Descent - Special Edition | Limited Edition (R3KR)

» The Stanley Kubrick Collection - Edición Exclusivo | Collector's Edition Tin Case (R2ES)

» I´m Not There | Limited Steelcase (R2SE)

» American History X - Limited Edition | Steelcase (R2NL)

» Se7en - Special Edition | Steelcase (R2NL)

» Banksy & Danger Mouse: Paris Hilton | Bootleg | Limited Edition | 2nd Pressing

» BlueBob: BlueBob | Limited Deluxe Box

» Cloverfield | Limited Steelbook (R2SE)


JVC DVD RIPComments (0)

Yesterday was a black, black thursday. I found my JVC dvdplayer totally dead. I mean it's not even in a comatose state, it's just... dead.

Guess I'll have to watch movies on my computer until I figure out what to replace it with.


PS. The funeral will be held in a few days. Family only. DS



» Grizzly Man (R0SE)


Discjunkie Featured at TheArnoldFans.comComments (0)

While I was gathering info on the Endoskull dvdplayer I stumbled onto, which seems like a really good site if you're a Schwarzenegger fan. Anyway, after some emailing reguarding the player they asked me if I'd write an article on it. I didn't really know what to write so I just presented them with my personal story of what I went through to get this thing (so it's not a technical review or anything). Here's the link for anyone who's interested.



» Cyber Tracker / Cyber Tracker 2 - Collector's Edition (R0DE)

» Taxi Driver - Collector's Edition | Limited Steelbook (R2SE)


Why Do My Hands Smell Like Condoms?Comments (0)

Another video up at DiscjunkieTV, that's why ;)



» Taxi Driver - Collector's Edition | Limited Steelbook (R2SE)


The ConventionComments (0)

Okay, so I just got back from my visit to the annual Sci-fi, Game and Film Convention here in Sweden and this year was just awesome! I got to say hi to Lance Henriksen and Carl Weathers and I even got Weathers to laugh (sadly not on camera but it was just one of the greatest convention moments ever). In the end I didn't really buy anything except for a cheap copy of the film Inside... but still, it was the best events yet and I'll be sure to pick up a good DV-camera till next year so you'll get to see the footage in better quality (I shot this years film with my mobile phone!).

Furthermore; if the film isn't enough you can also check out this little slideshow of stills which I manage to capture in between my filming sessions.

That's it for now. Shout outs to Carl Wathers, good old Lance Henriksen and everyone else who made this convention truly memorable for me (you know who you are) :)



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HybridComments (0)

Okay okay, I know, I changed it again! Sorry. But just using the head didn't feel like a good choice. Something was lacking. And so, combining the old with the new and we get a brand new junky skull... sort of...

Anyway, being as I like the look of the new icon so much better now I decided to update all my banners and also add it to my youtube channel.

In other news I seem to have come down with a fever, soar throat and everything else in that area. And right now I'm running the Requiem for a dream (Remixed) album on repeat while I'm trying to figure out why sleep never seems to embrace me.



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The New Junkie Icon!Comments (0)

I'm trying to come up with a new look for the skull/head icon and decided to go with something a little bit more ME this time.



» The Usual Suspects | Limited Edition Tin Case (R0KR)

» Saw - Collector's Edition | Limited Edition Tin Box (R2SE)


Do Not Adjust Your SetComments (0)

As you can see, the main menu has been given an extra section today, featuring a simple and easy to use link to my up and coming youtube account :)

The title for this little sideproject is Discjunkie TV and for now, it's just something I'm trying out but it's proven quite popular and I have a lot of fun doing it so I'm sure you'll see a lot more of this as the project develops.

The basic idea is pretty simple; I am to discuss and document some of my more unusual box set on video and post them on youtube. I will obviously keep doing my usual thing here at but some sets just feel very special and sort of hard to describe using simple words and photos, and that's where the videos come in.

Furthermore: my friend Mystepho is also working on integrating the videos into the site itself - so you can easily access the related clip directly through the specific product page here at, which I think is really cool :)

Should there be a particular set that YOU would like to see on video, you can always send me an email about and I'll see what I can do. Remember; this site is nothing without it's fanbase (HA! Fanbase... yeah. that's cute)...

Last but not least you'll notice that the header is shifting a lot these days. This is because I never really felt satisfied with the original disc-skull-thingy and I'm trying to come up with a new look. My guess is you'll probably see a few more changes before this thing is through.

But that's it for the news today. Hope you're all really well fed with sets and that everything is getting delivered in mint condition to your dirty little doorstep.

Over and out from your favourite druglord...



» Room To Dream: David Lynch And The Independent Filmmaker | Free Promo DVD (R0US)

» Aeon Flux | EzyDVD Exclusive Tin Case (R4AU)

» The Vengeance Trilogy - Deluxe Edition | Limited Gift Set (R2UK)

» Oldboy - Special Edition | First Pressing (R0UK)

» The Big Lebowski - 10th Anniversary Limited Edition | Bowling Ball Packaging (R1US)


More Video ReviewsComments (0)

Uploaded 3 new videos today! :)

And I even managed to add my own watermark to them. Not sure how to make them less blurry though...



» The Texas Chainsaw Massacre - Specialutgåva (R2SE)


The Fan Made TrailerComments (0)

After watching the old Texas Chain Saw Massacre trailer I felt like making one of my own. I mean, come on, the 1974 trailer is just so outdated. Okey, don't get me wrong, I love the old trailer too... I mean it's cult, a classic piece of American trailer history... but it's not a trailer that I would watch and then decide to go and see the movie...

So anyway, I made a fan trailer for myself. Not sure if anyone cares or likes it but it's been done now so I might as well put it out there...



» The Texas Chainsaw Massacre - Specialutgåva (R2SE)


A Texas Style UpdateComments (0)

After seeing the classic horror film The Texas Chain Saw Massacre for the first time a few months back, I've been totally drooling at any release on the market that had some extras meat on it (literally).

So here's a really chunky update with as much as THREE T.C.M. related releases, featuring both the original film and the almost equally enjoyable 2003 remake version.

However, you can rest assured that these three releases wont be enough for me.



» The Texas Chainsaw Massacre - Specialutgåva (R2SE)

» The Texas Chainsaw Massacre | New Line Platinum Series (R1US)

» Black Sheep - Limited Special Edition (R2SE)


Discjunkie TVComments (0)

I've decided to set up my own youtube channel so I can start videoblogging a few of the more unusual sets. I'm not really sure how this will work out but I'm pretty sure there's an interest to see these things on film and not just as stills.

The youtube channel is far from finnished but the general look is definitely in the making. I'm trying to give this a rather simular look, making it feel more like a natural part of as apposed to a separate project all together.

Thaughts and feedback are always welcome but I'm guessing there will be a lot more comments about this thing once we're up and running at a more regular basis.

To check out the progress of this little side dish, check out .

EDIT: Two videos are up and running :)



» Flash Gordon - Silver Anniversary Edition | Saviour of The Universe Edition (R0TH)


CloseupsComments (0)

I decided to really try and do some proper display-sections when I lined up my collection shelves.

First up is the Minority Report shelf featuring everything from the Acadamy awards attaché case to the more common 2 disc special editions (there are plenty more nice releases on the market, I know, but this is what I've put together so far).

Secondly is the Terminator shelf. This shows pretty much all my Terminator sets (if you're wondering about the odd height - this is just a precaution as I'm planning to show off my endoskull dvd player in the same shelf but it's still in the custody of my local post office as I claimed it to be damaged in transit).



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Me, My Shelf and IComments (0)

Woooooohooo! :D

The new Billy-shelves from IKEA are in the house (so to speak) and despite that I've been cleaning the house for 12 hours straight I've even prepared a short and dodgy 1.1 MB gif-animation for ya' :-O

Just click the image (and wait for eternity) to play.

The animation really looks like crap and doesn't seem to be playing according to plan... but on the other hand it's 02:05 am in the morning and I've got about 3 and a half hours worth of sleep to look forward to before I have to get up and go to work.

Play it again, Sam!

EDIT: The animation was really buggin' so I replaced it with a before and after shot. Sorry but that's just the way it is. Fuck off if you can't handle it!



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Home ImprovementComments (0)

Oh yeah, it's friday! And not only that. I'm also planning to go out and buy some brand new dvd-shelves at IKEA this weekend! :D

First off I'll be getting rid of my old wooden bookshelf that's just brown and boring (though insanely stabile I must say). At this point I'm planning to replace it with some good old fashioned white Billy bookshelves.

However, we're also thinking about re-furnishing the whole living room so if something better turns up things might take an odd turn in a totally new direction.

Oh well, will keep you posted once the new stuff arrives.



» Hypnose (Stir of Echoes) / Exorcism (Possessed) - Coffret Collector | First Pressing (R2FR)


The Art of Owning a Paris Hilton CD... And Not Being AshamedComments (0)

Yesterday I finally got my copy of the classic Banksy/DangerMouse prank-CD from the memorable Paris Hilton stunt back in 2006. Granted, this is not one of the original 500 copies but the also OOP 2nd pressing which was released shortly there after.

Sorry, what?...

NO! No, I don't like Paris Hilton or her music, weren't you listening!? This is not an actual Paris Hilton CD! GOD! If you don't know the story behind this thing I suggest you take a look at this classic youtube clip as it pretty much explains it all.

Viva la Banksy!

PS. Oh yeah, also added the french Terminator 3 LE... if anyone cares ;) . DS



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EZY Does ItComments (0)

I finally went a head and picked up the limited edition Cloverfield tin from Ezydvd. The price is a bit high but man, what a nice little tin. I know I'll pick up the 2 disc steelbook a bit later on but so what, this one is pure eye candy. However, I must say I'm a little bit dissapointed that it's not glossy.

That's it for now. Gadday' mate!



» The Warriors - Ultimate Director's Cut | Limited Steelbook (R4AU)


The Terminator Endoskull Dvd PlayerComments (0)

Oh my god! I can't believe I finally own this! Limited to only 500 copies and released exclusively for the Japanese market in 2004 (I think), this one of a kind dvdplayer comes in the shape of a slightly oversized Terminator endoskull with a slightly golden shine to it.

The player comes complete with a remote control and A/V output cables etc. And not only that, the eyes even light up when it's in use. Unfortunetly, my player doesn't appear to be in working order but I aim to get it fixed as soon as possible, and then you'll get to see the eyes at work just as well.

That's it from your favourite collector this time around. So remember to stay in school and keep spreading the news about all them wicked LEs I've got showing.

Hasta la vista, junkies!



» The Warriors - Ultimate Director's Cut | Limited Steelbook (R4AU)


Who's Proper Fucked Now, Then?Comments (0)

I'd like to issue a public warning to anyone attempting to contact Sony to acquire a replacement disc for the wrongly pressed first disc of the Snatch - Deluxe Edition / poker kit set.

The discs they're sending out are not actually corrected pressings but OLD PRESSINGS OF THE PREVIOUSLY RELEASED SPECIAL EDITION (WHICH HAS THE RIGHT CONTENT BUT TOTALLY MISMATCHING ARTWORK) !!! This would of course not big as big a of problem if they hadn't demanded that one send in the fucked up disc to get the replacement!

Anyway, have contacted Sony again to try and acquire my good old error disc back from them but so far there's no answer (I guess it's possibly I was a little harsh in my most recent reply).



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Fixing The Locks (Part 1)Comments (0)

Ever since I acquired the Minority Report attaché case I've been slightly troubled by the fact that the locks don't work. I mean I knew this from the start and it's not a really big deal but I figured IF it could be fixed... well, that would really be something, wouldn't it?

So anyway, I decided that I should atleast check to see what I could do. The main problem is that the small hatches inside the lock (that slide away when you move the knobs) have completely broken off. I still have one of the little hatches stashed away but the second one is completely missing (not sure how I'm gonna solve that one).

I decided to take this one lock at a time and started with the most damaged. After unscrewing a couple of bolts the lock came off the case quite easily. But then I started picking out the pieces and ended up with a couple of them breaking in the process (the knob coming loose for one).

I'm not sure if the locks will be fixable but I'm atleast gonna try. Next stop: get some soldering equipment and hope for the best. Worst case scenario will just be ending up with the same dysfunctional locks, but atleast this way I take a shot at it.

PS. And as you can see I'm also trying out adding photos to my news-posts. DS



» The Ninth Gate - Special Edition (R2SE)

» AVP2: Aliens vs Predator - Extended Edition | Limited Predator Head Gift Set (R3TH)

» Minority Report - Limited Edition | First Pressing (R3TW)


It's a deal, It's a steel, It's the sale of the fucking century!Comments (0)

Not much in the news today but I did get SOMETHING in the mailbox this morning. My very own copy of the long gone Ezydvd exclusive Lock, Stock & Two Smoking Barrels tin set (which turned out as a really good deal for me actually). Meanwhile, the heat is skyrocketing and the thermometer shows a steady 25 degrees in the shade. But that's all for now, I'm off to the sofa for some chillin and fresh from the oven...

Oy! Keep your fingers out of my cake!



» Snatch - Deluxe Edition | Poker Kit Gift Set (R1US)


The Weirdo Press KitComments (0)

I've now added a second Minority Report press kit to the database. It's extremely similar to the American version but has a much rougher feel to it. So far I have not been able to gather any reliable info as to the origin of this press kit so if anyone knows anything more about it feel free to drop me a note.



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The Autobahn IncidentComments (0)

After receiving the two latest Autobahn steelbooks from Amazon I'm about as satisfied as you are after your average speeding ticket. Oh yes, "I am the Night Rider, I'm a fuel injected suicide machine!" and so on. Granted, the Night Rider was actually quite a happy camper until he could se the old red and blue (and yellow) gaining up on him in that rear view mirror.

So where's all that german angst coming from? Well, here it is: The so far english-friendly distributor Autobahn has suddenly released their two first foreign films on dvd, and all of the sudden, they've maken the completely deranged decision to stop putting in english subtitles (!!!).


And so, after a few angry murmurs I sat down to write an angry letter directly to Autobahn and inquire as to what the future holds and why they've suddenly chosen to take the old german road through the land of overpriced steelbooks.

Schweinhund-ingly yours, the guy who can't speak german...



» Für Den Unbekannten Hund | Steelbook (Autobahn #7) (R2DE)

» Inside | Steelbook (Autobahn #6) (R2DE)


And The Heat! My God, The Heat!Comments (0)

It's july 1st and I'd like to wish my main man Mystepho a happy birthday! Furthermore it's ridiculously warm outside and it seems like staying inside watching more episodes of House is exactly what the doctor prescribes.

Other than that I can't really say. Cut may hair into a nice summer-styled Mad-Max:ian type look.

Hmm, I wonder why I still havn't bought that Criterion release of Short Cuts?...



» 30 Days of Night - Exclusive Limited Edition | FYE Exclusive (R1US)

» Trainspotting - Definitive Edition (R2UK)

» Everything Will Be Okay (R0US)


FreedomComments (0)

Ahhhh, it a great time to be free from work. The sun is shining, the air is fresh and everyone's stripping down a bit to get with the season. All though, come to think of it, I for one am not actually free from work as a whole bunch of my vacation is spent inside at the computer screen going through the discs of all those dvds that I was to tired to check when I was actually working.

But hey, atleast now I don't have to feel stressed about it now that I have the time to do it at an enjoyable pace. And you'll get to see a whole lot more of my new sets, as long as I have the money to buy em at the same rate as I usually do that is.



» Everything Will Be Okay (R0US)

» Rescue Dawn - Special Edition | Steelbook (R2NL)


A Work In ProgressComments (0)

Oh my god! I can't believe this day has finally come along.

I'm now a proud owner of my very own Minority Report limited edition Acadamy Awards screening copy attaché case (man that's a long title).

Limited to only TWENTY copies and distributed exclusively to the judges at 2002s Academy Awards (as far as I know), this thing is by far the most limited and most valued piece in my entire collection and obtaining it has been nothing less than a search for the holy grail itself.

But now it's resting peacefully in my overcrowded bookshelf and I can't help to wonder where I go from here?...

Getting a hold of the actual attaché case has obviously been the biggest problem and being as this set is so rare, and so high priced when it actually appears, I grabbed it as soon as I saw it. With this said, the set is actually not complete and I'm still missing a few minor contents.

But the big stuff is all there and if I ever come across the few missing pieces it will obviously be supercool but I'm not sure if I will put any major energy into tracking them down. I mean hey, the attaché case is there, the tin case is there and the screening dvd as well.

I doubt I'll get to much closer to a complete set but I'll always keep an eye out.

Proudly yours, the one and only...



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Why Am I Bothering Victor Maitland?Comments (0)

For the last time! I'M ON VACATION! :D

(yeah, fucking far-fetched references but it's summer time so anything goes)

I'm actually camping in Varberg at the moment, getting a good dose of sun and fun celebrating midsummer (it's a swedish holiday - drinking and singing, eating food, visiting family and so on).

I got a whole bunch of stuff I want to add to the site once I get back to civilisation but for now I'm just letting you know where I'm at. Happy holidays to all the Swedes out there and to everyone else... Just stay fresh and I'll pop up some brand new sets as soon as I get back to the junkie mansion.

Peace and love!



» La Planete Des Singes (Planet Of The Apes) | Limited Edition Tin Box (R2FR)

» The Planet Of The Apes - The Ultimate DVD Collection | Limited Ape Head Box Set (R2UK)

» I, Robot - Limited Edition | Sonny Head Box Set (R2JP)


Two Hundred Sets!Comments (0)

That's right, now that the spanish edition of Zodiac has been uploaded I'm actually up to TWO HUNDRED published sets (!).

Yeah, I know. In comparison to what other people are doing on their sites 200 sets might not feel like to big of a deal but I like to think of my site as just a liiiittle bit more detailed than everyone elses. :)

Have a nice weekend, everybody!



» The Mist - Ultimate Edition | Pop-up Monster Case (R3TH)

» T2 / Terminator 2 : Judgement Day - Ultimate Edition (R2SE)


Banners & SpammersComments (0)

Had some problems with spam-bots getting into my comments-system but not to big of a problem...

Guess I should be glad that atleast the androids are supporting me in this project ;)

But anyway, nothing much added to the database this time around but I did whip up some new graphics for you in the banner section. Plus, some brand new profile photos in the about section.

Check it out!



» Dust Devil - Limited Collector's Edition | Black Case Version (R0US)


Time For The Oh-Face! Comments (0)

The price tag is over the top but the quality is equally high. The Office Space Fan Kit from NLH Solutions includes all your favorite goodies and will probably please even the most depraved Office Space fanatics.



» Total Recall - Special Limited Edition | Mars Tin Case (R1US)


Case Type EditingComments (0)

I went through my tin editions yesterday and changed the term "tin box" to "tin case" on several editions. Guess I just realised that the term "tin box" didn't really work everywhere and that maybe I should re-evaluate my choice of words.

So anyway, just wanted to put up an extra post to clear the slate for next time (but there's still a few new sets with this post as well).

FYI: If you don't know this by know, here's another cool feature on this site. Try to search for a case type in the search-field (like "digipack" or "tin case" for instance) and you'll get a listing of all editions matching that criteria.

In fact, you can even search for cast and crew members (like "Brad Pitt") to get a list of everything he or she has been featured in (maybe not if it was an incredibly small part but any major participation should get you a hit).

Oh yeah, it's very cool. I know it.



» Total Recall - Special Limited Edition | Mars Tin Case (R1US)

» Oldboy - Ultimate Edition | Limited Gift Set (R3KR)

» Does That Hurt You? - Special Edition | First Pressing (R0DE)

» King Kong - Special Edition | EzyDVD Exclusive Tin Case (R4AU)

» Alien Quadrilogy | EZYDVD Exclusive Tin Case (R4AU)

» Reservoir Dogs - 15th Anniversary | Limited Edition Gasoline Can Box (R1US)

» Vidocq | Edition Prestige (R2FR)

» The Terminator - Ultimate Edition (R2UK)

» Hämnarens Resa (Sympathy For Mr. Vengeance) (R2SE)

» True Romance - Special Edition (R1US)

» Le Dernier roi d´Ecosse (The Last King Of Scotland) | Limited Edition (R2FR)


The Greatest Trick A Limited Edition Ever PulledComments (0)

In 2002, the Korean distributor Starmax was rumored to have released a limited editon tin case for the film The Usual Suspects - and I say "rumored" because after this edition sold it has appeared to be virtually unobtainable. Seriosly, I for one actually believed that this edition didn't really excist. I'd never been able to find a single photo of it, nor heard of anyone who had actually owned one. I mean it's become a legend, a myth, a spook story that dvd collectors tell their kids at night and so on.

But now I have it (yeah, you heard me). And I implore you, my dear dvd collectors, the Usual Suspects tin is very real... and very collectable as well. So behold, after 6 years of nothing but miniture preview shots, discjunkie's personal photos of this one of a kind limited edition.



» Blade Runner - Ultimate Collector's Edition | Limited Briefcase (R0US)


A Newborn Spark of PatriotismComments (0)

Limited editions have been a pretty rare breed in Sweden but in the last couple of yours they've started to pop up every now and then. And so, on most occasions I havn't really been into Swedish editions at all but rather found them to be pretty dull and down right embarrassing...

But that was before Pan Vision decided to release Battlefield in a limited edition ammo box set...

And so, please rise for the Swedish national anthem, as sung by an utterly depraved dvd-collector.

"Du gamla... du fria... du fjällhöga nord..." (and so on)



» Battlefield - Collector's Edition | Limited Ammo Box Set (R2SE)

» Office Space - Special Edition Gift Set | BestBuy Exclusive (R1US)


Getting Mentioned By The BestComments (0)

Hey! Guess who's famous! :D

After google:ing my website url it's come to my attention that I'm actually mentioned over at (check way down at the bottom), which is only like the best dvd-comparison database around (?). And this is for my extensive look at the differences between the R1US and the R2UK 5-disc Blade Runner box sets.

Yeah yeah, I know that it's silly... but seeing my url pop-up at a place like dvdcompare (without me asking them or anything) just makes me giggle like a little schoolgirl.



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The Work of Neil MarshallComments (0)

I went to see Neil Marhsall's new film Doomsday in the cinemas the other day. Quite an enjoyable film I guess, but I was expecting more based mainly on my love for his previous horror classic The Descent. I don't know. It just felt like a really odd film to be made these days, and to be released in cinemas no less. The film is filled with all kinds of references to other classics in the sci-fi/future/post-apocalyptic genre but it's not really a tongue in cheek film anyway.

The gore level was surpringly high and the only other director that came to mind (as far as comparison is concerned) was Paul Verhoeven. I mean, take the middle-class splatter style gore level of Total Recall, the APC-type vehicle chaos scenes from Aliens and throw in the barbarian punk-style freaks of the Mad Max trilogy. Then pop in a background storyline alá 28 Days Later vs. Escape From new York and this is pretty much what you're looking at.

So in conclusion, yeah, this is one hell of an entertaining movie... IF you like the genre. But it's not the kind of film you'de expect to see in the cinema top ten list unless you've gone through a time travel machine and accidently landed yourself back in the 1980's.

In the end, I think that The Descent was a much better film overall but Doomsday will still go down as a modern classic if you ask me... even if it's for a whole different reason to begin with. It's just so insanely out of time and place.

(god, enough with the movie reviews, bring on the dvds!)



» The Descent - Doppel Deluxe Edition | Limited Steelbook (R2DE)

» The Boondock Saints - Special Edition (R2SE)


Thank God It's FridayComments (0)

I'm very into steelbooks at the moment but at the same time I seem to be a bit cursed when it comes to picking up new stuff for my collection. A few days ago I recieved my copy of the Descent - Doppel Deluxe Edition steelbook from germany and it had a bunch of big ugly scratches on the front cover.

Granted, this was an ebay purchases from a guy with only one plus in feedback but the auction clearly stated (and even underlined) the fact that the dvd was brand new.

Still, some good things are in the news as well today. First of all it's friday and secondly it's pay day!!! (though most of the money is gone allready). A whole bunch of sweet limited editions have been shipped from all around the world and now all I have to do is sit by the mailbox and wait.



» Family Guy Presents : Blue Harvest - Special Edition Box Set | Limited Edition (R1US)


Yeah... Life is GoodComments (0)

I've been getting more and more feedback about this site and I'm happy to hear that people are enjoying it. :) (not so many comments left on the actual site though)

By the way, did you know that the total number of photos on this website has now reached a whopping 1997!? Yeeep, it's true. And the total number of titles in the database are now up to... 174?... huh, doesn't seem as impressive as the image count I guess. But still, good times, ey?



» Bandidas | Limited Steelbook (R2SE)

» Panic Room - Special Edition (R1US)


First Impressions At LastComments (0)

I went a head ordered something from JSDVD Mall for the first time a while back. And the result? Well, I must say I'm quite happy with it. They did a good job on the packaging and they even marked down the value to make it get by the customs office. Granted, the shipping prices are through the roof but the lows prices on some of the sets makes the total a pretty decent price from time to time.

I decided to go for Taiwanese limited edition of I'm a Cyborg But That's OK as this is one of those sets that I've been thinking about getting but couldn't really find anywhere else (or anywhere else where I felt secure enough to be shopping that is).

And so, without further ado, here's the latest LE hot off the junkie shelf.



» I´m a Cyborg But That´s OK | Limited Gift Set (R3TW)

» Modstrilogin | Special Edition (R2SE)


Two Lowlife Guys On Drugs And Six Hot Chicks Lost In A CaveComments (0)

After much consideration I finally CAVED (HA!) and picked up the Korean edition of the classic Neil Marshall horror film The Descent. However, after reviewing this little oddity I can safely say that I'm gonna have to go for the German steelbook edition as well, as this set is actually way to ugly to satisfy my senses.

Also in the news today, a complete dissection of the Swedish Modstrilogin box set, which actually turns out to be English friendly for the most part. But that's all I have for you today. Don't forget to nurture your dvd addiction till next time and I'll try to get some new stuff up on the site as soon as possible.

Bye bye for now, my sweet little junkies.

EDIT: Yeah yeah, I forgot to mention the Science of Sleep set but what are you gonna do?



» Modstrilogin | Special Edition (R2SE)


NewsfixComments (0)

Big thanks to Mystepho for fixing the news-bugs and the title errors.



» A Scanner Darkly | Limited Edition (R2DE)

» 300 - Edición Coleccionista | Fnac Exclusive Steelbook (R2ES)

» Good Bye Lenin! - Deluxe Edition | Exquisit Ausgabe (R2DE)


I, JunkieComments (0)

I seem to have come down with a bad case of a fever from hell (and before you ask, no it's not dvd-related) making my head hurt around the clock and my body generally just shutting down all basic survival skills.

I've been this way for about 3 or 4 days and the constant headaches show no signs of disappearing. My entire skeletal structure seems to be aching around the clock and the cold sweats, couching and the soar throat are all present as well. So for what it's worth I actually feel like a true junkie for once.

But anyway, despite my completely malfunctioning joke of a body, I've finally gotten around to posting the Japanese I, Robot head that has just been sitting on my shelf for ages. This makes for a total of three heads (not including my own) and the only one left to purchase at this point would be the Planet Of The Apes head... which I'm not entirely sure that I want to get (unless a real bargain comes a long that is).

You should also check the database for the latest Autobahn steelbook (#5) - Right At Your Door and also a german LE for A Scanner Darkly.

That's all from the crackhouse at this point. I hope you're feeling a lot better than I am and thanks for all at the support.

This is your favorite junkie, last survivor of the black plague (?), signing off.



» The Fritz The Cat Collection (R0UK)

» Right At Your Door | Steelbook (Autobahn #5) (R2DE)

» Res Aldrig På Enkel Biljett (R2SE)


Prepare For Glory!Comments (0)

Well. What can I say? Steelbooks and big plastic helmets are really happening right now.



» 300 - Edición Limitada | Limited Spartan Helmet Gift Set (R2ES)

» Saw IV | Limited Steelbook (R2SE)

» Brokeback Mountain | Limited Gift Set (R3TW)


A David Lynch InstallationComments (0)

Today I finally got the Inland Empire LE in the mail from cdjapan. This was definitely a cool set and I'm glad I picked it up even though the price was a bit high.

Also, I'm well aware of the crazy stuff going on with the news links (the wrong sets being listed as the most recent and others appearing under multiple news posts for no real reason, plus the occasional title mess up) but rest assure that we're working on getting this fixed asap.



» A Scanner Darkly | Promotional Hairpin

» Inland Empire + Lynch 1 - Limited Edition (R2JP)

» The Brother Grimm - Special Edition (R3HK)

» Cloverfield - Audio Press Kit | Promotional CD


The New, The Old And The GermanComments (0)

I finally got around to documenting the American UE for Blade Runner so now you can read all about the differences between this set and the tin box set released in United Kingdom. And all at the same site! Whoooopi!

Apart from this I've also added my very first super jewel case to the database. It's a rather old and unimpressive release for Lock, Stock And Two Smoking Barrels but it's still a fun type of case and I might just get me some more of these babies later on.

And finally in the news today, I've just recieved my fourth Autobahn steelbook! Be sure to check out the other Autobahn steelbooks as well and maybe you'll fall in love with this high quality film series as quickly as I have. Just type in the word "Autobahn" in the search field above and push enter. It just doesn't get any easier than that.

So go now! Godspeed, my fellow steelbook enthusiasts! Godspeed!



» 2:37 | Steelbook (Autobahn #4) (R2DE)

» Shortbus | Steelbook (Autobahn #3) (R2DE)


A Really Sweet Syndication FeedComments (0)

Today I've got some really good news for all my fellow junkies out there. Dispite the fact that this site is not being done as a conventional style blogg, you can still follow all the news-posts using RSS! :D

Just add the following feed to your local RSS-reader and you'll be the hippest dvdcollector on the street.



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Banner Time!Comments (0)

You'll notice some slight changes in the sites menu system but there's nothing to serious going on so I'm sure you'll all get through it eventually. I've added a brand new banner-section where you can get access to some good old fashion discjunkie style banners (I mean if you're gonna link me, why not do it in style, right?).

As for the confusing (?) "product" anti-link previously seen at the beginning of the menu I've chosen to just remove this for the time being as it really doesn't do anything. Plus, there was ONE complaint about it so why not trash the whole concept right there...

Anywhooo... all the product-pages (or box set pages if you will) are now just like sub-pages to the regular database and so the menu just holds in database-mode even if you click around within the database.

I also went ahead and moved the news section to the beginning of the menu as this felt a bit more logical than having it be somewhere in the middle (not sure why I started out that way to be perfectly honest). And as for the new dvds today you'll notice a stunning looking digipack from Atlantic and slightly screwed up box set from Columbia Tristar.



» Spring Lola (Lola Rennt) (R2SE)

» 28 Jours Plus Tard (28 Days Later) | First Pressing (R2FR)


Some Stuff From FranceComments (0)

Recieved some second hand picks from France the other day. Not insanely interesting but never the less not the most well known releases either. In other news I've also made some new choices reguarding how to list the easter egg contents of certain editions, and so you might see some older editions popping up as updated even though there hasn't been to many major changes made to them.

But hey, this is the system I've chosen and I think it's a pretty clever way to annoy people so what the hell!

Bring on the oldies!



» 28 Jours Plus Tard (28 Days Later) | First Pressing (R2FR)

» Les Lois De L´Attraction (The Rules Of Attraction) - Coffret Collector (R2FR)

» Se7en | Limited Edition (R2JP)

» 28 Days Later | MVC Exclusive (R2UK)


Random ThaughtsComments (0)

You'll notice some new graphic for the headers used on everything but the product pages. Oh how I love randomized header graphics. Furthermore I've got a bunch of stuff coming in and a bunch of stuff I need to take pictures of.

I went shopping in second hand stores yesterday and finally picked up the swedish Run Lola Run digipack from Atlantic. Not at a VERY good price but then again I really wanted this badly and now I don't have to spend a lot of time worrying that it's going to go of the market for some reason.

Yeah yeah, I know it's far fetched but it seems like this usually happens when I hold out for a swedish dvd just because I'm waiting for a price drop. I'm still trying to find the OOP digipack editions for The Boondock Saints and The Ninth Gate from Scanbox but these are usually nowhere to be found.



» Futurama: Bender´s Big Score (R1US)


Lika a Broken ShotgunComments (0)

There's been some comments regarding the surprisingly long loading time for the popup images (product photos) and I for one agree - it's definetly not as smooth as it should be. But I'm not entirely sure why this is happening because neither the images nor the loading icon is very heavy in size.

Whatever the problem is I'm afraid you're just gonna have to deal with it for the time being.



» Three Kings | The Essential War Collection (R2UK)

» Mulholland Drive - Special Edition (R2UK)

» ID4: Independence Day - Ultimate Edition | First Pressing (R2JP)


A New HopeComments (0)

Recieved another order from CD-WOW yesterday, but as it turned out they sent me the wrong fucking item (this is the first time that something like this has happened to me on a WOW-order though).

I had ordered The Brothers Grimm : Special Edition R3HK, which is 2 disc digipack, but instead they sent me a standard 1 disc version (which I think was from Thailand). Either way it was just a keepcase in a (ugly) slipcase and so I returned it for a full refund.

What's even worse is that the product I actually ordered is now out of stock and will not be coming back to WOW so I'll just have to look for it elsewhere.

Furthermore I've been waiting for the R2UK version of the Family Guy: Blue Harvest box set (which I pre-ordered) for like 2 weeks and it still hasn't despatched. Now both the R1 and the R2 sets have been taken of the CD-WOW website and I'm stuck with nothing but worry and despair.

But then, while cursing over my supposedly doomed cd-wow order I started to look for a better price and realised that was actually selling out the R1 set at a lower cost.

And so, I cancelled my order and purchased a new set through Amazon instead. Current status; Family Guy: Blue Harvest LE (R1US) is shipped and on it's way.



» Mulholland Drive - Special Edition (R2UK)

» ID4: Independence Day - Ultimate Edition | First Pressing (R2JP)

» True Romance - Coffret Collector (R2FR)

» Saw III - Limited Edition | Steelbook in Bloodpack (R2NL)

» Killing Zoe - Coffret Collector (R2FR)


All I Can Think OfComments (0)

Not much of an update as far as box sets go but I've added a whole bunch of information to the ABOUT page, covering every aspect I can think of. I'll probably by putting up some banner-codes pretty soon but for now you'll just have to settle for linking me the old fashioned way.

Don't forget to try out the comments function found on each and every product (box set) page if you feel like saying something (about the set for instance). It doesn't have to be clever or smart or even informative. I'm not too picky. A friendly "Wow, I'll have to go and buy this right away!" or "Show me your damn titties!" is just as appriciated as someone pointing out a mistake in the info I supplied, so just go nuts for now.

And if you have any questions that aren't covered in the about section, feel free to email me on the matter and I'll try to set you straight once again.



» Blood Diamond - Special Edition | Limited Steelbook (R2DE)

» Eddie Izzard : MMVI - Live Dvd Box Set (R2UK)


Back From The DeadComments (0)

It's been roughly 7 months since my last website update, and dispite a most recent news post on the old site indicating that things are still being done behind the scenes, I think that a whole lot people have taken this site for dead...

Until now.

Granted this is just a test-post to make sure that we're not 100% SNAFUed, but I might as well write some actual news in it as it needs to be done anyway. So, where have I been? Well, I've still been here, but the site wasn't really what I wanted it to be at the time and and major re-construction felt like the only thing left to do.

And it was around that point that I recieved an email out of the blue complementing me on what a cool site I was running. His name was Mystepho and as it turned out we had actually done some second hand deals in the past - buying and selling LEs from one another and such yet we had never actually met.

Some time past and then I recieved a phone call and he told me that he would be in town for the weekend and wondered if I'd like to get together. And that's it. The two of us just clicked like an empty handgun and we talked dvds all night, like we had known eachother for years and years.

Then as Mystepho heard that I wanted to re-design the site he asked if I'd like to get some help on the project. I was absolutely thrilled and the two of us starting working on bringing this badboy back to life after all this time of quite dignity.

And now, after months and months of combined efforts with my new best friend riding at the shotgun seat, it's with great pleasure that I'm able to present this brand new discjunkie website.

I'm still running the site on my own but all the programming and the codes needed to get it all together is entirely Mystepho's doing. I can't even begin to express my gratitude over the time and technology that this man has poured into this project and in my mind I will most likely owe him for life despite his unaltered enthusiasm for my ambitions.

You'll notice a lot of visual changes to the whole website but most stuff probably feels pretty obvious as long you're something of a dvd-addict yourself, so I won't go into a lot of detail to explain how things are set up. You can check the "About" link in the top menu to get something of a background story but apart from this I invite you to just... oh I don't know... fly casual!...

There's obviously a bunch of new box sets since last time (like I said, six months) but I don't feel like listing them all up front. So I've just added some of the newest below and if you want to catch up on old times you can always stop by the database and brows around for a bit.

And I geuss that's it. Enjoy the show, try not to put your greasy fingerprints on everything and... you know... stay tuned for new sets and what not.

All the best from your favourite addict.




» Eddie Izzard : MMVI - Live Dvd Box Set (R2UK)

» Clockwork Orange - Special Edition Dvd Box Set | Limited Edition (R2UK)

» Flightplan (R3HK)

» Reign Of Fire | First Pressing (R2JP)

» Zodiac | Promotional Halloween Card

» Sunshine | Promotional Baseball Cap

» Perfume : The Story of a Murderer - Premium Edition | Limited Gift Set (R3KR)

» Pedal | Paperback Edition featuring dvd and photobook (R0US)

» King Kong : Peter Jackson´s Production Diaries | Limited Edition (R1US)

» Dawn Of The Dead - Premium Edition | First Pressing (R2JP)

» Blade Runner - Ultimate Collector's Edition | Limited Tin Box (R2UK)

» Superman - Ultimate Collector's Edition | Tin Box (R2SE)

» Hard Candy | Steelbook (Autobahn #1) (R2DE)

» Brick | Steelbook (Autobahn #2) (R2DE)

» Gremlins / Gremlins 2 - Limited Edition | Re-Issued Version (R3KR)

» Les Fils De L´Homme (Children Of Men) - Edition Collector | First Pressing (R2FR)

» Pan´s Labyrinth | Limited Edition (R3TH)

» Rejected | Limited Edition (R0US)

» Borat - DVD & Mankini | Limited Edition (R4AU)

» Predator - Special Edition Collection (R2UK)

» King Kong - Limited Edition Dvd Gift Set (R3HK)

» Natural Born Killers - Special Edition Dvd Box Set | Limited Edition (R2UK)

» Forrest Gump - Edizione Speciale Da Colleziona a Tiratura Limitata | Limited Gift Set (R2IT)

» Disturbia - Home Confinement Kit | Promotional Memorabelia

» Beverly Hills Cop I-III - 20 Years Anniversary Limited Edition | Numbered Tin Box (R2DE)

» Austin Powers - The Complete Collection | EZYDVD Exclusive Tin Box (R4AU)

» Brazil - The Criterion Collection (#51) | Original Release (R0US)

» Dune - Extended Edition (R1US)

» Saw III - Unrated Edition | Bloodcase Packaging (R0HK)

» Ghostbusters 1 & 2 - Double Feature Gift Set (R1US)

» Memento - Special Edition (R2UK)

» Wallace & Gromit - Limited Cheese And Cracker Tin (R2UK)

» T2 / Terminator 2 : Judgement Day - Ultimate Edition | Re-Release First Pressing Tin Case (R1US)

» Silvermannen | First Pressing (R2SE)

» Apocalypse Now - The Complete Dossier (R1US)

» The Host | Limited Gift Set (R3KR)

» The Shawshank Redemption - Deluxe Limited Edition | Re-Called Release (R1US)

» The Prestige | Limited Gift Set (R3TH)

» Grease - Rockin' Edition | Limited T-Birds Jacket Packaging (R2SE)

» Save The Green Planet! | Limited Gift Set (R3KR)

» The Truman Show - Special Collector's Edition (R2CZ)

» 12 Monkeys - The Perfect Collection (R2JP)

» Rapport Till Himlen | First Pressing (R2SE)

» The Usual Suspects - Special Edition | First Pressing (R2UK)

» The Terminator - Special Edition (R3TH)

» Wild At Heart - Collector's Edition | First Pressing (R2UK)

» THX 1138 - The George Lucas Director's Cut | Exclusive (R1US)

» Se7en - New Line Platinum Series (R1US)

» Punch-Drunk Love - Special Edition (R3KR)

» Phantasm II - Complete Edition | Illegal Release (R2DE)

» Gladiator - Extended Special Edition (R2SE)

» The Game - Edition Collector (R2FR)

» Escape From New York - Special Edition (R1US)

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Tyler | Location: Canada Posted 2012-11-20 (05:03)

Ouch. I just read this post now too, Nov 2012, and I somehow know what you mean about your reaction when the case fell and broke. I've had a similar experience and it's as though time is moving in slow motion, and then after the incident occurs, you sort of just stand there.

Tyler | Location: Canadaland Posted 2012-11-20 (05:00)

Finally just read this review now (Nov. 19th, 2012). I felt the same way after seeing Prometheus, many unanswered questions, which was frustrating to me. I look forward to seeing another movie or 2 that follow this and hopefully tie some things up nicely.

Posted 2012-07-05 (18:26)

Edward: I never found a replacement for it - it's much rare than I thought, but given it's age, my banged up copy is still in quite good shape (I mean it's so rare that coming across a mint condition copy is not even on the map) so I'm quite at peace with the way things are. :)

Gree | Location: Gelsenkirchen Posted 2012-07-04 (16:46)

Very sad fanfic

Edward | Location: Texas Posted 2012-06-24 (22:36)

I'd DIE if something that was that rare broke, even a little bit. :) It shows me that you have great fortitude, in that it didn't shatter you. Have you been able to find replacement for this yet? Thank you for replying.

DerEchteGangster2 | Location: Gelsenkirchen Posted 2012-03-03 (09:07)

awesome movie and yes i saw it along with you and your friend in super 8mm

freakshow | Location: Salzburg Posted 2012-01-17 (15:35)

Great Texas Chainsaw Collection Dude

Posted 2011-11-28 (06:29)

Marcos. You can't see a price cause they're not for sale - because this is not a store :)

Marcos | Location: Portugal Posted 2011-11-26 (20:37)

Good afternoon, I can see the price of movies and how do I make the purchase?

Posted 2011-08-14 (16:41)

Thanks Manollo :)

Manollo | Location: somewhere in Austria Posted 2011-08-05 (21:42)

great work oskar!!I like the new avatar much more than your older ones.Congratulation ;-)

Posted 2011-07-26 (12:12)

Hey James. Sorry I've been slow to respond - I just forget to check my comments I guess. As for your request I'm afraid I must decline. I currently don't own ANY Lord of The Rings editions and I don't plan to buy any sense I just plainly don't care for the movies (yeah, hard to belive but true).

James 123 | Location: United States Posted 2011-07-20 (04:31)

Dear Discjunkie,
I am a fan of your web page and I honor your DVD collection. I personally have one of my own. It isn?t nearly as big as yours but still it is honorably sized for me. Anyway I really do admire your unboxing videos, and your DVD collection itself. I personally started looking online for unboxing videos of anything Alien, Predator, Star Wars, and Inglorious Basterds. And I found several videos of those unboxings. And soon I continued to view more videos by you and I was very impressed and jealous. But I was also wondering if I could do a ?request video? for you. I am a HUGE, HUGE fan of Lord of the Rings, and I was wondering if you would do an unboxing of any or all three DVDs of the following:
? The Lord of the Rings - The Fellowship of the Ring (Platinum Series Special Extended Edition Collector's Gift Set)
? The Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers (Platinum Series Special Extended Edition Collector's Gift Set)
? The Lord of the Rings - The Return of the King (Platinum Series Special Extended Edition Collector's Gift Set)
But if you can?t find any of those box sets, or just don?t want to do them, I understand. But I have been wanting them for a long time and was going to do and unboxing video of it myself. But for me money is tight; and I thought I would try and seek help from the best. Anyway best wishes to you Oscar and I have kept up with your videos and hope you are feeling better from your chicken-pox. Take care. Var f?rsiktig man. Hoppas du m?r bra.
James Porzenski

Hugo Reis | Location: Portugal Posted 2011-06-29 (22:00)

I like your channel the way it is, simple.
Sometimes less is more.
So long ;)

Posted 2011-05-17 (05:28)

Check :)

Matthew Alton | Location: United Kingdom Posted 2011-05-06 (18:27)

Which channel are they on now? And you said "most"... which ones are gone forever?

Matthew Alton | Location: Birmingham Posted 2011-05-04 (15:35)

I miss the floating head. Nice font though :)

mystepho Posted 2011-04-09 (23:10)

Hey Joe's. The Import Forums is closed for good (or atleast for a long time), but according to crew it'll be online kept as is "forever".

Not Another John Doe Posted 2011-04-08 (13:56)

haha, ow wow, Joe, just thought of asking somewhere the same thing and since, frankly, this is the only other renowned and worthwhile place known to me for my daily portion of limited movie editions, I went here to do so.

truth be told, I'm guessing they got either servers blown one reason or the other and are probably looking for a new host. that's what I hope for at least, would be a darn shame if they would colse indifinitely.

also, maybe our Dear Host here would know of any other lively places like the (temporarily) deceased importforums? ;]

joe Posted 2011-04-03 (03:15)

Do you know what happened to It's unavailable since 1 or 2 weeks.

Posted 2011-02-02 (10:00)

G?tt :)

Marcus Posted 2011-01-20 (11:14)

Riktigt fint :) Jag fick hem min Ninth Gate edition som du tipsade om ganska nyligen, glad blev jag :D

Marcus Posted 2010-12-19 (20:49)

Har inte sett dig online p? msn p? ett tag, m?ste prata lite om diverse editioner :) Jag var den nye samlaren som du pratade med f?r ett tag sedan :P

Matthew | Location: Birmingham Posted 2010-12-12 (23:19)

Nice analogy! I hate waiting for things in the post too.

Ventish Posted 2010-12-10 (11:29)

I got my Fnac Briefcase last week, it's wonderful. Hope everything works out for you because the uk briefcase simply don't match the awesomeness of the french edition.

Jonathan | Location: Denmark Posted 2010-11-29 (15:35)

I also did some shopping today. First I ordered an INCEPTION Briefcase from Blockbuster, and then AVATAR Collector's Edition with some figure or something like that.

Posted 2010-10-29 (22:45)

Not yet no...

relyte | Location: Canada Posted 2010-10-28 (00:37)

Hey... did he ever write you back btw?

Trond Posted 2010-10-15 (01:21)

Or use a credit card (like Mastercard), and not a debit card. Then any transaction won't be a direct charge.

Trond Posted 2010-10-15 (01:17)

It isn't necessarily the store's fault, per se. Most stores use a payment service provider (PSP), and they use these kinds of reservation and validation transactions all the time. This have happened many times to me as well, even for items that ended up not being shipped at all. I guess the lesson is, keep atleast a certain covering amount on your card.

Hugo | Location: Portugal Posted 2010-09-29 (22:24)

That was just awesome! Let us know if David Fincher gets in touch with you.

Posted 2010-09-29 (19:03)

Thanks T! :)

Tomas | Location: Blackeberg Posted 2010-09-25 (08:28)

Hey DJ, check out the link above. Cool movie project + collectors items!

LBFANSTi | Location: Portugal Posted 2010-09-16 (20:46)


Very nice unboxing, that batman edition is very cool, i got the Portuguese version of that one!

Very nice vids man, keep them coming :D

Plox | Location: Sk?ne Posted 2010-09-13 (13:38)

Grattis Oskar - du ?r nominerad till n?gon slags pris. :)

G?r inte att l?nka h?r, men kolla min senaste bloggpost.

relyte | Location: Canada Posted 2010-09-07 (06:47)

First Blood is one of my ever changing/expanding Top 10. The scenery of him running through the woods up in the hills makes me want to put on a pair of tight jeans and an army jacket & stomp into the woods in my combat boots.

relyte | Location: Canada Posted 2010-09-07 (06:42)

haha, I hear ya on the "nostalgic orgasm" description of the old LD cover art. I experienced that today. LOL

Tomas | Location: Blackeberg Posted 2010-08-28 (12:59)

The Cars that Ate Paris/People gick p? teve f?r n?gra ?r sen, minst sagt flummig. Death Race 2000 ?r ju en annan...

Posted 2010-08-26 (10:29)

Mystepho: Yeah I remember it having a totally crazy cover but from what I heard the film wasn't nearly as interesting. Would still like to see it some day though.

Posted 2010-08-26 (10:29)

PMD: I was recommended Joy Ride buy a friend actually but I'm yet to check it out.

Bruno | Location: Portugal Posted 2010-08-23 (12:07)

What about John Carpenter's Plymouth Futy Christine? A cult classic masterpiece :)

PMD | Location: Germany Posted 2010-08-20 (18:08)

The first movies that came to my mind are "Monster Man" (features: a monster truck), "Joy Ride"(features a truck) and "Maximum Overdrive" (features many trucks and other electric stuff that goes wild).

Mystepho Posted 2010-08-20 (17:20)

Just came to think about Peter Weir's weird looking debut "The Cars that Ate Paris". Havn't seen it, but Weir is a favorite director and It's on my list on important got-to-get movies..

Trond Posted 2010-08-20 (09:03)

Malfunction = having to get your player repaired, that is.

Trond Posted 2010-08-20 (09:01)

Yep, I understand that of course. Though shipping was a pretty penny, it wasn't that high an amount (I could've forked it out for you and you could've paid me later), and this player was in mint condition with original packaging and manuals.

I know you are looking for a player with auto playback of both LD sides, but I can also tell you (having had several players myself), the mechanism that alternates the laser head from top/bottom is a frequent source of malfunction. Having to get up from your couch one extra time per movie, I could live with. ;)

Posted 2010-08-20 (07:46)

Hehe. Well yeah, I really did appriciate the offer and had I lived in the same country I would have picked it up instantly. But having to pay only shipping (which tends to get quite high for such big items) still felt a bit too much when the player didn't meet the standards I was looking for. :-/

Trond Posted 2010-08-19 (23:03)

Well, you had the chance to get my old Pioneer laserdisc player for free... I just couldn't believe you didn't take it. Oh well. ;)

Mystepho Posted 2010-08-19 (07:23)

Sounds very interesting. I skipped it and went to see The Expendables instead :D

Mystepho Posted 2010-08-18 (08:54)

Och gl?m f?r allt i v?rlden loppisar och myrorna - vissa har MYCKET p? glas?gon-fronten..

Tomas | Location: Blackeberg Posted 2010-08-18 (08:23)

Tror faktiskt en del optiker har begagnade b?gar i g?mmorna. Hittade denna (se l?nken) vid en snabb Googling: Vi har ?ven en Vintage-kollektion d?r det finns b?de begagnade och nya b?gar som vi gjort en fullst?ndig service p?. Detta ?r n?got f?r dig som vill f?rst?rka det du redan ?r ? UNIK!

Posted 2010-08-18 (07:20)

You're gonna need a blood slides box of your own pretty soon, Nic ;)

Mystepho Posted 2010-08-15 (08:48)

I liked it, but wasn't as impressed as I where with the original. One hard movie to make a sequel to.

Mystepho Posted 2010-08-15 (08:40)

Haha, nice last comment :) 'Cause you're gonna snap, that's for sure :P

Nic | Location: USA Posted 2010-08-13 (18:54)

Man I just started watching Dexter myself! Finished season 1 in 3 days, I'm now officially addicted!

The evidence bag editions sounds pretty cool, need to look out for some of those.

PMD | Location: Germany Posted 2010-08-11 (00:02)

That's right. If you watch this movie without the expectation that it has to be as good as the first one, it's really fun to see the saints return to kick som' ass. I really liked it and as you said, much new parts of the background story from the characters is revealed. For me, in maybe ten years (again) i would like to see a 3rd movie if it's made with the same passion as this one.

freakshow | Location: Austria Posted 2010-08-10 (17:13)

I ordered at

Ronnie | Location: Sweden Posted 2010-08-07 (12:12)

You can get them from, for like 18 GBP together and with free shipping. Don?t now if the send "gadgets", cant find that information.

steve | Location: UK Posted 2010-08-06 (14:24)

I pre-ordered mine thankfully.

PMD | Location: Germany Posted 2010-08-05 (22:13)

nearly the same situation here in Germany. Different german internet shops listed the "Alien Egg" and after a few hours it was "sold out" or completely erased from the shop's page. Yesterday at there was another chance to pre-order the "Egg" and today it's sold out again, but still listed.

PMD | Location: Germany Posted 2010-08-04 (00:40)

It's a nice kind of curiosity to have and i also think they look quite nice (especially the Transformers 2 version) in matters of the style of their presentation.

PMD | Location: Germany Posted 2010-08-01 (09:15)

- Some changes to the old logo to show your actual style and keeping the type of design would be a good agreement.

- Or How about a Black & White Pop Art Style Logo of yourself (or your head)?

Tomas | Location: Blackeberg Posted 2010-07-31 (20:14)

You know, the discjunkie pops out from a package...

Posted 2010-07-31 (15:53)

Really??? How so???

Tomas | Location: Blackeberg Posted 2010-07-31 (11:35)

What first comes to mind is jack in a box, but that might be far too obvious.

Posted 2010-07-29 (20:46)

WTF!? You knew about this!? ;D

Tomas | Location: Blackeberg Posted 2010-07-28 (13:19)

Glaskroppsavlossning? Det ?r jobbigt med alla maskar som dansar framf?r sn?n p? vintern...

Tomas | Location: Blackeberg Posted 2010-07-28 (06:23)

Check out "1984 Pioneer Laserdisc demo with Devo" on YouTube!

Tomas | Location: Blackeberg Posted 2010-07-27 (19:55)

Sounds cool!

Tomas | Location: Blackeberg Posted 2010-07-19 (13:55)

It's the heat, man... and by the way, it's "thought" :)

Mystepho Posted 2010-07-16 (19:34)

I'm gonna take good care of you! Be so sure.. And no Ebay at all, I promise :) You can shop on my shelfs :P

Mystepho Posted 2010-07-14 (13:03)

Hate to tell you "I told you so", but.. I told you so :D (that Heat is good :P)

Posted 2010-07-11 (22:06)

THAT'S why it looked so weird! I thaught ti looked strange but couldn't understand why. HAHA! Must have fried my brain indeed. LOL!

Trond | Location: North Pole Posted 2010-07-11 (17:54)

The heat fried your brain, his name is spelled Pacino... ;)

Plox | Location: Schw?den Posted 2010-06-20 (21:06)

Fantastisk! Nu snackar vi cutom-case! :)

Posted 2010-06-08 (11:01)

Ooooh, viva la France! :D

Mystepho Posted 2010-06-01 (07:04)

Nice box from Opiumaddict! Guess I got some competetion in giving you great stuff :D Better pick something amazing up in France later this week!

Mystepho Posted 2010-05-19 (05:15)

Congrats mate, you deserve it!

Nicola | Location: UK Posted 2010-05-17 (16:26)

Congratulations on getting 1000 + subs :-)

Posted 2010-05-08 (20:45)

He will be missed in more ways than one.

Posted 2010-05-08 (20:45)

Glad to hear it :)

jonathan Posted 2010-05-02 (16:38)

I'll of course watch the show if you do it:)

jonathan Posted 2010-05-02 (16:37)

It sucks that BookhouseBoy had to close his channel

Samir | Location: Australia Posted 2010-04-23 (11:46)


Re: Last Supper.

I was actually hunting for my own copy, but the hunt only lasted 5 minutes as it is for sale at the director's website.

bigertbergstrom dot com/shop dot html

enjoy :)

Posted 2010-04-17 (12:07)

Thank you, Nicola :)

Nicola | Location: Northern Ireland Posted 2010-04-14 (19:21)

You and mizpol are cool youtubers looking forward to seeing the videos.

jonathan Posted 2010-04-13 (16:31)

Mizpol actually send me a Danny Boyle box set just because I'm a fan, so that was pretty cool :)

Posted 2010-04-10 (19:43)

A mutual win :)

Martin Posted 2010-04-10 (08:54)

Win :)

cool story Posted 2010-03-21 (11:15)


owUVovQsKhcMU | Location: kgVHVVFYHHl Posted 2010-03-10 (21:20)


Mystepho Posted 2010-02-18 (19:51)

I was just thinking that it would be something like two years around now.. Congrats to the both of us :D

Posted 2010-02-03 (17:26)

Mystepho: I know! :D I was actually planning to mention it next time we spoke - just to see if you were in fact following it. Can't wait to see the movie :)

Mystepho Posted 2010-02-03 (16:59)

I havn't actually told you, but since the first days when I got my iphone I have been listening to the Tobolowsky files and man is he great! Can't wait for friday! (that's when the podcast is updated)

Posted 2010-01-23 (22:08)

Trond: Haha, thanks man! :D

Trond Posted 2010-01-19 (01:31)

If I had any money, I'd give it all to you.

Posted 2010-01-17 (10:27)

Mystepho: Aaaaaah, my best friend and DVD-mentor/psychologist. You know I'll never forget how much you've been apart of this project :)

Mystepho Posted 2010-01-15 (15:51)

I'm a fan to that only invest time and effort into your project :) Looking forward to see what you'll buy next...

Posted 2010-01-13 (10:55)

Kevin: Hmmm. That's strange. Well I had to add the discjunkie-adress upon recieving your payment so apparently that wasn't my regular adress either. Either way it worked out in the end. :)

Kevin | Location: UK Posted 2010-01-11 (13:00)

You are very welcome Oskar, I always enjoy watching your unique dvd reviews.
By the way your donation email is in fact and not (this one didn't work)

Keep up the great reviews.


Mystepho Posted 2009-12-27 (18:28)

Merry christmas you too, my favorite junkie!

Ventish Posted 2009-12-23 (17:50)

Merry X-mas!

Hugo Reis | Location: Portugal Posted 2009-12-11 (10:42)

Cool videos :P did you bought anything there?

Tomas | Location: Blackeberg Posted 2009-12-04 (20:10)

lol - good to hear - fill me in on sunday

Posted 2009-12-01 (15:20)

It's a very mixed job but I'll mainly be working in a reception and also as something of a janitor - making sure things run smoothly at the office - just a general fixing kinda guy.

Matthew Posted 2009-12-01 (14:17)

Yay! What kind of work is it?

Jogalac | Location: U.S.A Posted 2009-11-29 (21:46)

That is AWESOME news.Grats

Posted 2009-11-01 (16:34)

Jonathan: Haha. No, I just liked the title :)

Mystepho Posted 2009-10-31 (22:19)

I'm a fan :)

Jonathan | Location: Denmark Posted 2009-10-29 (21:34)

Is it a 28 Days Later set? :O

Awesome, want to see!

Matthew | Location: Birmingham Posted 2009-10-27 (01:13)

Oooh, you're on Facebook. Can we add you?

meatstain | Location: usa Posted 2009-10-06 (10:15)

Its "strapped for cash" not "scrapped for cash"

F'n wicked collection by the way!

Posted 2009-10-06 (09:32)

Sorry, Jonh. But that would just result in more moaning.

Jonh | Location: UK Posted 2009-10-03 (13:15)

Need money? sell your collection and stop moaning.

Posted 2009-09-30 (17:02)

Thanks, Mizpol. It's not easy to find work doing the things you love doing. Still, we get by somehow.

mizpol Posted 2009-09-29 (23:56)

Someone with your passion and obvious skills and adaptability should not be out of work.. That sucks..

Jonathan Posted 2009-09-26 (14:14)

District 9 is AWESOME! Love it.

I'm broke too...

Bruno | Location: Portugal Posted 2009-09-19 (11:33)

Hi oskar.

If you want a good movie with some mysterys and twists i recomend some interesting movies that i have seen recently:

- TESIS (Alejandro Amenabar)

- PARA ENTRAR A VIVIR (Jaume Balaguer?)

- ILS (David Moreau & Xavier Palud)

Best Regards

Hugo | Location: Portugal Posted 2009-08-19 (12:52)

I saw a little bit and i enjoyed it ;)

Tomas | Location: Schweden Posted 2009-08-14 (15:09)

Finally! And hey, I didn't notice you had a news feed until now. Wohooo!

Brunomec | Location: Portugal Posted 2009-08-07 (12:26)

Hi ;)

OK, it's part of some australian colletion but it's very cool. I like the art cover and the digi inside.

It's unpleased don't been provided the correct information about the item. I keep waiting my 4-disc LE.

Keep going and regards.

Mystepho Posted 2009-08-07 (10:35)


Mystepho Posted 2009-08-06 (17:34)

I'm holding my thumbs and everything else in order for you to get a great job! To sheer you up I finished this comment section today :D

Hope you enjoy...

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