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Dreamworks LLC

» 1 pair of Binoculars (with Disturbia logo)
» 1 can of Red Bull energy drink
» Twinkie
» Wristband with a flashing red light
» Cardboard box (carton like)
» A list of 10 ways to survive your home confinement
» A bunch of black paper shreds to keep everything in place

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D.J. Caruso

Shia LaBeouf, Sarah Roemer, Carrie-Anne Moss, David Morse, Aaron Yoo


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Interest / Design

This really stands out as one of the funnier promos done for a film. First off, looking at the outer box, this is actually quite good looking considdering that it's basically just your regular easy-fold carton thing. The surface of the outside is actually glossy which really strikes me as slightly odd for this kind of box, but it makes all the difference and actually makes the exterior come of as something that might even be considdered luxurious.

Moving on, the box opens with your standard carton-flaps unlocking the construction. Now, the locking-part is definetly a must here cause they've really jammed quite a lot of schredded black paper into the box for padding - In face, I took out about half of the all that paper and it's still a tight fit for all the goodies stuffed inside.

Inside the box you'll find a simple but quite nice pair of binoculars, with a little Disturbia logo printed on the side. These are simple standard cheap-to-produce binoculars with a "made in china" sticker on them, but they don't feel as cheap as you'de expect from a promo, and I'm quite taken with them even if the lences aren't red, like the binoculars seen in the film.

The can of Red Bull and the Twinkie are just that; A can of actual Red Bull and an actual Twinkie. The absurdity of including a couple of authentic food-products as promotion for a film comes of as totally ingenious, even though the Twinkie might need to be replaced after a few years, for those of us who don't intend to eat it and ruin this little memorabelia milestone.

And last but not least, there's a velcro wristband featuring a simple but fully functional red reflector with a flashing light. The light comes on at the push of a button and comes complete will batteries allready installed.

My only concern with this set would be slightly unpractical carton material used, as the structure of it will easily make the edges of the interlocking flaps flakier and flakier over time. I guess a regular cardboard box would have been better in the long run but the box still has a very nice look to it and the glossy choice definetly makes it look as good as any of you regular digipacks or LEs in the shelf.


This kit was sent out to various press and media affiliates to promote the film Disturbia prior to it's theatrical release. The back of the box reads "© Dreamworks LLC and Cold Spring Pictures. All Rights Reserved".

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Posted 2010-07-31 (15:54)

Thanks buddy. Sadly I cut it off quite some time ago, mainly due to job interviews. Might return to it some day but right now it's all shaved away.

pavement reflectors | Location: USA Posted 2010-07-30 (12:57)

Cool,i like your hair.It is very unique.haha

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