Short Cinema Journal 1:2 | Original Release / First Issue

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» America

» 044005539325

» Polygram Entertainment

» 1 Disc (doublesided)
» CD Jewel-case (with inlay etc)
» Fold-out cardboard case
» Slipcase

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» Yes

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» Yes

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 Disc 1

Contents (Side A)
» Dreams (Introduction)
» Café Bar (movie)
» Bride of Resistor (movie)
» A Girl's Own Story (movie)
» Depth Solitude (movie)
(English, Norwegian or French audio)
» A Guy Walks Into A Bar (movie)
(optional commentary)
» The American Filminstitute
(alt. video track on A Guy Walks Into A Bar)
» Interview with George Hickenlooper
» Vincent : The Junkie Chronicles (movie)
» The Big Brass Ring (movie)
(optional commentary)
» Le Jetée (movie)
(English voiceover version)
» Eye Like A Strange Balloon (movie)
» Commercials
» Credits

» The Making of Portrait of a Lady (53m)

» DVD (doublesided), R0, NTSC

» 4:3 Fullscreen

» English DD 5.1
» English DD 2.0
» Norwegian DD 2.0 Surround (Depth Solitude)
» French DD 2.0 Surround (Depth Solitude)

» None

 Movie Details

Short info
» Original Title: La Jetée (1962)
» Directed by: Chris Marker

Short info
» Original Title: Café Bar (1974)
» Directed by: Alison De Vere

Short info
» Original Title: A Girls Own Story (1984)
» Directed by: Jane Campion

Short info
» Original Title: Dypets Ensomhet (1995)
» Directed by: Thomas Lien, Joachim Solum

Short info
» Original Title: Odilon Redon or The Eye Like a Strange Balloon Mounts Toward Infinity (1995)
» Directed by: Guy Maddin

Short info
» Original Title: Bride of Resistor (1997)
» Directed by: Mark Gustafson

Short info
» Original Title: A Guy Walks Into A Bar (1997)
» Directed by: Carmen Elly

Short info
» Original Title: The Big Brass Ring (1997)
» Directed by: George Hickenlooper

Short info
» Original Title: Vincent : The Junkie Chronicles (2000)
» Directed by: Michael Failla

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 Discjunkie's Comments

Packaging / Design

This first-issue edition by Polygram definetly comes off as a more stylishly designed set than the later snapcase release done by Warner. However, as unique and interesting as the design is, it's not most practical and this drops the score down to a 6 instead of an otherwise mediocre 7.

The problem is basically that the pocket designed to hold the CD jewelcase is combined with an additional cardboard piece over it, which proves very annoying when you're trying to get the dvd out of the box.

As a final note, the cover has some specs listed that don't quite match the interior contents of the disc itself but I'll go into this more closely on the contents review done below.

Disc contents / Extras

The image-quality is not best but as the films themselves are pretty old and the dvd is also something of a relic, I won't place to much focus on this part. After all, it's fun to see the films released at all. My main concern with this disc would be that's it's lacking the two commentary tracks for La Jetée that appeared on the re-release done by Warner Home Video a few years later. But then again, it seems pretty strange to de-value a release for the fact that it's re-release comes with better features so I'll try to constrain myself.

As for the specs listed on the cover, I have number of things that I think should be straightened out. I've gone through the entire disc and I've tried to combine the specs as correctly as possible.

OK, first off, the film Depth Solitude is said to feature an altarnate audio track in SWEDISH, but this is obviously a missprint (or missinterpretation). The altarnate audio track is actually in Norwegian, and just like the second altarnate audio track for this film (French), it's not a commentary but rather just an altarnate voiceover track (and being as the film is originally a Norwegian film, the 'altarnate' track should probably be considdered as the original audio).

The cover states that A Guy Walks Into A Bar has "an altarnate video track" as well as altarnate audio. Now, the altarnate audio is in fact a commentary track (most likely by the filmmakers, though I didn't see or hear a name anywhere when testing it, and the commentators don't introduce themselves in the opening scene of the film), while the altarnate video track is actually more of a hidden chapter. The second videotrack is accessed (as explained in the instructions accompanying the disc) by pressing the "2" on your remote control while watching the film. But the track doesn't have a whole lot to do with the film, as it is just a short text-over-background animation that tells you a little bit about the American Film Institute, which was the spawning ground for this particular film and other notable filmmakers and their work).

The cover also contradicts itself when stating that A Girl's Own Story comes with an altarnate audio track, even though the jewelcase inserts shows you that it doesn't. So what's the finaly score? Well, truth be told, there is no altarnate audio for this particular film and it appears that the audio-specs listed on the jewel-case are the most accurate. The same thing occurs with Vincent : The Junkie Chronicles, where the cardboard box wrongfully states altarnate audio, while the disc and the jewelcase reveal quite the opposite.

And finally, there IS an altarnate audio track for The Big Brass Ring describing the background of the whole thing (However during the begining of the track the two appear exactly the same, as the commentary only kicks in when the actual "movie-footage" comes on).

Side TWO of this flip-disc gives us a 53 min making of featurette for the film Portrait of a Lady. This making of is most likely exactly the same as the one featured on the R2/R4 releases of this film. And that's it!

All in all an interesting little disc but possible even better if you decide to go for the re-released Warner version.


Where do I begin? Short Cinema Journal started out as a dvd-magazine in disc form. It could be subscribed to just like a regular magazine and the dvds were produced by Polygram Entertainment at this point (Sometime around 1998). Now, this dvd-mag' only lasted for three issues (Short Cinema Journal 1:1, Invention, -1:2, Dreams and -1:3, Authority). After these three we're released the whole concept was sold to Warner Home Video, who re-released the first three 'issues' of the series under the new title "Short".

Now, the re-releases of the original three S.C.J. 'issues' came to be pretty simular to the original release but it appears that there are in fact a couple of very important differences to each release. (I am unable to confirm ALL differences as I only own the original issues for part 2 and 3).

All of the original releases came with with the jewel-case and cardboard box packaging you can see in the pictures supplied below (I can't be 100% sure about issue nr 1:1 - Invention - but I'm GUESSING the packaging was just the same as the following two we're done in a very identical fashion). The re-releases of the first three, and the following 'new' parts of the series we're however ONLY relesed in regular snapcases, baring altarnate artwork (and the new shortened nametag; "Short").

As for Short Cinema Journal 1:2, Dreams this original release is lacking one of the most saught after special features of the re-release which is the two commentary tracks done for Chris Marker's La Jetée. These tracks featured director Terry Gilliam and the screenwriters from 12 Monkeys (a film which was inspired and loosely based on the La Jetée).

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