Perfume : The Story of a Murderer | Premium Edition | Limited Gift Set

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Taewon Entertainment / Spectrum

» 2 Discs (dvds)
» Soundtrack CD
» Digipack
» Novell Book (in Korean)
» Special Cardboard Case

3000 copies

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 Disc 1

» Perfume : The Story of a Murderer (movie)


2.35:1 Anamorphic

English DTS 5.1 (half bitrate)
» English DD 5.1

English, Korean

 Disc 2

» Making of (53m 48s)
» Interviews
» - Bernd Eichinger (06m 21s)
» - Tom Tykwer (05m 55s)
» - Andrew Birkin (04m 31s)
» - Ben Wishaw (04m 45s)
» - Dustin Hoffman (05m 51s)
» - Alan Rickman (03m 19s)
» - Rachel Hurd-Wood (02m 15s)
» - Karoline Herfurth (02m 35s)
» - Corinna Harfouch (03m 51s)
» - Jessica Schwartz (02m 52s)
» Location Scouting (11m)
» Scent Visualisation (13m 33s)
» Camera Work (11m 17s)
» German Synchronisation (09m 45s)
» Mixing (03m 34s)
» From Aroma to Film (10m 11s)
» Theatrical Trailer



Korean (FORCED)

 Disc 3

» 01. Prologue : The Highest Point
» 02. Streets Of Paris
» 03. The Girl With The Plums
» 04. Grenouille's Childhood
» 05. Distilling Roses
» 06. The 13th Essence
» 07. Lost Love
» 08. Moorish Scents
» 09. Meeting Laura
» 10. The Method Works!
» 11. Grasse In Panic
» 12. Richis's Escape
» 13. Laura's Murder
» 14. Awaiting Execution
» 15. The Perfume
» 16. The Crowd Embrace
» 17. Perfume-Distilled
» 18. Epilogue : Leaving Grasse

CD, Soundtrack

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Original Title
Perfume : The Story of a Murderer


Tom Tykwer

Ben Whishaw, Francesc Albiol, Richard Felix


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 Discjunkie's Comments

Packaging / Design

The case design on this set is just gorgeous! But once you take a closer look inside, that's when the trouble starts. Don't worry, I'll get to the bad parts eventually.

This case is all in one piece and the the red walls are really thick and sturdy. It opens up like a clam-shell and the shortends have built in magnets hidden in the fabrics, which makes the case stay perfectly sealed even without any kind of slipcase around it, which I think is a really great idea.

As for the inside, the book and the digipack are housed on opposite sides of the case and come out through identical openings at the top.

OK, so far so good, but once we're done with the digipack and the book and want to put them back things can quickly start to get ugly.

The cardboard flaps that you're supposed to close over the contents are really fragile, and it's quite difficult to get them to slide down in the right place. And specially when it comes to the flap on top of the book as this will no doubt try to go down in between the pages instead of in between the book and the outer cardboard wall.

The damage done to the flaps on my set (see photo #8) are all from the first try of getting it closed, so you can see the difficulty in it. I solved this problem (kind of) by cutting out a piece of paper the same width as the book but with a height about 1 cm higher.

I then put this up against the outer case wall and pre-folded it inwards over the top of the book, and so now the flap has nowhere to go except down in between the paper and the outer wall. It's kind of annoying that one has to do a thing like this but if you experience the same problems as I did with this set, this might be a simple and painless solution.

(For the record I did the same for the digipack side as well, as this side didn't go down the way I wanted it to either)

So all in all, a very good looking and well made set, but with some minor packaging flaws that you should definitely be aware of.

Disc contents / Extras

As you may or may not know this film was directed by Tom Tykwer and even though the language of the film is all english, Tykwer is still a german director and so a lot of the special features surrounding him and his crew are actually in german.

But there's still some good english bits for you to enjoy so let me walk you through them. Disc 1 comes with english menus but there aren't any extras on here so I'll just skip ahead and take a closer look at disc 2.

Starting up the second disc brings us to an all korean menu with nine topics. The first one on the list is a rather lengthy making of but this is done in all german - Even though the main cast includes a lot of english actors, they have actually been dubbed over by german voice overs during this making of (!).

However, selecting the second option brings us to a 10-part korean sub-menu which concists of a number of interviews with the cast and crew. The interviews done with the german cast and crew are of course in german but the interviews done with the english participents are in fact still in english here. To narrow it down for you, the following interviews are done in english: Andrew Birkin, Ben Wishaw, Dustin Hoffman, Alan Rickman and Rachel Hurd-Wood.

(all though all the interviews have been cut together with movie clips and other footage which may or may not be in english)

Flipping onward through the korean topics on the list there's really not that much english until we get to [i]From Aroma to Film[/i] featurette. This is quite a mixed bag featuring both german and french people, who on occassion switch over to speaking english instead of french. So in conclusion, not a totally unfriendly featurette but not a totally understandable one either.

And once this little oddity plays out there's only one more choice on the list and this one plays theatrical trailer. This is however the regular english trailer but it's been infested by some burnt in korean subs.

And that's all the english there is! All other features on the list are done in german. However, it's still a nice disc for the film and the inclusion of the soundtrack CD is also a big plus, so I'll give it a 7 mainly for that.

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