The Evil Dead | Book Of The Dead | Re-Issued Limited Edition

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United Kingdom


Anchor Bay

» 2 Discs
» Cardboard Sleeve (for disc 2)
» Latex Book Of The Dead Case
» Booklet
» Plastic Box
» Paper Wrapper

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 Disc 1

» Evil Dead (movie)
» Audio Commentary by director Sam Raimi and producer Robert Tapert
» Audio Commentary by actor Bruce Campbell
» Theatrical Trailer
» 4 TV Spots
» Poster And Still Gallery (137pages)
» Talent Biographies
» - Bruce Campbell (34pages)
» - Sam Raimi (30pages)
» - Robert Tapert (20pages)
» Fanalysis (documentary) (26m 05s)
» Discovering Evil Dead (13m 05s)
» Behind The Scenes Footage & Outtakes (18m 09s)
» THX Optimizer


1.85:1 Anamorphic

English DTS-ES 6.1
» English DD 5.1 EX
» English DD 2.0 Surround
» French DD 5.1
» French DD 2.0 Surround


 Disc 2

» Running Time (movie)
» Audio commentary with director Josh Becker and actor Bruce Campbell
» Theatrical Trailer


4:3 Fullscreen

English DTS 5.1
» English DD 5.1
» English DD 2.0 Dual Mono


 Movie Details

Short info
Original Title: The Evil Dead (1981)
Directed by: Sam Raimi

Short info
Original Title: Running Time (1997)
Directed by: Josh Becker

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 Discjunkie's Comments

Packaging / Design

This is by far one of the creepiest cases I've seen so far. The mock up latex book packaging is just a wonderful choice and the overall look and feel really makes it stand out as one of the craziest sets on the market so far.

Looking into the case design a bit more closely, you'll notice that there's a number of pages inside the book where a couple of them have pockets that serve as disc storage. The main disc sits in a small plastic pocket that's been lined with a fine cloth to keep it from scratching. The second disc is housed in a simple cardboard sleeve placed in a small booklet pocket within the case.

So in short; a really cool case made from a really creepy material. And the artwork looks wonderful while the pages feel thick and authentic.

Disc contents / Extras

This is one of the better editions of this film but it's still not a clear winner in comparison to other releases on the market (it all comes down to what specs you value I guess). As an exclusive bonus on this set, they've included a second disc featuring the 1997 film Running Time (also starring Bruce Campbell). This is a pretty interesting film and as it's not sold separately in the UK it seems like a pretty good extra, even though it's not really Evil Dead related.

As for the main disc we get an OK lineup of all your standard bonus features. There's a lot of interesting footage with Bruce and the extras give a fine overall look into the fascanating world of this cultfilm and it's cult-like following of die hard fans.

As a sidenote the Running Time disc is rather slim but it does include an audio commentary and a DD 5.1 / DTS track (where as the R1 release has the same commentary it only includes an DD 2.0 track for the regular audio track).


This is the re-issued "Book Of The Dead" edition released in the UK back in 2002. The packaging is pretty much the same as the original "Book Of The Dead" set released in the UK earlier.

However, there's a key difference between the two; where as the original "Book Of The Dead" edition only had one disc, this re-issue includes a second disc featuring the film Running Time (also starring Bruce Campbell).

The second disc is apparantly exclusive to this set and is (strangely) not available on it's own in the UK.

The rubber/latex case seen on both this re-issue and on the original UK release has also been available on region 1 but that release is out of print (It should also be mentioned that the region 1 version was the first edition to feature this now legendary "Book Of The Dead" packaging).

The disc specs for disc 1 are exactly the same as the original UK release.

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Posted 2009-02-22 (18:44)

Jonathan: Why indeed??? Because I made a mistake ;P - Turns out it's just a typo. I still own this. :)

Jonathan | Location: Denmark Posted 2009-02-20 (21:17)

Why is this not in your collection any more ?

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