Saw III | Limited Edition | Steelbook in Bloodpack

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8715664047088 (cardboard box)
» 8715664046012 (steelbook)

Dutch Filmworks

» 2 Discs
» Steelbook
» Bloodpack Slipcase
» Limited Poster (see notes)
» 3 Plastic Teeth
» Cardboard Box

4000 copies (numbered)

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 Disc 1

» Startup Trailers (can be skipped)
» - Hannibal Rising
» - Employee of the Month
» - Flyboys
» Saw III (movie) (unrated version)
» Bonus Trailers
» - Hannibal Rising
» - Employee of the Month
» - Flyboys


1.78:1 Anamorphic

English DTS 5.1
» English DD 5.1

Dutch (optional)

 Disc 2

» Saw III (movie) (unrated version) with FORCED Audio Commentary by director Darren Lynn Bousman, writer Leigh Whannell, executive producer Peter Block and executive producer Jason Constantine
» Photo Gallery (10 images)
» Teaser Trailer
» Theatrical Trailer
» Liner Notes (in Dutch)
» The Traps of Saw III (09m 24s)
» Detailes of Death: The Props of Saw III (07m 53s)
» Darren's Diary: Anatomy of a Director (09m 22s)
» Deleted Scenes
» - Lynn And Amanda Fight (04m 21s)
» - Adam And Amanda Meet (01m 06s)
» Bonus Trailers
» - Saw
» - Cabin Fever
» - The Messengers
» - Snoop Dogg's Hood of Horror
» - Employee of the Month


1.78:1 Anamorphic (movie)

English DD 2.0 (commentary)

Dutch (optional)

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Alternate Title
Saw 3


Darren Lynn Bousman

Tobin Bell, Shawnee Smith, Angus Macfadyen, Bahar Soomekh, Dina Meyer, Mpho Koaho, Barry Flatman, Leigh Whannell


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Packaging / Design

A rather interesting case combo including a beautiful black steelbook encased in a thick (soft) plastic slipcase with a bloodfilled pocket (not real blood of course, but resemblence is still quite nice).

Inside the steelbook is a limited edition foldout poster and three plastic teeth in a small plastic bag.

Apart from this, there's also an outer cardboard box with a cut out in the front (to show the bloogbag packaging from the outside).

I rather like the steelbook and teeth and the bloodbag slipcase (though it's a little tight and I'm guessing that this might be one of those things that end up damaging the steelbook if you take it in and out of the box a lot) but I'm not overly positve about the cardboard box as it comes with that rather annoying cardboard flap design for the opening (which never really stays in good condition no matter how hard you try).

Each set is numbered but it's a rather ugly numbering with just an ugly font printed in black on the bottom of the front cover (you can see the printing clearly on image number 5).

There's a semi-transparent bloodspattered sticker on the front cover promoting the exclusive poster, but this sticker is easily removed and it leaves very little marks as the cardboard box is rather glossy.

Disc contents / Extras

This set comes with pretty standard type extras in comparison to other releases of the film. It comes with a 5.1 DTS track but loses the extra commentary tracks available on some other editions.

The standard commentary is however still available (though it's presented on disc 2 as a forced commentary) and the classic traps and props featurettes are also included together with deleted scenes and some trailers.

There's a few short possibly exclusive features on here but they're not to interesting and can be summed up as text-based, unrelated trailers and your avarage photo gallery.

All in all an OK set of discs but nothing that really raises the bar over the other regions.


According to a few online sources the included poster was printed with ink that was mixed with real blood donated by actor Tobin Bell.

However, I believe this to be a missunderstanding. When the film was promoted prior to it's theatrical release, actor Tobin Bell donated two vials of his own blood which was to be mixed with the red ink used for a limited edition poster. The limited edition blood-print was a 1000 posters only thing and the posters we're sold for 20 USD each.

As this release is limited to 4000 copies, the included poster can't be one of the original bloodprint posters and there for I assume that it's just a matter of a replication with the same motive as the original. I havn't been able to confirm this but it's my best guess, as there is no mention of the poster being printed in blood on the box.

There was also a special contest in connection with this dvd release, saying that if you recieved a golden tooth among the three plastic teeth in the set, you had won a free trip to Hollywood (I'm have no knowledge as to how many golden teeth we're in circulation, might just have been one).

(if you have any information or corrections reguarding the info on this release, please contact me via email, or leave your comment through the form below)

Last but not least I should mention that I actually own #4000/4000 :) (I know this is not the one seen here but the photos are of an older copy that I no longer own).

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Eddie Lamorgue | Location: Spain Posted 2010-06-18 (19:08)

Fuck!! Gruesome stuff, yeah!!

Cadaveric hails from the morgue Spanish!!

Robbie | Location: The Netherlands Posted 2009-10-15 (20:58)

You can still buy this edition in Dutch stores.

Jonathan | Location: Denmark Posted 2009-02-20 (21:05)

Have to own this

Howard | Location: Canada Posted 2008-04-19 (02:12)

This is the sickest Steelbook of all the SAW franchsie. You can almost smell the blood in the pictures.

4 comments in total.

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