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» Presskit

» United Kingdom

» None

» Wired / Paramount

» 1 Disc
» Super Jewel Case
» Tracklisting Insert

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» Yes

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 Disc 1

» 01. Trailer
Editor's Choice
» 02. Jason and Hud are talking to Rob when they hear an explosion.
» 03. After recieving a message from Beth, Rob decides to travel across Manhatten to get her.
» 04. Odette Yustman on the surprising element to the film.
Film Clips
» 05. In New York City, Hud and Jason are planning a surprise party for Rob, who is going to live in Japan.
» 06. The party surprises Rob as he walks into his house.
» 07. Rob asks Hud if his friend, Beth, will be at the party.
» 08. Beth records a farewell message for Rob on Hud's camera.
» 09. Jason's girlfriend, Lily, tells him that Rob and Beth slept together.
» 10. Hud tells his friend Marlena about Rob and Beth.
» 11. Jason explains his plan to his friends.
Generic Interview Bites
(Michael Stahl-David)
» 12. Explains the plot.
» 13. About his character's motivation.
» 14. On the special effects of the film.
(Jessica Lucas)
» 15. On the obstacles that the characters face.
» 16. On the 'Subway Scene'.
» 17. On the best part of making the film.
(T.J. Miller)
» 18. On the plot of the film.
» 19. On how the story develops.
» 20. On his character.
(Lizzy Caplan)
» 21. On her character.
» 22. More on her character.
» 23. On her reaction to the film.
(Mike Vogel)
» 24. On his character.
» 25. On his character's girlfriend 'Lily'.
» 26. On the message of the film.
(Odette Yustman)
» 27. On her character's role in the story.
» 28. Explains about her character being rescued.
(J.J. Abrams)
» 29. On what attracted him to this film.
» 30. On his love of 'monster movies'.
» 31. Explains the advantages of not seeing the monster.
» 32. Explains the story.
» 33. On working with Matt Reeves.
» 34. On casting unknown ators in the film.
(Matt Reeves)
» 35. On what attracted him to the project.
» 36. On what CLOVERFIELD is about.
» 37. On how they created the unusual look of the film.
» 38. On how the story is told through the experience of a group of friends.
» 39. On the importance of casting unknown actors.
» 40. On the love story running through the film.
» 41. On how they found "Beth".
» 42. On the all important Monster.

» CD, Audio

 Movie Details

Original Title
» Cloverfield

» 2008

» Matt Reeves

» Lizzy Caplan, Jessica Lucas, T.J. Miller, Michael Stahl-David, Mike Vogel, Odette Yustman, Anjul Nigam, Margot Farley, Theo Rossi, Brian Klugman, Kelvin Yu, Liza Lapira


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 Discjunkie's Comments

Packaging / Design

I was pleasently surprised to realise that this disc was presented with a classic super jewel case box. I must say that the the super jewel case is kind of an odd choice but on the other hand, an entirely audio-based press kit is certainly something out of the ordinary as well.

As for the case, it's strangely plain with almost no artwork at all as the only graphics are those of a simple 2 page insert.

The paper quality is not very impressive. I mean sure, the printing feels professional enough but the quality of the paper itself is not quite as good as one would like.

The paper is hardly glossy at all (not even as much as your standard audio CD type insert) and the case doesnät even come with a spine label either.

All in all I really like the idea of a press kit being presented in a jewel case like this but I really feel that a proper booklet and a full set of the usual inlay stuff should have been included.

Disc contents / Extras

The standard audio CD is divided onto 42 tracks that amount to a total running time of 25m 44s, which is a bit short, even for a press kit. As you can see in the booklet tracklisting (picture #4) there's a variety of differing contents in here.

The interview bits feel like an interesting way to promote the film being as this is all in nothing but audio form, and I must say that I rather enjoyed listening through this thing, even though it defenitely leaves you wanting more (but then again, that's probably a pretty good accomplishment for any press kit).


This is a oviously a press kit relase but I don't have any more info on when, where or how they were distributed. The disc is just a normal audio CD - there's aren't and CD-Rom or DVD features on this disc (!).

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