The Mist | Ultimate Edition | Pop-up Monster Case

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Pacific Marketing & Entertainment Ltd.

» 2 Discs
» Special Digipack Case
» Slipcase

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 Disc 1

» Startup Trailers (can be skipped)
» - La Concile de pierre (The Stone Council)
» - Pride
» The Mist (colour version) (movie)


1.85:1 Anamorphic

English DD 5.1
» Thai DD 5.1

English, Thai

 Disc 2

» Trailer 1 (01m 36s)
» Trailer 2(02m 23s)
» Trailer 3 (02m 10s)
» Film Clips
» - Car Scene (52s)
» - Daddy, Don't Go! (34s)
» - There's Nothing Out There (44s)
» - Something In The Mist (43s)
» - Bugs (36s)
» Soundbites (interviews) (around 23m 40s)
» - F. Darabont on Stephen King (34s)
» - F. Darabont on Working With Steven King (17s)
» - F. Darabont on The Other Threat In Film (36s)
» - F. Darabont on What The Film Is About (14s)
» - F. Darabont on Marcia Gay Harden (41s)
» - F. Darabont on Andre Brauger (33s)
» - F. Darabont on Thomas Jane (23s)
» - F. Darabont on Working With Thomas Jane (33s)
» - S. King On Frank Darabont (01m 51s)
» - S. King on "The Mist" Original Story (01m 20s)
» - S. King on His Respons To The Film (29s)
» - S. King on The Cast (01m 18s)
» - S. King on Working With Frank Darabont (37s)
» - M. Gay Harden on The Elements of The Movie (25s)
» - M. Gay Harden: The Mist Is The Apocalypse (21s)
» - M. Gay Harden on The Psychology of Her Character (16s)
» - M. Gay Harden on Her Character's Devotion (32s)
» - M. Gay Harden on Working With Frank (09s)
» - T. Jane on Why Stephen King is a Master Storyteller (14s)
» - T. Jane on Working With Frank (12s)
» - T. Jane on Why Frank is a Great Director (19s)
» - A. Brauger on The Story of The Mist (12s)
» - A. Brauger on What The Mist Mean (18s)
» - A. Brauger on The Challange On This Movie (16s)
» - A. Brauger on The Writing (34s)
» - A. Brauger on his Experience Working With Frank (25s)
» - L. Holden on Stephen King's Instinct of What Scares Us (18s)
» - L. Holden on The Film as a Morality Tail (16s)
» - L. Holden on The Characters (38s)
» - L. Holden on Her Characters Amazing Strength (35s)
» - N. Gamble on How Excited he Was To Get The Part (10s)
» - N. Gamble on Learning From The Other Actors (28s)
» - N. Gamble on Reacting To The Mist (10s)
» - N. Gamble on Working With Frank (12s)
» - A. Garduno on How Stephen King Captures That Small Town Feeling (26s)
» - A. Garduno on Frank (10s)
» - A. Garduno: More on Frank (24s)
» - A. Garduno on Marcia Gay Harden (20s)
» - D. Huth on Stephen Kings Characters (23s)
» - D. Huth on Frank's Focus on Story (26s)
» - A Conversation With Stephen King and Frank Darabont (04m 29s)
» B-roll (08m 26s)


Thai (optional)

 Movie Details

Original Title
The Mist


Frank Darabont

Thomas Jane, Marcia Gay Harden, Laurie Holden, Andre Braugher, Toby Jones, William Sadler, Jeffrey DeMunn, Frances Sternhagen, Nathan Gamble, Alexa Davalos, Chris Owen, Sam Witwer, Robert C. Treveiler, David Jensen, Melissa Suzanne McBride


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 Discjunkie's Comments

Packaging / Design

Now here's something you don't see every day. And old fashioned pop-up monster style digipack. The digipack is made from very thick cardboard while the slipcase is surprisingly thin (more like the cheapest kind of slipcases that you usually find on rather uninteresting keepcase releases).

The pop-up monster is a wonderful idea and works pretty well even if the arms can get cought on eachother from time to time.

The artwork feels utterly superb and in my opinion this is definitily the coolest packaging done for this film so far.

I could've gone for an 8 on this one but the thin slipcase feels a bit to cheap to justify such a high score. Still a very cool case though.

Disc contents / Extras

The extras feels rather slim for something labeled as an "ultimate edition". The film clips listed on disc 2 are just that. Just film clips. I'm not talking deleted or alternate scenes, they're just short segments taken directly from the film and have little or no value if you ask me.

Moving on, the soundbite interviews are kind of interesting but there is no way to select a specific interview as this thing will only play from the start and the only way to move around is by clicking next on your remote (but if you do that, you can't click back to see the previous clip, and will be forced to go back via the menu button and replay everything if you want to see an earlier clip once more).

Finally the B-roll footage. This is always a nice bonus but quite short on this release. And apart from the inclusion of a few short trailers, this is pretty much all we get.

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Posted 2011-05-30 (17:27)

Thanks Jyri, I already got it actually, just hasn't been published in the database yet :)

Jyri | Location: Espoo, Finland Posted 2011-05-30 (12:41)

For a better release in a cool packaging I'd say the German 3-disc Collector's Edition from 08/2008 (titled Der Nebel) is the release to go for. A lovely 3-disc digipak in a sturdy cardboard box (with a window tho). Theatrical cut + director's cut + much better extras + goodies in the box.

2 comments in total.

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