Clockwork Orange | Special Edition Dvd Box Set | Limited Edition

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United Kingdom

7321900142366 (cardboard box)
» 7321900173674 (dvd snapcase)

Warner Bros Home Entertainment

» 1 Disc
» Snapcase
» Illustrated Screenplay Book
» Large Cardboard Box

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 Disc 1

» A Clockwork Orange (movie)
» Theatrical Trailer
» Awards List (text)


1.66:1 Non-Anamorphic

English DD 5.1
» English DD 1.0 mono

English, English HoH

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Original Title
A Clockwork Orange

Alternate Title
Clockwork Orange


Stanley Kubrick


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Packaging / Design

Oh I just love a big box! God, how I love em'! This particular box has been OOP for a long time. I'm not sure about where it was originally sold but as you wont be able to get it there anyway, it doesn't really matter (well, maybe it does but I just don't know so fuck off! It's not like I get paid for doing this). This set comes with a surpringly heave screenplay book featuring still frames from the entire movie, combined with the dialogue and such. It's a very nice addition to the set but the extreme weight of it does tend to make the outer box into something of a dodgy subject.

If you want to keep it on display, the weight of the book might proove as a problem if you want to keep it on a stand but it's not too big of deal so I'll let it slide. But I will however comment that the box would have benefitted from being a bit more sturdy and thick, as it could get damaged over the years, just because of the heavy contents (the corners we're starting to come apart on mine, most likely due to a rough transit but it should be mentioned either way).

But the overall design is just great. The size of the set is just kick-ass and the clockwork-logo is made from an orange foil, giving it quite a unique look (as far as foil colours go). So if you love a big box, go out there and hunt for this sucker!

Disc contents / Extras

Acording to the back of the big box this set includes the uncut REMASTERED version of the film as well as the original mono and a DD 5.1 track. This seems a bit odd as these specs only aply to the original R2UK release (the remastered re-relase doesn't feature the original mono track!). However, I was under the impression that the original R2UK release wasn't remastered, which is why I first thaught this disc to be swapped.

But if you look at the back cover, the preview of the dvd-case is a snapper case (just like the original) and looks exactly like the cover featured inside. So I guess this is the correct one after all. But that would meen that all original R2UK releases are in fact re-mastered (picture wise), even if this is not mentioned or the cover (???). In either case, all the disc specs seem identical to the original release and I no longer believe the dvd to be swapped as it matches the preview image (note that the re-released edition features a cover alteration that shows a blue bar on the top of the cover, reading "Stanley Kubrick Collection / Digitally Restored And Remastered").

So, moving along, if we continue to assume this is the right dvd, how good is it on the inside?

Well to be honest, there's really nothing here to rate. The picture and audio quailty is supposedly just as good (or bad) as any of the other regions out there, but the extras sadly follow exactly the same pattern. And so, all we get is a trailer and some pointless awards list notes.


The cardboard box barcode is 7321900142366 and the snapcase barcode is 7321900173674. The snapcase appears to be the same as the one originally released on it's own.

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