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» 2 Discs
» Keepcase
» Red Dragon Book
» National Tattler Newspaper Replica
» Rub-on Tattoo
» Plastic Pen Holder with 35mm Film Cell
» Production Booklet
» Slipcase Box

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 Disc 1

» Red Dragon (movie)
» Audio Commentary by director Brett Ratner and writer Ted Tally
» Audio Commentary by composer Danny Elfman
» Welcome to Universal Studios Japan (Theme Park Trailer)
» Dvd-Rom Contents


2.35:1 Anamorphic

English DTS 5.1
» English DD 5.1
» Japanese DD 5.1

English, Japanese, Korean

 Disc 2

» The Making of Red Dragon (14m 19s)
» Anthony Hopkins: Lector and I (04m 26s)
» The Burning Wheelchair (04m 02s)
» Visual Effects (04m 26s)
» Storyboard Comparisons (08m 40s total)
» - Scene 6 (02m 14s)
» - Scene 153 (02m 24s)
» - Scenes 154-157 (01m 18s)
» - Scenes 167-169 (02m 45s)
» Brett Ratner's Video Diary (aka a director's journey: the making of...) (39m 26s)
» Screen and Film Tests (11m 44s)
» Makeup Application (46s)
» FBI Profile: Inside The Mind of a Serial Killer (08m 17s)
» The Leed's House Crime Scene (03m 38s)
» 7 Deleted Scenes (w. optional commentary)
» - Will Looks at Sleeping Josh (39s)
» - Chilton and Graham Walking Down the Hall (38s)
» - The Cat Grave (42s)
» - Will Talks to Josh About Lecter (01m 04s)
» - Lecter Watches the Leeds' Video (40s)
» - Josh Gets the S'Mores Ingredients (38s)
» - Lounds Reads Letter into Tape Recorder (01m 03s)
» 4 Alternate Scenes (w. optional commentary)
» - Breaking the Code (Without Reading Message Out Loud) (01m 02s)
» - FBI Listens to Tape (No Screaming) (01m 03s)
» - Flaming Wheelchair (23s)
» - Attic Scene in Dragon Voice (02m 03s)
» 3 Extended Scenes (w. optional commentary)
» - Graham Investigates the Leeds' Bedroom (01m 02s)
» - Graham Has a Vision in the Tree (31s)
» - Janitor Finds Note in Lecter's Cell (51s)
» Brett Ratner's Untitled Student Film (03m 37s)
» Trailers
» - Red Dragon Theatrical Trailer
» - Red Dragon Teaser
» - The Hulk (2003) Teaser
» DVD-Rom Contents


Japanese, English, Spanish, Portuguese, Indonesian, Chinese, Thai, Korean

 Movie Details

Original Title
Red Dragon


Brett Ratner

Anthony Hopkins, Edward Norton, Ralph Fiennes, Harvey Keitel, Emily Watson, Mary-Louise Parker, Philip Seymour Hoffman, Anthony Heald, Ken Leung, Frankie Faison, Tyler Patrick Jones, Lalo Schifrin, Tim Wheater, John Rubinstein, David Doty


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Packaging / Design

Out of all the releases done for this film so far, this is by far the most luxurious. The outer cardboard box is super sturdy and comes with a matte finnish and some glossy detailing for the logo and such.

Inside you get a whole bunch of cool goodies. The rub-on tattoo is a nice touch (though I havn't actually tried this, and I doubt to many collector's actually will). The Red Dragon book (not the booklet) is a really nice hard cover book with a lot of cool details (there are some japanese sidenotes in here as well but it's still really well made and fun to look at ever if you don't know the language).

The national tattler replica is kind of neat even though it's a lot smaller than the real thing. There are several reproduced pages (all of them can be seen in the photos) but there's nothing to keep them together (no staples). The paper quality feels very newspaper-ish and comes of as a pretty good choice for that genuine feel and texture.

The DVDs are presented in your regular keepcase and this is just the same as the so called "premium edition", which is available separately as well. A small production booklet is also included but it's mainly in japanese.

Last but not least we come to the plexiglas pen holder. This feels slightly odd but certainly has quite a nice feel to it. It's packaged within it's own black cardboard case - quite a cheap construct but better than nothing at all. The little film frame sits beneath a small removable square, so if you'd like you can take it (and/or replace it with something else if you'd prefer).

Disc contents / Extras

This release comes with 2 discs and is pretty much the same as all the other 2 disc edition out on the market. There's nothing here to make this release stand out above the rest but if you're gonna go for a different region, make sure that you pick up a copy with a DTS-track, cause this is probably the only thing that might elevate this release over a few others (but it's certainly not the only one to carry it).

Menus are easy to navigate but the extras have differing titles in the menus from what they have in the "on screen titles" (so to speak). All in all: a pretty decent special edition but the real value here is in the packaging and not so much in the discs.

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