Minority Report | Promotional Attaché Case | FYC Golden Globe Awards Edition

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» America

» None

» Twentieth Century Fox / Dreamworks

» 1 Disc (dvd)
» Aluminum Tin Case
» Aluminum Attaché Case
» Keys
» Notebook

» Unknown amount (see sidenotes)

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» Yes

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» Yes

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» Various sources (see sidenotes)

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» Minority Report (movie)


» 2.40:1 Anamorphic

» English DD 5.1

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Original Title
» Minority Report

» 2002

» Steven Spielberg

» Tom Cruise, Max von Sydow, Steve Harris, Neal McDonough, Patrick Kilpatrick, Jessica Capshaw, Richard Coca, Keith Campbell, Kirk B.R. Woller, Klea Scott, Frank Grillo, Anna Maria Horsford, Sarah Simmons, Eugene Osment, James Henderson, Colin Farrell, Samantha Morton, Daniel London, Lois Smith, Peter Stormare, Tim Blake Nelson, Jessica Harper, Jason Antoon

» http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0181689/

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Packaging / Design

Going through the quality of the packaging feels close to pointless as any collector out there is probably searching for this set based purely on the rarity factor. But if one looks past the limitation glory and prestige of owning such an unusual set, how cool is the grail of grails in real life?...

Well, to be honest, this set is definetly right up there with the best but it does have a couple of minor downs as well (HA, like anyone cares about them!).

First off, the rarest of the rare, the big mama, the one and only - the limited edition attaché case. Now this is quite a fine looking case, but once you get into excamining the details of the inside it's not as high quality as you might hope.

The attaché case measures 34 x 25 x 5.5 cm and the exterior is presented with a thin but well made aluminum design. The logo on the front looks great and everything feels really cool even though the handle is made of plastic and the bottom of the case has no "feet" - meaning that it tips over very easily due to the small hinges that poke out beneath, which stops it from having a flat base to sit on (are you with me?).

For short: if you carry the case around you can't just set it down on the floor as you would a normal case because it will probably fall over. But, putting it on display with a wall behind it is obviously not a problem.

The case comes with a couple of very simple locks. There's aren't any actual keyholes for the keys but rather just a small pair of screwable buttons that fit together with the keys (but you can just as easily turn these without a key so it's quite a simple design).

Getting to inside of the case we are presented with a foam-padded lining glued quite cruedly to the roof and floor (so to speak) of the interior. All the sides have no real lining which makes it look a bit cheap (there's a surprisingly large amount of glue residue as well).

Secondly, I turn my attention to the round PreCrime tin case housing the actual dvd and this thing is just priceless.

Made from Billet Aluminum, this twist-off style canister weighs in at about 1 kilo (!). You can tell that this thing is not your regular mass production case just looking at the details of it. The top of the case comes with the fashionable PreCrime logo seen in the film (combined with the words "Minority Report" printed dead center).

The inside is also very well made and the special screening copy disc is well protected from any damage or scratching as it sits mounted on a small clip in the middle.

Opening the case is probably one of the coolest aspects. You just grab it and twist top and bottom in oposite directions. That's it, the thing comes apart like a futuristic miniture bunker! This is industrial sci-fi design at it's best! There's just one problem with this thing - It makes all your other "tin cases" look like cheap-ass asian bootlegs, and you'll never get quite the same rush from a new case as you get from finding this thing in your mailbox.

And third, there's also a small notebook included with the set. I always imagined this to be a book with notes or info of some kind but it's actually just a notebook for writing, featuring a PreCrime style watermark on each page.

So where's my final verdict? Well, Just looking at the attaché case I would probably rate this as an 8 or 9 but together with the supercool round tin case I can't give it anything less than a perfect 10, dispite the kinda cheap attaché case interior.

In the end this is just clever and well done design at it's best, and it's a shame that the same thought and quality is not always put into the making of your "regular" releases.

Disc contents / Extras

The DVD in this set is just as unusual as the case itself. The disc is labeled as a "Special Screening Copy", which is exactly what you think it is. Specially made for members of the HFPA (Hollywood Foreign Press Association), who judge the Golden Globe Awards, and sent out so that they could see the entire film before making their judgements.

And with this said, it should come as no surprise to a hardcore dvd-fanatic that the contents of the disc are quite slim. The disc automatically starts with the movie playing after a couple of disclaimers. There's no menu system or subtitles but regular chapter stops are still included.

Furthermore; I have studied the film a bit here and there to see if there's any differences to this version and the regular dvd-version (being as there we're a few last minute changes according to iMDB) but as far as I can tell this version is exactly the same as the one found on the regular dvd release of this film.


This release is commonly referred to as the "aluminum tech case" edition. The set is RUMORED to excist in only 20 copies but I've actually gotten info that it was most likely produced in around the same numbers as the Dark Knight attaché case (which was 93 copies).

The case was sent out exclusively to members of the HFPA (Hollywood Foreign Press Association), who judge the Golden Globes. It was never distributed through any other channels (meaning that it's not item you could ever get in a shop, but rather a highly unusual promo ONLY type set) .

So yeah, the attaché case is quite a rare find but the round tin case is actually featured in another set as well and appears to be limited to around 1200 copies. The other set with the round tin case is a limited edition press kit and you'll find more info on that here.

There is however, still a key difference between the two tin sets. The one within the attaché case comes with a special screening copy dvd featuring the entire film (this is a typical "For Your Consideration" disc with nothing but the movie on it), while the limited edition press kit includes two CD-rom discs with promotional material instead (and was more of a give away for media and press people to help promote the films theatrical release).

The screening dvd also appears to have been available in a standard keepcase at some point, as you can see in this much more normal FYC style release.

As mentioned in the contents listed above, this set is also supposed to include a small notebook and keys for the briefcase. However, as this an incredibly rare set, finding a complete set has proven to be something little less of a crusade for the holy grail. With this in mind, I've chosen to look for the contents through different sources and I am yet to find the notebook which is why it's not pictured.

Furthermore; german memorabelia collector Andreas Piel was one of the first to report on this highly collectable set. His edition includes all the goodies mentioned above (including the notebook) so if you want to see pictures of this you can visit Andreas homepage through the links below.

http://www.thx-trailer.com (Andreas Piel's homepage)
http://www.thx-trailer.com/Sonstiges/minority.htm (Andreas Piel's academy Awards' Minority Report set)

The round tin case was constructed from billet aluminum and and manufactured by company called MKTi. You can read a bit more about the case and the project itself at MKTi's official homepage.


There's a small engraving on the case that reads "©TCF & DW". TCF is obviously short for Twentieth Century Fox and DW is most likely short for Dreamworks, so there's the distributors for you.

The case is branded with "TZ" on the locks, which would make it an attaché manufactured by T.Z. Case International. When I contacted TZ they didn't believe to be a custom case produced by them entirely - meaning that even if they do make custom cases, they didn't belive that the MR-logo had been done by them as a custom job, so it was most likely placed there by the studio (so they basically bought a bunch of blank cases and added the logo to it).

And finally, I'd just like to give a little shout out to my man Paul who sold me the attaché case and the limited tin case. Thanks man, you've really made me a very happy (and bankrupt) collector ;)

For more info about what I had to go through to get this set, and the odd tale of how I restored the locks to their original working condition, check out this video.

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Steve | Location: London Posted 2009-03-16 (13:47)

nice set, if there are only 20 and you have one then you have some pretty good connections.

Posted 2008-12-26 (22:23)


kinky queen Posted 2008-12-22 (12:34)

Yep Paul does a truly frightening dance in his undies

Posted 2008-12-22 (11:59)

Kinky: Thank you for welcoming me into the club :) Now are there any secret gatherings that I should know of... like a ceremonial reading of the original screenplay followed by suggestive dancing and such? ;)

kinky queen Posted 2008-12-21 (09:43)

Cheers again mate, and welcome to the very limited club of MR Aluminum Attach? Case owners

(There's only 4 of us that i know of)

Posted 2008-06-26 (21:05)

AAAH! Ja s? ?r det s?kert. Tack f?r tipset, Tomas. :)

Tomas | Location: Blackeberg Posted 2008-06-26 (19:52)

St?r inte DW f?r DreamWorks?

Polsnulspace Posted 2008-06-24 (20:06)

My pleasure mate!!


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