Für Den Unbekannten Hund | Steelbook (Autobahn #7)

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» Germany

» 886970401197

» Autobahn / Senator

» 2 Discs
» Steelbook

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» No

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» Yes

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» www.amazon.de

 Disc 1

» Startup Trailers (in german) (can be skipped)
» - Chasing Ghosts
» - Hunting Party
» Für Den Unbekannten Hund (movie)
» Audio Commentary by directors Benjamin Reding and Dominik Reding
» Theatrical Trailer
» Bonus Trailers (in german)
» - Hunting Party
» - Chasing Ghosts
» - Right At Your Door
» - Brick

» DVD, R2, PAL

» 1.85:1 Anamorphic

» German DD 5.1
» German DTS 5.1

» None (!)

 Disc 2

» Making of (w. optional commentary) (35m 12s)
» Casting (auditions)
» - Sascha Reimann (04m 03s)
» - Lukas Steltner (02m 27s)
» - Sascha + Lukas (03m 36s)
» - Zarah Löventhal (03m 03s)
» - Gunnar Melchers (02m 31s)
» - Florian Jäger (01m 26s)
» Deleted Scenes / Outtakes
» - Nadine baut um (53s)
» - Krach mit Bastian (01m 01s)
» - Monolog eines tankwarts (01m 14s)
» - Monolog eines tankwarts, schluss - variante (31s)
» - Bastian betrunken (01m 06s)
» Storyboards
» Production Sketch / Movie Stills Comparison (02m 32s)
» Interviews
» - Benjamin + Dominik Reding (05m 30s)
» - Lukas Steltner (02m 11s)
» - Sascha Reimann (04m 05s)
» - Zarah Löventhal (02m 14s)
» Still Galleries
» - The Movie (01m 57s)
» - The Making of (02m 21s)

» DVD, R2, PAL

» None (!)

 Movie Details

Original Title
» Für Den Unbekannten Hund

» 2007

» Ben Reding, Dominik Reding

» Lukas Steltner, Ferris M.C., Zarah Löwenthal, Gerrit Arndt, Puja Behboud, Nikolaus Benda, Marc Boehle, Sebastian Ernst, Josef Heynert, Klaus Schreiber

» http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0475278/

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 Discjunkie's Comments

Packaging / Design

Certainly not Autobahn's best looking steelbook design but still an okay choice even though it doesn't really make to much use of the metal (so to speak).

Disc contents / Extras

With the film being a german film I probably don't have to mention that all the extras are in german and that the release is total nightmare for anyone who doesn't speak the language (due to the lack of subtitles).

But if you do speak german the extras seem to be pretty decent and so far I'm guessing this is pretty much the best release out there.

Having said that I think the people who made this release are idiots for not including english subtitles (especially since they have done so on 5 out of 6 releases in the past).

But hey, that's just me. Party über alles for the rest of you, I guess.

 Visitors Comments

Posted 2008-07-23 (20:45)

Mmmm... guess you're right, still bugs me though ;)

Tyler | Location: Germany Posted 2008-07-23 (19:00)

It makes sense.
As already mentioned there are usually no english subtitles on german releases that do not feature an english language track!
There are not even a handful of exceptions that I know of.
It doesn't make any sense to release a French language film with English subtitles in Germany, German subtitles are the logical choice, french subtitles would have been nice though.
Autobahn is one the smallest German independent labels as a sort of hobby branch of the Senator Films CEO and doesn't really sell a lot of releases (though they are all made pretty well for a small label with a more independent catalogue). I bet they aren't selling many DVDs to international collectors so buying or producing an extra subtitle track in English for a market that usually does not demand English subtitles is - economically seen - unneccessary.

Posted 2008-07-20 (17:44)

I hear what you're saying... but... Americans are usually rather indifferent as to the inclusion of english subtitles as it's their native language (just as Germans problably don't care as much about german subtitles on german films). So, why go the extra length and include english subtitles on all their previous releases (all english films), but suddenly switch once they start releasing foreign films?

Okay, okay, so the fact that english subtitles were not included for THIS film I can understand (being a german film), but they also choose to go without english subtitles on the sixth steelbook, which was a FRENCH film.

So I mean... sure, maybe they don't feel that Americans would be interested in a german film... but would they also assume the same for a french one? I don't know, it just seems like an odd choice to me.

Tyler | Location: Germany Posted 2008-07-20 (11:32)

No wonder that english subtitles are missing. This is a German release of a GERMAN film, designed for the German market!
So no use for foreign subtitles. I understand that you are angry about this decision, but so far Autobahn releases like Hard Candy or Brick were films with English as original language. Hence the inclusion of english subtitles.

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