The Texas Chainsaw Massacre | New Line Platinum Series

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New Line

» 2 Discs
» Removable Metal Plaque Cover
» Evidence Folder with 8 Photos
» Vertical Digipack
» Slipcase

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 Disc 1

» The Texas Chainsaw Massacre (movie)
» Audio Commentary on the production by director Marcus Nispel, producer Michael Bay, executive producers Andrew Porm and Brad Fuller and New Line co-chairman Robert Shaye
» Audio Commentary on Technical aspects by director Marcus Nispel, cinematographer Daniel Pearl, production designer Greg Blair, art director Scott Gallagher, sound editor Trevor Jolly and composer Steve Jabinsky
» Audio Commentary on the story by director Marcus Nispel, producer Michael Bay, executive producers Andrew Porm & Brad Fuller, screenwriter Scott Kosar and actors Jessica Biel, Erica Leerhsen, Eric Salfour, Jonathan Tucker, Mike Vogel & Andrew Bryniarski


1.85:1 Anamorphic

English DTS ES 6.1 Discrete
» English DD 5.1 EX
» English DD 2.0 Surround

English, Spanish

 Disc 2

» Severed Parts: Deleted Scenes
» - Severed Parts documentary (16m 41s)
» - Alternate Opening - Asylum (01m 25s)
» - Alternate Suicide (01m)
» - Erin's News (01m 16s)
» - More Erin and Kemper (01m 33s)
» - Jedidiah's Drawings (01m 25s)
» - Alternate Morgan Death (32s)
» - Alternate Ending - Asylum (02m 20s)
» 3 Screen Tests
» - Jessical Biel (03m 24s)
» - Eric Balfour (03m 05s)
» - Erica Leerhson (46s)
» Chainsaw Redux: Making a Massacre (documentary) (01h 16m 04s)
» Still Galleries
» - Production Concept Art by Scott Gallagher (10 stills)
» - Leather Face Concept Art by Scott Stoddard (14 stills)
» Ed Gain: The Ghoul of Plainville (documentary) (24m 15s)
» Publicity & Promotion
» - Teaser Trailer
» - Theatrical Trailer
» - 7 TV spots (03m 38s)
» - Suffocate (music video by Motogrator)
» Bonus Trailers
» - Highway Men
» - Willard
» - The Butterfly Effect
» - Ripley's Game
» DVD-Rom Contents
» - Web links
» - Script-to-Screen viewer
» - Storyboard viewer
» - Printable version of the screenplay


 Movie Details

Original Title
The Texas Chainsaw Massacre


Marcus Nispel

Jessica Biel, Jonathan Tucker, Erica Leerhsen, Mike Vogel, Eric Balfour, Andrew Bryniarski, R. Lee Ermey, David Dorfman, Lauren German, Terrence Evans, Marietta Marich, Heather Kafka, Kathy Lamkin, Brad Leland, Mamie Meek


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 Discjunkie's Comments

Packaging / Design

Now here's something you don't see every day. A removable... metal... face... plaque? Yeah, you said it - "What the fuck are you talking about?"

Wrapped together with this seemingly avarage digipack is a reproduction of the front cover on a embossed glossy style metal plate. And there's no glue or anything to attach it, it just... there.

I have no idea why they included this but it's quite a nice plaque even though I can't figure out where to put it.

Next up is the slipcase and this is pretty decent. It's got some nice detailing and some very slight embossing here and there. A bit of a technical flaw would be that this is a vertical slip case with the hole in the bottom. This is a common design for your regular keepcase but as the included digipack is much heavier than a keepcase (and the slipcase is surprisingly large) it's very easy to take it out of the shelf and accidently drop all the contents in the process.

What's an even bigger surprise is that the digipack is vertical as well (!). This looks very nice once you lay it all out and see the lengthy chainsaw artwork printed all over the background... but it makes for a ridiculously long foldout considdering that it's only made for 2 discs and this can be a little annoying as you need a big surface to fold it all out.

Last but not least there a sealed envelope of crime scene photos, which I think are a really good idea and quite well made as well. Each photo also has an individual back cover evidence card which is filled out with hand scribbled notes about the image.

The only sad part is that you have to cut open the seal in order to access the envelope (I tried to peal it off instead but the tape is quite sticky and easily rips of a piece of the fabric if you choose to open it in this fashion).

Disc contents / Extras

The discs are pretty much the same as most other 2 disc editions but it does include an exclusive 6.1 DTS ES track, which I guess is pretty sweet. Furthermore, the extras are quite lengthy and well made, spanning over a lot of interesting aspects.

There are a couple of photos galleries that only seem to be available on this release and the R2SE but apart from this you've probably seen it all before if you allready own another 2 disc release.

The only edition to include additional exclusive featurettes not found on this edition seems to be the german premium edition, but all in all I'd say this one packs quite a punch and is quite sufficiant on it's own.

 Visitors Comments

Jonathan Posted 2009-09-19 (19:50)

I have this release too, but the crime scene photos a bit different. I don't have that torso skeleton or the shoe. Instead thee's a pair of glasses, Teeths with braces. Some scratc marks on the wall and then there's an eye lid. The other photos are the same.

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