Last Supper | Limited Edition Tin Case

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» Sweden

» Scanbox

» 7350023530040

» 1 Disc
» 40-page Booklet
» Tin Case

» 2000 copies

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» No

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» Yes

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 Disc 1

» Last Supper (movie)
» - English Version
» - Swedish Version
» Extra Material
» - Brian Price, Huntsville, Texas (01m 48s)
» - Cookie Diokno, Manila, Philippines (05m 37s)
» - Kirigumi Wanjuki, former hangman, Kenya (01m 59s)
» - Tamara Chikunova & Dilobar Khudoberganova, Mothers against death penalty, Tashkent, Uzbekistan (optional english subs) (01m 34s)
» - Jim Willet, former warden, Huntsville State Prison, Texas (06m 54s)

» DVD, R0, PAL

» 1.78:1 Anamorphic

» English DD 2.0 stereo

» English, Swedish (see disc comments)

 Movie Details

Original Title
» Sista Måltiden

Alternate Title
» Last Supper

» 2004

» Lars Bergström, Mats Bigert

» Brian Price, James Beathard


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 Discjunkie's Comments

Packaging / Design

Okay, if you're a major fan of clever tin case designs this is one of those things that will just blow your mind. I mean, a documentary about the prisons' last supper rituals packaged in a tin case shaped like an empty lunch tray? I mean seriously, you can't be a packaging addict and not drop to your knees for an idea like this.

The tin itself is quite well made and the "embossing" (the lunch tray shapes) is way deeper than that of your normal steelbook or metalpak.

In fact, a lot of sites actually describe this as a steelbook but it's actually nothing of the kind (except possible in terms of the dimensions). Furthermore: the tin has no inner plastic like a metalpak so there's really not much likeness there either.

The only real downside of this case would be the disc suspension as this sits on a simple plastic hub glued to one of the inner walls. This wouldn't be to much of a problem if the disc had been alone in there but with the 40-page booklet (which looks great btw) shifting in transit it's quite possible for the disc to come loose and scratch against the metal wall.

Disc contents / Extras

This disc comes without an actual subtitle track but is still very english/swedish friendly. We're presented with two versions of the film - one english and one swedish but the audio track always stays the same.

Okay, so what does this actually mean? Well, first off: There's a lot of on screen captions (stated facts, trivia and other info) which are part of the original film and these are presented in either english or swedish depending on which version you choose to watch. Swedish and english subtitles are also provided as needed but these are also "part of the film" so you can't choose to watch it entirely without subtitles (the swedish version has swedish subtitles for everything but swedish audio parts, while the english version has subtitles only for the non english parts).

All but one of the extras are in english and the one that isn't comes with optional english subtitles.

Being as this is such an interesting piece of film I would have loved to see some kind of participation from the creators when it comes to the bonus material but we're only presented with a variaty of unused material that never made it into the final cut of the film.

I'd give this a big plus for actually be bilingual even though it's a very small release, and the extras are also a well welcomed addition even if it feels like one would have loved to know more about the actual production.


This disc is also available in a standard keepcase with identical features. Furthermore; this documentary doesn't appear to be available in any other country at this point.

The info reguarding the 2000 copies limit came from the directors themselves.

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Martin Posted 2010-04-06 (20:48)

Looks like a great documentary, and I really want to have it in my collection. Unfortunately-- not available here in Norway. Damn-- so close! :) I saw they had it on tho-- but not @ crap, hah'. Great vids you're posting. Keep it up. - Martin.

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