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» Sweden

» 7321939231949

» Sandrews

» 2 Discs
» Digipack
» Slipcase

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» Yes

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» Yes

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 Disc 1

» The Texas Chainsaw Massacre (movie)
» Audio Commentary on the production by director Marcus Nispel, producer Michael Bay, executive producers Andrew Porm and Brad Fuller and New Line co-chairman Robert Shaye
» Audio Commentary on Technical aspects by director Marcus Nispel, cinematographer Daniel Pearl, production designer Greg Blair, art director Scott Gallagher, sound editor Trevor Jolly and composer Steve Jabinsky
» Audio Commentary on the story by director Marcus Nispel, producer Michael Bay, executive producers Andrew Porm & Brad Fuller, screenwriter Scott Kosar and actors Jessica Biel, Erica Leerhsen, Eric Salfour, Jonathan Tucker, Mike Vogel & Andrew Bryniarski

» DVD, R2, PAL

» 1.85:1 Anamorphic

» English DD 5.1
» English DTS 5.1

» Swedish, Danish, Finnish, Norwegian (optional)

 Disc 2

» Leather Face Concept Art by Scott Stoddard (14 stills)
» Alternate Opening & Closing
» - Alternate Opening - Asylum (01m 24s)
» - Alternate Closing - Asylum (02m 19s)
» Texas Chainsaw Massacre Redux (documentary) (01h 16m 07s)
» Ed Gain: The Ghoul of Plainville (documentary) (24m 15s)
» Deleted Scenes
» - Alternate Suicide (01m)
» - Erin's News (01m 16s)
» - More Erin and Kemper (01m 33s)
» - Jedidiah's Drawings (01m 24s)
» - Alternate Morgan Death (32s)
» Severed Parts (documentary) (16m 40s)
» Theatrical Trailer
» 3 Screen Tests
» - Jessical Biel (03m 23s)
» - Eric Balfour (03m 05s)
» - Erica Leerhson (46s)
» Production Concept Art by Scott Gallagher (10 stills)
» Suffocate (music video by Motogrator)
» 7 TV spots (03m 38s)

» DVD, R2, PAL

» None

 Movie Details

Original Title
» The Texas Chainsaw Massacre

» 2003

» Marcus Nispel

» Jessica Biel, Jonathan Tucker, Erica Leerhsen, Mike Vogel, Eric Balfour, Andrew Bryniarski, R. Lee Ermey, David Dorfman, Lauren German, Terrence Evans, Marietta Marich, Heather Kafka, Kathy Lamkin, Brad Leland, Mamie Meek


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Packaging / Design

This release is presented in a digipack and slipcase done with a matte finnish and some light embossing for the slipcase front cover. All in all a pretty nice design even though the coverart isn't very exclusive.

Disc contents / Extras

This release comes with pretty much exactly the same features as the R1 New Line Platinum release. The only real difference (apart from audio and subtitles) seems to be a missing teaser trailer (that appears on the R1 release).

Extras are all well made and quite lengthy. The only edition to include additional exclusive featurettes not found on this edition seems to be the german premium edition, but all in all I'd say this one packs quite a punch and is quite sufficiant on it's own.

A true fan might pick up additional releases but I'm guessing that's mostly for packaging reasons.


This digipack now appears to have gone out of print and there doesn't seem to be a second pressing to replace it. There's now a single disc keepcase release but this seems to be about it as far as re-issues are concerned (referring only to the Swedish market of course).

The packaging incorrectly states the aspect ratio as 2.35:1.

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