The Prodigy: Their Law (The Singles 1990-2005) | Limited Edition Box Set

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Kang & Music

» 2 CDs
» 1 DVD
» 2 Jewelcases
» 52 page Book
» Slipcase

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 Disc 1

» 01. Firestarter (04m 40s)
» 02. Their Law (05 Edit) (05m 36s)
» 03. Breathe (05m 34s)
» 04. Out Of Space (05m)
» 05. Smack My Bitch Up (05m 42s)
» 06. Poison (95 EQ) (03m 59s)
» 07. Girls (04m 10s)
» 08. Voodoo People (05 Edit) (03m 40s)
» 09. Charly (Alley Cat Remix) (05m 23s)
» 10. No Good (Start The Dance) (06m 18s)
» 11. Spitfire (05 Edit) (03m 24s)
» 12. Jericho (03m 45s)
» 13. Everybody In The Place (Fairground Remix) (05m 07s)
» 14. One Love (05m 23s)
» 15. Hotride (04m 32s)

CD, Audio

 Disc 2

» 01. Razor (04m)
» 02. Back 2 Skool (05m 02s)
» 03. Voodoo People (Pendulum Remix) (05m 07s)
» 04. Under My Wheels (Remix) (03m 14s)
» 05. No Man Army (04m 10s)
» 06. Molotov Bitch (04m 54s)
» 07. Voodoo Beats (03m 54s)
» 08. Out Of Space (Audio Bullys Remix) (04m 56s)
» 09. The Way It Is (Live Remix) (04m 16s)
» 10. We Are The Ruffest (05m 18s)
» 11. Your Love (06m 02s)
» 12. Spitfire (Live) (04m 11s)
» 13. Their Law (Live) (05m 31s)
» 14. Breathe (Live) (06m 39s)
» 15. Serial Thrilla (Live) (05m 15s)
» 16. Firestarter (Live) (05m 21s)

CD, Audio

 Disc 3

» Live At Brixton Acadamy 1997 (49m 31s)
» - Smack My Bitch Up (06m 25s)
» - Voodoo People (02m 41s)
» - Voodoo Beats (04m 03s)
» - Their Law (05m 15s)
» - Funky Shit (04m 59s)
» - Breathe (05m 56s)
» - Serial Thrilla (05m 38s)
» - Mindfields (05m 34s)
» - Fuel My Fire (03m 27s)
» - Firestarter (05m 29s)
» Videos
» - Firestarter (03m 47s)
» - Poison (03m 56s)
» - No Good (Start The Dance) (03m 57s)
» - Breathe (03m 58s)
» - Out Of Space (03m 42s)
» - Smack My Bitch Up (04m 34s)
» - Charly (03m 38s)
» - Spitfire (03m 23s)
» - Voodoo People (05m 08s)
» - Girls (03m 49s)
» - Everybody In The Place (03m 50s)
» - Baby's Got A Temper (04m 25s)
» - Wind It Up (03m 29s)
» - One Love (03m 55s)
» - Voodoo People (Pendulum Remix) (03m 15s)
» Extras
» - Spitfire (Live at Pinkpop 2005) (03m 52s)
» - Their Law (Live at Red Square 1997) (05m 11s)
» - Break And Enter (Live at Glastonbury 1995) (06m 03s)
» - Firestarter (Behind The Scenes) (11m)
» - Voodoo People (Behind The Scenes) (02m 47s)
» - Out of Space (Behind The Scenes) (02m 43s) (see sidenotes)
» - Poison (Behind The Scenes) (06m 37s)
» Always Outnumbered, Never Outgunned (Demo Mix Video) (02m 17s) (easter egg)



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Their Law (The Singles 1990-2005)

The Prodigy



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 Discjunkie's Comments

Packaging / Design

Even though I like the idea of jewelcases within a combined slipcase box I must say that I expected more of the outer box. This box isn't really a box but rather a really thin slipcase.

There's some slight embossing for the "badge" on the front cover but nothing to impressive. Both the book and the slipcase are all matte while the CDs are presented in a 2 disc jewelcase and the DVD in an additional jewelcase.

In conclusion: A pretty nice box with good artwork and an attention to detail but the outer slipcase leaves a bit to be desired as far as sturdyness and overall quality is concerned.

Disc contents / Extras

From what I've been able to gather, this edition seems to be the most complete set of all the Their Law releases. There are several version available all around the world and all discs seem to be availalbe in one way or another, but rarely combined into a single set.

Granted, There is a Japanese box set which includes all three discs, but this release misses out on the booklet found in the Korean set. Likewise, the booklet is included in an Australian set but this set misses out on the DVD. (So yeah, you see what I'm getting at)

The first disc is regular audio CD featuring a bunch of classic tracks. Even though they're only listed with there original names a couple of the tracks are actually remixed versions (see tracklisting to the left and sidenotes below). Disc 2 comes with additional rarities and remixes but is also a standard audio CD.

Disc 3 is a region free DVD featuring a massive amount of footage. For starters we get an entire live performance from Brixton Acadamy, which can be played either all at once or by selecting a specific song from the menu.

There are 15 music videos including the uncut version of Smack my Bitch Up as well as several eariler works and the hihgly memorabel "Pendulum" remix video for Voodoo People.

Last but not least we are treated to a rare look behind the scenes of some classic videos (and a small easter egg featuring a rather odd video demo mix to promote the album Always Outnumbered, Never Outgunned).

All in all I think this is a really well made set and the DVD certainly ties the package together with some very memorable moments and well made features.


Go to the extras menu on the DVD (disc 3). Highlight "Break And Enter - Glastonbury 1995" and press right to highlight a hidden icon. Now press enter and you will see Always Outnumbered, Never Outgunned (Demo Mix) (02m 17s).


The behind the scenes clip for Out of Space can't be accessed using the menu system. Yes, there is a menu option to do so but it doesn't work. When you try to access this clip through the menu you're simply taken to the behind the scenes clip for Voodoo People instead.

However, if you access the DVDs root directory you can still watch the clip there (simply enter the folder "VIDEO_TS" and play the file "VTS_09_1.VOB").

Strangely, this isn't actually a behind the scenes clip for Out of Space per say, but rahter just more footage from the set of Voodoo People (but judging from the root directory, this is the file that was supposed to play before the menus got fucked up).

The tracklisting for disc 1 (on the box and on the cd) only list the tracks with their original names, even though a few of them (2, 6, 8, 9, 11 and 13) are actually alternate or remixed versions.

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