The Prodigy: Invaders Must Die | Deluxe Box Set | Limited Edition

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United Kingdom

HOSPBOX001 (Box Set - not printed)
» HOSPBOX001 (7'' sleeves for A-B C-D E-F I-J)
» 711297880113 (7'' sleeve for G-H)
» 711297880151 (Invaders Must Die sleeve)

Take Me To The Hospital

» Invaders Must Die CD/DVD (in foldout sleeve)
» Lost Beats CD (in cardboard sleeve)
» 5 Orange 7" Vinyls (in cardboard sleeves)
» 6 Stickers
» 2 Stencils
» Foldout Poster
» Cardboard Box (w. foam padding)

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 Disc 1

(Invaders Must Die CD)

» 01. Invaders Must Die (04m 55s)
» 02. Omen (03m 36s)
» 03. Thunder (04m 09s)
» 04. Colours (03m 28s)
» 05. Take Me To The Hospital (03m 40s)
» 06. Warriors Dance (05m 13s)
» 07. Run With The Wolves (04m 25s)
» 08. Omen Reprise (02m 14s)
» 09. World's On Fire (04m 50s)
» 10. Piranha (04m 05s)
» 11. Stand Up (05m 27s)

CD, Audio

 Disc 2

(Invaders Must Die DVD)

» Invaders Must Die (music video) (03m 22s)
» Omen (music video) (06m 31s)
» World's On Fire (live video) (05m 46s)
» Warriors Dance (live video) (05m 40s)
» Invaders Must Die (HD Data Session File) (03m 23s)


1.77:1 Anamorphic


 Disc 3

(Lost Beats CD)

» 01. The Big Gundown (04m 22s)
» 02. Black Smoke (03m 28s)
» 03. Wild West (04m 16s)
» 04. Fighter Beat (03m 35s)

CD, Audio

 Disc 4

» SIDE A: Invaders Must Die (04m 55s)
» SIDE B: Omen (03m 36s)

7'' Vinyl (Orange)

 Disc 5

» SIDE C: Thunder (04m 09s)
» SIDE D: Colours (03m 28s)

7'' Vinyl (Orange)

 Disc 6

» SIDE E: Take Me To The Hospital (03m 40s)
» SIDE F: Warriors Dance (05m 13s)

7'' Vinyl (Orange)

 Disc 7

» SIDE G: 01. Run With The Wolves (04m 25s)
» SIDE H: World's On Fire (04m 50s)

7'' Vinyl (Orange)

 Disc 8

» SIDE I: Piranha (04m 05s)
» SIDE J: Stand Up (05m 27s)

7'' Vinyl (Orange)

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Original Title
Invaders Must Die

The Prodigy



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 Discjunkie's Comments

Packaging / Design

Despite the attractive looking cover and overall design there are a few flaws to this release. First of all: the set I recieved had noticable wear and tear to outer box. The black colour has gotten chipped in a few places, revealing a light gray tone underneath.

And my set was brand new and sealed with new trace of the chipped of colour within so I'm guessing it's something that happened during production and could quite possibly be an issue on more copies than mine.

Secondly there's a slight problem with the foam padding cutout in the bottom of the box as this is simply to small to fit the digipack and the bonus disc sleeve. Seeing as the foampadding is quite soft it is of course possible to just cram it in there but you're looking at atleast half a centimeter worth of stretching if you try to do this (also the foam padding is not glued in or anything so you can simply lift it out if it bothers you).

As for the overall quality I think the outer box is very well made despite the damage issues. Apart from the orange logo and arrows on the sides everything is just matte black.

Inside we're presented with 5 glossy cardboard sleeves housing the orange 7" vinyls. If you lay them out beside each other the front covers also form a larger image and the graphics design just feels really thaught out from start to finnish.

The stencils have pre-cut shapes but the pieces have been left in the holes anyway. Apart from this theres a foldout poster with the regular album cover as well as sheet of 6 stickers.

The CD/DVD version of the album is usually described as being a digipack but it's actually just a foldout cardboard sleeve while the bonus disc Lost Beats is held in a separate sleeve of it's own.

All in all quite a nice design with some well thaught out graphics throughout but with some minor flaws here and there.

Disc contents / Extras

This is quite a packed release and especially for anyone who appriciates a good CD/DVD/Vinyl combo. The CD/DVD edition of the album doesn't offer to much in comparison to just the CD release. The DVD includes the two videos for Invaders Must Die and Omen plus a HD version of the first one.

Lost Beats seems to be exclusive to this box set at the time but I wouldn't be surprised if it turns up somewhere else later on. Furthermore, except for Omen Reprise all the tracks on the Invaders Must Die album CD are included on the 7" vinyls.

All in all a pretty good set with the 4 bonus tracks and the vinyls but I'm still longing for more video footage and live stuff. So if you're into vinyls it's an 8 and if not it's atleast a 7.


Except for the sleeve for side G/H, all of the 7" vinyls sleeves come with the barcode "HOSPBOX001". I'm not sure why G/H has it's own barcode but I don't think it's availble on it's own.

This release is probably limited but there's no official numbering or limitation stated as far as I know.

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