Flash Gordon | Silver Anniversary Edition | Limited Steelbook

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United Kingdom


Momentum Pictures

» 1 Disc
» Steelbook
» 8-page booklet

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 Disc 1

» Flash Gordon (movie)
» Audio commentary by director Mike Hodges
» Audio commentary by actor Brian Blessed
» Theatrical Trailer
» Interview with Mike Hodges
» Photo Gallery (slideshow)
» The Purple Death (Episode 1 of Flash Gordon Conquers the Universe - 1940s TV-serial)


2.35:1 Anamorphic

English DTS 5.1
» English DD 5.1

English HoH

 Movie Details

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Original Title: Flash Gordon Conquers the Universe (1940)
Directed by: Ford Beebe, Ray Taylor

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Original Title: Flash Gordon (1980)
Directed by: Mike Hodges

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Packaging / Design

Finally! A reason to pick up a great film is the excistence of a limited case! And here it is. This steelbook was only available on the first pressing and sold out surprisingly quick. On first look I found this case to be a bit inferior. I compared it to the case I got on the Dune - Extended Edition and found that it's not the same kind of case at all (just so you know that steelbooks come in a lot of shapes). The 'Dune Case' snaps together with a very well-fitting mechanism that locks a lot more like a regular keepcase than Flash Gordon does.

My case was a bit banged up but could easily be 'bent' back to the standard shape (as apposed to the 'banana' look it had when arriving in my mailbox). The Dune case was embossed, shiny, and came with raised edges. The Gordon case is slick, matt and a lot rounder in the edges. A great plus on this case, and prosumable the only reason the metall is not really a perfect fit with the plastic, is that the enterior case is an clear amaray, and it allows you to see a nicely designed background picture (on the tin) inside the case.

Disc contents / Extras

As for the extras we get 2 feature length commentaries including one track by the director and an hysterical track by the wonderful actor Brian Blessed. There's an interview with director Mike Hodges that's done in soundbites. We never really hear or see any qeustions being asked but we rather get a black screen displaying the topic of discussion in big white letters and then we get to see Mike talking about it. Next there's a photo-gallery gone slideshow and the first episode of the original series; Flash Gordon: Conquers the Universe.

All in all this is a pretty nice package but it would've been nice to get some more interviews with the cast and crew. The commentary tracks are probably the main attraction here and though the interview and the classic episode 1 of the TV-series are present, the disc is still missing the participation from most of the key charactors, including both Max Von Sydow and Sam "Flash" Jones.

OK... but not great. Sorry but it had to be said.


The steelbook case has now been replaced by a regular keepcase (just a keepcase, no slipcase, no nothing).

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