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» Entertainment Memorabilia

» America

» 852196002005 (bottle)


» Tru Blood Bottle
(14 ounce glass bottle)

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Original Title
» True Blood

» 2008

» Michael Lehmann, Scott Winant, Daniel Minahan, John Dahl, Alan Ball

» Anna Paquin, Stephen Moyer, Jim Parrack, Sam Trammell, Ryan Kwanten, Rutina Wesley, Chris Bauer, Nelsan Ellis, William Sanderson, Carrie Preston, Alexander Skarsgård, Deborah Ann Woll, Todd Lowe, Adina Porter, Michelle Forbes


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Interest / Design

In all honesty I think that this is a really great idea. These glass bottles come very close to the bottles you see on the show, and even though the label has been a little bit de-fictionalized (adding "blood orange" as part of the bevarage description in the logo) I think that it's still a must have for any fan of the show.

It can also be noted that these bottles can be purhcased in packs of four and are then stacked together inside a clever cardboard bottle carrier (check the videoreview and you'll get to see one) and a simple outer box branded with the "Tru Blood" logo.

So when it comes to quality and design I don't really have any complaints. It's a great idea and quite well made if you ask me. The bottles are thick and heavy even without the liquid. Oh, and in case you didn't know, it's actually a carbonated blood orange drink (sorry vamps, no real blood-substitue here unless you're a total fruitcake).

Talking a bit about the bevarage itself I can tell you that it's quite a sweet and interesting mixture. It tastes like something inbetween a blood orange soda and a blood orange juice drink. The drink itself has quite a thick and unclear feel to it but doesn't really come off as something you'de mistake for real blood.

Even so, kind of an interesting taste, though in my opinion I think the sweetness of it makes it more appropriate for drink mixing instead of as a stand alone bevarage... but then again (stealing a joke from Futurama) taste varies from person to person. ;)

Last but not least it can be mentioned that the bottle cap is a twist off so you can easily keep the bottle and use it for other things when drunk (NO, not when YOU'RE drunk! When IT'S been drunk... but on the other hand I guess the other interpretation works just as well).


When sold in four packs, these bottles are incredibly easily damaged as the four pack carton doesn't offer any kind of protection and simple friction and or a bumpy transit ride will commonly cause the bottles to crack or break (even with a lot of bubblewrap around the fourpack). So if you want to get your bottle intact I suggest purchasing them one by one or asking who ever's shipping them to open the original box and add padding inbetween all four bottles.

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Gree | Location: Gelsenkirchen Posted 2012-08-02 (08:45)

Just kidding. Try watching your favorite movie with this drink.

Posted 2012-04-23 (10:42)


Gree | Location: Gelsenkirchen Posted 2012-04-06 (17:31)

sickening much?

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