Dexter | Blood Slides Box | Screen Accurate Replica Prop

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» Entertainment Memorabilia

» America

» None

» Michael C. Collectibles

» Wooden Lab Slides Box
(holds 50 slides)
» 46 Blood Slides
» Index Card Insert
» Special Certificate (with envelope)
» Evidence Bag

» Unknown amount (see review)

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» No

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» Yes

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Original Title
» Dexter

» 2006

» Michael C. Hall, Julie Benz, Jennifer Carpenter, Lauren Vélez, David Zayas, James Remar, C.S. Lee, Christina Robinson, Preston Bailey, Erik King, Desmond Harrington, Geoffrey Pierson, David Ramsey, Keith Carradine, Jimmy Smits, John Lithgow, Daniel Goldman, Courtney Ford, Valerie Cruz, Jaime Murray, Devon Graye


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Interest / Design

Before explaning anything else, let the following be known: This blood slides trophy box was handcrafted by Michael Cosentino in 2010. It was part of the third batch he ever produced (each batch consisting of 10 identical boxes) and part of the first batch to feature a slightly altered design to accommodate the fact that he was now making boxes for Showtime themselves. That’s right, as of season 5, the box used ON SCREEN is 100% identical (both in detail and in quality) to the box you see here.

Now, it goes without saying that this particular box (shown in the pictures/video) isn’t exactly a prop by definition as it was technically never part of the production or ever used on screen in the show… but at the same time it seems wrong to call it a prop replica as the maker himself also made the original box for season 5. It's a very unusual situation to have an original prop-maker remake an item to exactly the same standards for sale to the general public and so to be honest I’m not really sure how to define it. Either way it could simply be described as a prop replica of the original design used on the show through seasons 1-4 so for now that’s the category I’ll stick it in.

So with this said it shouldn’t have to be explained that the quality and accuracy of this is totally dead on. Not only is it an exact replica of the box in season 5 but it’s also a glorified and much higher quality version of what was used on the show up until then. Let me explain. The original screen used box that’s been featured on the show in seasons 1-4 is as far as I know simply an old lab slides box (and no, you wont find this kind of box on the regular market today) that had the clasp and hinges moved to give it a unique look (the original design had the clasp and hinges on opposite long sides of the box). So the original box was simply a utilitarian piece and thus not very high quality. Michael Cosentino’s box however is MADE to be a high quality keepsake and display piece so it goes without saying that it’s actually a “better” version of what was originally used on the series. And so, as this quality collectable has been treated like a fine piece of wooden furniture in the making process, I'm guessing that the original screen used box from season 1-4 would probably come off as an everyday folding chair (so to speak) if you were to compare them side by side.

Looking at the overall design I am quite star struck. The wooden coloring is perfect, the resemblance to the original utilitarian piece – perfect! And the look of the actual blood slides? Oh my, I’m almost creeping myself out when I run my fingers across em’. So for short: This is most likely the closest you will ever come to owning the actual box used on the show (and in relation to season 5 by definition the best you can get without breaking into the studio actually stealing the screen used copy). It’s a perfect 10 out of 10 all the way, complete with a signed certificate from the craftsman himself and a screen accurate evidence bag to keep your box in perfect condition and free of compromising finger prints.

My only concern (if any) would be that the blood slides commonly seen on the show always seem to have a lot lighter red blood in them... but on the other hand real blood probably wouldn't look that red after being stored for any significant amount of time so the blood slides in Mr. Cosentino's version are probably more "true to life" so to speak. But I'm guessing this might be of concern to some collectors.


If you want to purchase one of these boxes yourself, go to the official Michael C Collectibles website and sign up on the waiting list for a future batch. The website, marketing and sales are handled by Michael's son Jimmy, whom you can also find over on The Replica Prop Forums under the alias "GeneralFrosty".

So far there are two different versions (or bundle offers) to choose from in the shop. The cheapest version, featuring only the box without any slides or the "fully loaded" version (the one that I ordered) featuring the box, 46 blood slides and a screen accurate evidence bag as seen in the second season of the show. But they also custom make boxes on request if you are looking for something specific in terms of looks and style (in other words: if you want something not as Dexter-related).

You can also check out these two videos where Michael himself talks about the production of the boxes.

A big thanks to Michael and Jimmy for their devotion to this project, supporting my videos and a bunch of other stuff. :)

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Jack | Location: LA Posted 2012-02-06 (10:52)

Love the prop. Got one myself and definitely worth the money! (-: one issue with while blood slides thing. As a biologist, real blood doesn't pool up into one neat little circle. It spreads evenly throughout the slide. That's the only issue I have with the show! Can't ignore basic physics!

Posted 2011-11-28 (06:25)

Jordan... I can't belive you don't know where to get one with all the links and info given here ;)

Jordan | Location: Caen Posted 2011-10-27 (17:36)

Beautiful replica! Do you know how could I find this blood slides box? Thanks

Cole | Location: Georgia Posted 2010-10-04 (21:30)

Wow, that is so cool, really hope my collection gets as diverse as yours soon!

Jimmy Cosentino | Location: United States Posted 2010-09-03 (05:08)

Thank you for the awesome review of our product! We are so very proud to have these in the hands of dedicated fans and collectors like yourself and hope we can continue to offer them as long as Dexter fans everywhere wants them!

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