Kill Bill vol. 1 | Limited Edition Gift Set + Promotional Rider-Suit Case

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4988102979010 (cardboard box)
» 4988102978914 (keepcase)

Universal Pictures

» 1 Disc
» Keepcase
» Collector's Booklet
» Promotional Flyers
» Bearbrick Figure (w. box)
» Miniature Plastic Sword (w. stand)
» Okinawa T-shirt
» Outer Cardboard Box
» Outer Plastic Slipcase
» Limited "Rider Suit" Case (see sidenotes)

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 Disc 1

» Kill Bill vol. 1 (movie)
» B-roll Footage (7 min)
» Fight Scene Index (menu)
» Trailers
» Making Of Anime Sequence (22 min, in Japanese with NO subtitles!)
» Photo Gallery
» Comic Gallery
» Talent Files (text)
» Soundbite Interviews
» Storyboard Comparison


2.35:1 Anamorphic

English DTS 5.1
» English DD 5.1
» Japanese DD 5.1

English, Japanese

 Movie Details

Original Title
Kill Bill vol. 1


Quentin Tarantino

Uma Thurman


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 Discjunkie's Comments

Packaging / Design

Okey, if you're a fan of Kill Bill there really isn't any other option except this box set. Period. With it's highly glossy and really sturdy cardboard box full of goodies, this thing is sure to please pretty much everyone. And did you notice the partially transparent plastic slipcase for the outer box? Now THAT's classy.

First up we got the standard Japanese keepcase edition, but with an exclusive collector's booklet to give it an extra edge. And yes, maybe just a keepcase, but then again, looking at all the other items in the set I for one couldn't care less.

Also in the box is a so called Bearbrick-figure. I don't know what ot say - it's one of those odd Japanese cult toy items which they manufacture in so many variaties that it's impossible to collect em all. Gotta say it looks pretty cool though... and exclusive to this set as far as I know (I don't think you can buy it separately, but I could be wrong).

Then we get a plastically sealed t-shirt exactly like the one Uma Thurman wears in the movie when she goes to see "the man from Okinawa". This feels like a really clever choice for a t-shirt and in comparison to the Kill Bill, vol. 2 box set I gotta say this is way way better than the t-shirt in that set.

Next up we get a small plastic sword with a stand. I must say I was expecting more from this item but then again it is what it is. Can't very well get a metal sword in a DVD-box, can we?

Last but not least I'm also giving you a look at something which doesn't really belong here if we're gonna be totally truthful. It's a promotional rider-suit slipcase for the DVD-keepcase and originally the plan was to only give it out as a bonus for those who preordered the standard edition... but, well, I guess there weren't a whole lot of people doing that... or not enough of them anyway.

The rider-suit case may very well be the coolest item of all and it feels really well made, with both a real zipper and a material that could just has easily been used for a common rain coat (or something). So in other words: very very durable and supercool!

(oh, and it's also made by a company called Supercool Manchu Inc... No, really, check the close up in the last image)

All in all just an incredible well made set and most likely one of the best Kill Bill sets for years and years to come.

Disc contents / Extras

When it comes to the disc this is NOT a special edition by any means but it does contain the most extras Ive seen for this film so far. So if you're looking for some really good special features I suggest you hold out for some kind of super-duper edition (if it will ever get here).

However, for those of you who are really hardcore fans, this edition does feature the UNRATED FULL COLOUR version of the film, and this alone should be a reason for getting it, if any. ALL OTHER RELEASE ARE CONTAINING THE R-RATED THEATRICAL CUT, which includes less blood and gore, even if it's only a matter of seconds that make out the alterations, this is still the one to watch if you want to get that true over-the-top gore that this film was meant to show.


The "Rider-suit" bonus was initially a promo-offer only meant for those who pre-ordered the standard keepcase edition. It does not have an official number of units like the gift set box and is not numbered in any noteable way. However, seeing as there were apparently quite a few of these left over when the promotion ended, several stores sold this alongside the LE box set even though its not part of the set from the beginning.

This japanese edition includes a gorier and more explicit cut of the film, featuring the finally showdown at The House of Blue Leaves in it's uncut, FULL COLOUR version. There's also a large number of small edits through out the film, giving this cut more blood and guts than the regular R-Rated version. So far, the japanese cut is the ONLY unrated cut available. However, it should be noted that the cuts only amount to about one minute of actual footage.

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Zak Chevin | Location: England Posted 2012-05-14 (21:28)

Wow the Rider Suit slip cover is amazingly awesome, i can't find it anywhere though which is a shame as i love it, one day i'll hopefully find one!

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