Oldboy | Ultimate Edition | Limited Gift Set

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» 3 Discs (dvds)
» Soundtrack CD
» 4 Slim Digipacks
» 3 Filmcells
» 80-page Photo Book
» Storyboards
» Handmade Coppar Tin Case
» Cardboard Box

2754 copies (individually numbered)

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 Disc 1

» OldBoy (movie)
» Audio Commentary by director Chan-wook Park
» Audio Commentary by director Chan-wook Park and cinematographer Jeong-hun Jeong
» Audio Commentary by director Chan-wook Park and actors Choi Min-sik, Yoo Ji-tae and Kang Hye-jeong
» Audio Commentary by Korean film critic Kim Yeong-jin
» Audio Commentary by film critic Harry Knowles (in English with optional Korean subtitles)


2.35:1 Anamorphic

Korean DD 5.1

English, Korean

 Disc 2

» Making Of documentary
» - Flashback (23m 32s)
» - Production (10m 54s)
» All That Background
» - Production Design (13m 11s)
» - Computer Graphics (07m 05s)
» - Original Soundtrack (16m 46s)
» I Want To Tell You My Story (cast and crew interviews) (40m 51s)
» Le Grand Prix de Cannes (08m 48s)
» Over The Old Boy
» - Secret (music video directed by Chan-Wook Park) (05m 28s)
» - Judgement (short film directed by Chan-wook Park. Burnt in English subtitles) (20m 59s)
» - Memory Of Old Boy (short film directed by Kim Min-Seok) (28m 15s)
» Deleted and Alternate Scenes (with optional commentary by director Chan-Wook Park) (23m 24s)


None (except where stated)

 Disc 3

» Autobiography of OldBoy
» - May (35m 29s)
» - June (41m 35s)
» - July (01h 06m 20s)
» - August (33m 02s)
» - September (22m 36s)
» - October (06m 06s)



 Disc 4

» 01. Look Who's Talking
» 02. Somwhere in the Night
» 03. Count of Monte Cristo
» 04. Jailhouse Rock
» 05. In a Lonely Place
» 06. It's Alive!
» 07. Searchers
» 08. Look Back in Anger
» 09. Four Seasons
» 10. Room at the Top
» 11. Cries and Whispers
» 12. Out of Sight
» 13. For Whom the Bell Tolls
» 14. Out of the Past
» 15. Breathless
» 16. Old Boy
» 17. Dressed to Kill
» 18. Frantic
» 19. Cul-De-Sac
» 20. Kiss Me Deadly
» 21. Point Blank
» 22. Farewell, My Lovely
» 23. Big Sleep
» 24. Last Waltz

CD, Soundtrack

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Chan-wook Park


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Packaging / Design

Well well well, check this motherfucker out! This 4 disc set is quite the collector's item and very well made as well. For starters we have an outer cardboard box with a purple pattern (and it doesn't take long for a fan of the film to realise that this box is replicated from the simular boxes featured in the film). The box looks good but would have looked even better had it been an EXACT replica (the pattern is quite accurate but it's not actually a flip-top box and the bow is the only part of the wrapping that's actually "real", the rest of the band is just printed on the cardboard). All-in-all the cardboard box looks fine from a distance but it's not to exclusive looking when you get close and personal.

But as you notice on my scoreboard, this set ranks really high and you're just about to find out why. Inside the purple box you get a simular sized HANDMADE coppar case. As mentiond above this set is limited to 2754 units and each tin case has it's own unique number embossed in it (mine is #0267). I have no idea why they choosed such a specific number of units as it doesn't seem to have any real significance.

Besides the numbering two of the sides have thick embossed (deep) great looking writings on them, reading simply OLDBOY (and also some smaller embossing with company names and such; dvd video, Show East, plus the Starmax company icon). The smaller of the far sides swings open like a door on thick hinges with heavy looking bolts. Because this box is made from actual coppar it does get really dirty from prints over time, but this also give you an interesting option of polishing the thing; giving it a style of it own (weather you want it to shine like gold or just look old and rusted).

Inside the coppar box there's 4 single-disc digipacks with gold writings and a personal shade to each one. These are really good looking and each of the discs come with a great looking pattern taken from some of the amazingly cool looking wallpapers featured in the film. Apart from the 3 dvds and the CD there's also 3 filmcells mounted in cardboard, featuring the three main characters in the film. These filmframes are also unique and look different in every set. There's also a piece of protective foam inside the box. This is to be set up against one of the side to protect the digipacks from the sharper screw-bolted part of the box door as they can get quite damged from it.

Last but not least, we get an 80 page photobook filled with images from the film. Inside the binder, there's also a set of storyboards for some of the key scenes in the film. Wow. There's really nothing else to say; this packaging is a perfect 10 on my scale, no doubt about it.

Disc contents / Extras

Being a 4 disc set ment to focus on ONE film I guess it's pretty natural to assume that this set is a real killer on the special-feature-front. To summarise it all up; yeah, I guess it would be... hasn't it been for those lazy Koreans who just don't feel like putting subtitles on their supplements.

So there you have it; 4 discs, hours worth of fascinating material, but 90% of it comes with no english. However, don't cry about it yet. Even if the Koreans (as usual) havn't taken the time to subtitle there's supplements there's still a lot of stuff to enjoy in here. First off, we get a short film by the Chan-Wook Park entitled Judgement and this film actually comes with burned in subtitles in english. There's also a music video by the same director and an additional short film directed by Kim Min-Seok (but these have no subtitles). There's a very extensive Autobiography of Old Boy (pretty much a production diary on video) spanning over 6 months of filmmaking and behind the scenes stuff. This is in korean ONLY but still quite interesting to watch if you have the energy.

There's about 24 mintues worth of deleted/alternate scenes featuring optional commentaries. No subtitles but I guess it can be fun anyway. We also get 4 full length commentary tracks for the film, where one is actualy in english (!). However, even if it's a nice addition to the english side, this track features the voice of film critic Harry Knowles and tells us very little about the films background or such (it's mainly just a critic/movie buff rambling about the film and commenting on camera movement etc. Not what you really want for a commentary but it's still quite nice to check out if you're a true fan).

As a final thaught I guess I can summarise by saying that if the extras would have had english subs it would have been top 10 all the way. However, the movie looks and sounds great and even though the english subtitling on the film is (as usual) a bit un-timed and chockingly fast at times the movie experience is an overall 9 out of 10 kinda thing. Menus are animated and looke great.

And in the end, don't forget that disc 4 is actually a CD soundtrack. And I promise you, this has no need for subtitles anyway as the music just says it all. Just close your eyes or put on that Autobiography of Old Boy on the telly and loose yourself in one of the greatest soundtracks ever made. Pure genius.


This set is individually numbered and limited to 2754 copies. The numbering is embossed into the hand made copper case.

And this set comes with a bit of history to it as well. You know, something to tell the grandchildren as you pass this Korean badboy on to there collection.

So this is what happened...

This was quite a high priced box when it arrived and expectations were running high. And so, when the release day finally came the set was quickly sold out.

However, Starmax (the company who made the box) had made a fatal packaging error when they by mistake put a protective rubber-foam piece on the wrong end of the inside contents. This caused 99% of all the sets sold to recieve extensive damage to the digipacks inside as they got scraped against some pointy screws inside the case. When Starmax became aware of this they did replace the digipacks for anyone who reported the damage.

Luckily for me, the support-team over at Koreandvds where nice enough to fix new digipacks for my set as well and it all worked out well in the end. Still, this was one hell of an error and a fair warning goes out to anyone who goes out looking for a sealed copy of this box - Remember that it will most lightly have damaged cases, and these will probably be hard to replace at this point in time.

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Posted 2012-12-24 (12:40)

Ohai: It's not for sale. This is not a shop :) (and the set has been out of print for years)

ohai | Location: Canada Posted 2012-12-01 (03:16)

how much is it? and shipping? more details please!

Kepptain | Location: Germany Posted 2011-10-17 (20:49)

Awesome Collection you have. This Old Boy Version is my favoriten ever! I also Collection Movies. Please have a Look AT my Site.
Regards, kepptain

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