Mulholland Drive | Special Edition

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United Kingdom


Optimum Publishing

» 2 Discs
» Special Digipack
» Plastic Slipcase
» Booklet

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 Disc 1

» Mulholland Drive (movie)
» Scene Selection (see disc comments)


1.78:1 Anamorphic

English DD 5.1
» English DD 2.0 surround


 Disc 2

» Interviews
» - David Lynch (2 min 39 sec)
» - Justin Theroux (1 min 27 sec)
» - Laura Herring (2 min 29 sec)
» - Naomi Watts (4 min 10)
» - Mary Sweeney (6 min 4 sec) (in french with optional english subtitles)
» - Angelo Badalamenti (16 min 47 sec)
» Behind The Scenes (6 min 21 sec)
» Cannes Press Conference (18 min 22 sec)
» Trailers
» - Mulholland Drive (1 min 9 sec)
» - Inland Empire (1 min 55 sec)


None (except where stated)

 Movie Details

Original Title
Mulholland Dr.

Alternate Title
Mulholland Drive


David Lynch

Naomi Watts, Justin Theroux, Laura Harring


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 Discjunkie's Comments

Packaging / Design

This case sure looks allright on the outside (as you know by now, I have a sweet tooth for plastic slipcases) but once you open it up the story becomes all the more puzzling.

And why?...

NO HAY MOYEU! There is NO hub! Now, stop me if I'm wrong but shouldn't digipacks comes with some kind of hub that holds the discs in place?

I look again. No, nothing. In fact, this appears to be a totally new kind of digipack-esque kinda' case. But in all honesty, I'm not that impressed.

The discs are held in place using a couple of plastic holders positioned at each side. And then the discs lock into two small slits positioned at the top and bottom of the case.

I don't know quite how to explain the mechanism any futher but the photos should give you some idea of how it works.

However, as I hinted earlier, it's not as impressive nor as practical as one would hope. In fact, I'd say it much worse than the classic digipack. And quite frankly, I pretty sure that these cases will actually scratch up your discs pretty bad with time, if you're not carefull. The problem is that you have to pull them against each other ever so slightly in order to release them.

In the end, the look of the case is OK but it could looked better, and the practical aspects of it are...

Well, they're just not that practical to be honest. Sorry Optimum, but this case wasn't the most optimal.

Disc contents / Extras

As for the contents of the discs, I'm not to impressed here either. Granted we've seen the same kind of sparse yet interesting extras that we're done for the Lost Highway S.E...

But with this set, there's hardly anything new at all. Even so, let's go through it all so you can get a clear image of what it's like this time around.

First off, the movie disc presents us with three menu options. There the movie itself, and then there's the audio, but in between we find something not to frequently spotted on a David Lynch disc. And that something is a scene selection menu.

But if you no Lynch, you know that things aren't always what they seem. And this thing is no exception.

Selecting this menu will bring you so a sub-menu that's designed as a room featuring two sets of bookshelves divided by an open doorway. There's a background audio (sounds like a song from the 50s) running for 1 min 47 sec.

By moving around you can highlight various objects lying in the shelves and by pressing them you will get a slightly enlarged zoom in of the object. If you press once again, you'll jump directly into the film at a seemingly random place in the plot.

But it's not just an odd menu, it's actually totally sick; selecting the same object twice will NOT bring you to the same scene (or atleast not all the time). Exactly what determins the scene where you end up I can't decided. I've tried trigging the same object at a certain point in time (like 4 seconds after the menu starts rolling) but this only works about half the time so it's not a solution by any means.

Furthermore: The chapter-stops wont work if you try to just jump to the next scene while you're watching. The dvd-player just gives you the regular warning sign explaining that you can't do that...

And so, the scene selection is pretty bogus, even though the whole idea of it does bring a smile to my face.

Moving along, there's 6 interviews with some of the cast and crew, which also include tje Mary Sweeney interview present on the French special edition dvd, but here it comes with the optional english subtitles needed for anyone who doesn't speak french (but this is the ONLY feature of the entire set that's actually subtitled!).

The Behind the scenes featurette is quite short and it's actually exactly the same as the so called B-roll footage found on my scandinavian Mulholland Drive disc... so sadly, this is not to exclusive either.

Lastly there's a theatrical trailer as well as a trailer for Inland Empire. And this is followed by the Cannes Press Conference footage.

All in all I must say it's still a pretty slim lineup and not at all as special as you'd expect of a 2 disc set.

Too bad.

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