The Prestige | Limited Gift Set

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» Thailand

» 8856574036950

» Warner Bros Home Entertainment

» 1 Disc
» Keepcase
» Special Cardboard Case
» Slipcase
» Pocket Watch
» 3 Magic Playing Cards (with sleeve)
» Another magic-trick item (see photos)

» Unknown amount

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» Yes

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» Yes

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 Disc 1

» Start-up trailers (can be skipped)
» - Blood Diamond
» - The Departed
» The Prestige (movie)
» The Director's Notebook : The Cinematic Sleight of Hand of Christopher Nolan
» - The Director's Notebook
» - Conjuring the Past
» - The Visual Maze
» - Metaphors of Deception
» - Tesla : The Man Who Invented the Twentieth Century
» - Resonances
» The Art of The Prestige (still galleris)
» - Film
» - Costumes and Sets
» - Behind the Scenes
» - Poster Art
» Theatrical Trailer


» 2.35:1 Anamorphic

» English DD 5.1
» Thai DD 5.1

» English, Thai (movie and extras)

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Original Title
» The Prestige

» 2006

» Christopher Nolan

» Christian Bale, Hugh Jackman, Michael Caine, Scarlett Johansson, David Bowie


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 Discjunkie's Comments

Packaging / Design

OK, so how great is this set in real life? Well, to be honest, it's actually not as bad as one would expect from the pricetag. In all fairness the "cardboard" case might actually be more of a heavyweight papercase (possibly a borderline issue I guess but I still rate it as a cardboard case, I've seen worse cases than this) but it's a nicely made case none the less. However, as with most paper-made compartments (referring to the compartments intended for the pocketwatch and other goodies), it's not really made to be shipped around to much as this will make the compartments come apart etc. But this is not really news and we've all seen these effects before with sets like the Natural Born Killers screenplay box set out of the UK, and simular sets from that era.

As for the accompaning nick-nacks we get 3 playing cards (we're one of them comes with double sides - aaah, a tricky card!), a really goodlooking old style pocket watch and a third item that is to be used in a trick of some sort (there are some instructions for how these things are to be used in magic tricks but it's all written in Thai so I didn't go over it to much). All in all, this set looks really cool even if the case leaves a tiny tiny bit more to wish for. Never the less, the pocket watch is definetly worth checking out and the other gizmos also add a really nice touch to this unusual Thai box.

The only real downside to this set would be that the slipcase box is printed "backwards" (the side that usually features the front cover features the backcover and vice verca - I don't find this to be to big a deal but it may annoy the hell out of some folks I guess). And finally, the highly detailed pocket watch apparantly comes in five (?) different designs - The inside and overall look is the same, but the latch-piece (featuring the image of a truck on this particular set) comes as one of five unique designs. It's either a ship, a truck, three horses, an old mercedes or the statue of liberty. (I've gathered previews of all these designs through the help of fellow forum members - please see the last 5 thumbnails above for comparison).

Disc contents / Extras

The disc comes in a regular keepcase and seems to be identical to all other releases of this film so far. There's a few featurettes but no commentary, making this disc far from the greatest disc ever made. In the end, I'm pretty sure a variaty of re-releases will come out before we see a real top-notch release for this film, but until then, this edition will work just as well as any other.

As for the menus, everything comes in both english and thai so you shouldn't have any trouble navigating the disc.


I havn't found any official info on how many sets we're made but there's an odd blue sticker on the back of the case which could be contain a numbering of some sort, but the printing on sticker is a bit smudgy and it's hard to make out the numbers.

Furthermore; the pocket watch included with this set comes with a random design for the front - My copy comes with the image of a truck, but with the help of various online sources I can confirm that there are actually 5 different watch-designs (that have been discovered so far - if you've come across another design not mentioned here, please let me know). So far, the motives appearing on the front of the watch are as follows: a truck, a ship, three horses, and old mercedes and an image featuring the statue of liberty.

And so, with the help of some friendly forum-members, I've manage to compile preview shots of all these designs. Big thanks to BumBum, nema30, Niklas Andersén and ichimcfly for lending me there photos (Please see the last five thumbnails for comparison).

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Posted 2011-11-28 (06:26)

No idea how to get it open. Mine was working when I got it.

Collector03601 | Location: Slovakia Posted 2011-11-03 (17:01)

Hey Discjunkie. I've managed to hunt this set down, took me some time but finally got it. Was your watch working when you bought it? Do you know if there is any way to change the battery so they will work again? Thanks

Posted 2008-02-02 (17:55)

Yeah... it really is a shame. This was soooooo cheap when it was still available.

Stefan Posted 2008-02-02 (13:10)

Why didn't I see this when it came out!!! I'm not mad about it - I'M FURIOUS!

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