Feindflug: Hinter Feindlichen Linien | Limited Combat Pack Box Set

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Product Type
» Music

» Germany

» 4025905960903 (digipack)

» Black Rain

» 1 Disc (dvd)
» Mediabook (simular to digipack)
» 1 Mini-CD (paper sleeve)
» NVA/DDR-Army Combat Pack
» Feindflug Flag (80 x 120 cm)
» Individually numbered card (signed)
» Feindflug patch
» 2 stickers
» Metal Feindflug pin
» Metal Feindflug pendant
» Kalashnikov AK47 magazine
(East German 22mm army training calibre)

» 999 copies

Out of Print
» Yes

Still in Collection
» No

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» www.klangkurier.ch

 Disc 1

» Frontbericht - Live in Berlin
(01h 23m 32s with chapters)
» Interview with bandmembers
(13m 54s with chapters)
» Kreuzfeuer - Live Clips
(35m 53s with chapters) (fullscreen)
» Panzerjäger - Bonus Clips
» - Truppenschau - Video Clip
(music video) (05m 33s)
» - Stukas im Visier - Video Clip
(music video) (05m 06s)
» - Zonen (independant short film feat. Swedish audio with burnt in English subs. Produced by Decoy Films) (13m 37s)
» - Glaubenskrieg - Live Clip (fullscreen)
(06m 33s)
» Bonus Clip - Outtakes
(Muted homevideo footage accompanied by Feindflug's music) (06m 46s)
» Schlachtplan - Alles Abspielen
(This is just an extra menu button that plays all the footage of the disc)

» DVD, R0, PAL

» Unknown Anamorphic PAL

» German DD 5.1
» German DD 2.0 Surround
» Swedish DD 5.1 (short film: Zonen)
» Swedish DD 2.0 Surround (short film: Zonen)

» English, German (interview footage only)

 Disc 2

» 01. Ignorant (04m 37s)
» 02. Owners Manual (Early Non Instrumental Experiment) (04m 35s)
» 03. Roter Schnee v.06 (05m 59s)

» Mini-CD, Audio

 Music Details

Original Title
» Hinter Feindlichen Linien

» Feindflug

» 2006

» http://www.discogs.com/release/745879

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 Discjunkie's Comments

Packaging / Design

This one of a kind set comes with a number of goodies for any Feindflug fan. For starters, the mint condition army bag (of the East German NVA) smells of typical army-surplus when you put your nose to it. The bag itself doesn't come with any kind of seal but it feels pretty new, and doesn't really have any signs of ever having been used.

Inside you'll find the Feindflug - Hinter Feindlichen Linien dvd, packaged in a well made media-book case. Now, I'm not entirely sure if "media-book" the right term for it, but it's quite simular to your standard one disc digipack, but the cardboard is a lot sturdier and more reminescent of a hard cover book than of a cardboard digipack. Once opened, there's also a small booklet that's precisiously glued to inside of the case, featuring a couple of photos of the group.

Moving on, there's an 8 cm mini-CD in a small paper sleeve. This disc will play in most every CD-player I think but I guess there's still some old players that might not handle it. Then there's a number of stuff with the Feindflug logo on it. There's 2 big stickers, a large patch, a pendant (no necklace for it), a small pin and a HUGE flag measuring 80 x 120 cm (featuring the same image as the cover-art for the dvd case).

And finally, at the bottom of the case, we get to the one thing that makes this set stand out among all others. Deep down inside the bag lays a small plastic bag with a white warning label on it. Inside there's an authentic real-live Kalashnikov AK47 magazine (without bullets). And this thing is just as cool as one would imagine it to be! The clip itself definetly feels used. It's banged up and possibly a bit rusted in places and once you pick it up, your hands will get ever so dirty and instantly get an authentic good old soldier-feel to em'.

Now, the magazine is of a rare training calibre and will only handle 22 min ammo. These particular magazines originate from East Germany where they we're used (and manufactured) for military training only, and furthermore the clip itself is pretty useless if you considder using it with your standard AK47 (though I doubt that's why dvd collectors would purchase this set). Even so, this gadget is by far the coolest item in the set.

My only reason for not going of the chart with this super set would be the bag itself. It looks very good but the fact that there aren't any extra pockets or other places to put stuff in, it comes of as slightly unpractical for housing all this stuff. I mean, the bag looks great but if it had only a few extra tight pockets inside, it would have been easier to store your stuff without having to worry that they'd get damaged in shipping or whatever other activities you decide to put your box sets through.

Disc contents / Extras

The people at Black Rain have apperantly been collecting footage for a long time to celebrate this 10 year anniversary (somewhat) of the band Feindflug. And the contents of the discs seem pretty worthy and up to the task as well.

First off we get a full length live concert shot in Berlin using multiple cameras, a crane, and overall a very expensive setup (I think). This runs for close to one and a half hour and can be played as one long take, either interlaced with interview footage or just with the live material alone. There's not to much lyrics in there songs but there's no subtitles for the german lines heard during any of the live footage. (All of the Berlin stuff and the interviews are presented in widescreen)

The interview section features Banane and Felix answering on-screen questions that show up as title-cards (just plain text on black background). The questions are printed in german on the screen but both the answers from the band and the interlaced questions come with optional english or german subtitles. Moving on, there a bunch of extra live clips from other Feindflug shows. These live clips are all in fullscreen.

The Panzerjäger section gives us the much discussed Truppenschau music video which features various war footage cut together with the band riding around on a tank with there gear and there drums etc. This sections also features an odd independent short film called Zonen, directed by Jon Svärdhagen. This film was produced Decoy Films and seems to be something of a film school project done at Sweden's Berghs School of Communication. This has little to do with Feindflug but it does feature a bit of there music for the opening and closing credits. From what I heard, this film was purchased by Feindflug and has sense been used as background imagery to project during some of there shows. The film comes with Swedish audio and burnt in english subtitles.

The so called Bonus Clip - Outtakes section is marely a collage of homevideo-footage shot off stage whil the band are on tour, on sight recording the Truppenschau tank sequence and such. There's however no dialogue during this clip. All the audio has been muted and replaced with Feindflug's music playing instead.


Each box comes with it's own unique number on a card signed by the artist. My copy is number 661.

This set features a used (well, it's old and a bit banged up, so I'm guessing it's been used at some point) Kalashnikov AK47 magazine of an unsual 22mm training calibre. This specific type of weapons clip is made specifically for use in military training and so he magazine itself won't work with your regular AK47 (or so I'm guessing), which is probably why they've been allowed to include this one of a kind item. Furthermore the bag is also definetly authentic and it comes in good condition but with a typical army-surplus smell to it, suggesting that it's probably been sitting in an old warehouse for a long time before someone went ahead and made a limited edition out of it.

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