American Psycho | Special Edition | Limited Edition

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» 2 Discs
» Digipack
» Slipcover

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 Disc 1

» American Psycho (movie)
» Audio Commentary by director Mary Harron


2.35:1 Anamorphic

English DD 5.1 EX
» English DD 2.0 Stereo

English, Korean

 Disc 2

» Making Films (05m)
» Interview with Christian Bale (06m 16s)
» Book To Screen
» - The Book
» - The Deal
» - The Film
» - The Pornography of Killing: An Essay by Holly Willis
» The 80's Downtown
» 5 Deleted Scenes (with optional commentary by Mary Harron)
» 2 Trailers
» 3 TV-spots
» I Shot Andy Warhol (movie)


1.85:1 Anamorphic (?) (movie)

English, Korean (movie only), Korean (extras)

 Movie Details

Short info
Original Title: I Shot Andy Warhol (1996)
Directed by: Mary Harron

Short info
Original Title: American Psycho (2000)
Directed by: Mary Harron

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Packaging / Design

This is a very nice digipack all together but in my personal opinion the front cover could have been better (I would have put Batemans face in the middle, eyes centered, but apart from that it looks pretty good). But this is just a matter of taste and I do like it. Inside we have some very nice alternete shots (like Bateman with a nailgun for one!) and the look and feel is very nice for the overall set. It feels glossy and expensive and it looks very good. A typical 7 but almost an 8 just for being a digipack (and not just a slipcase as the R1 release).

Disc contents / Extras

The good look of the outside is well accompanied by an even cleaner look on the inside. The menus are very nice and come with a typical American Psycho -like classical music tune looping in the background. Menus are mainly in white with black text and red blood-like highlighting; simple yet stylish. And they're all in english as well so navigating is equally simple as it is entertaining.

As far as special features's go we get a nice little lineup here. First off is an audio commentary track by the director (NOT two commentary tracks as on the R1 Special Edition!). And after that there's a nice Book-To-Screen featurette featuring a number of people who had a lot or nothing to do with the film itself, but it's all nicely done and I like it. Everyone gives a lot of comments about the book and the film in there own way. It's a quite mixed bag but quite enjoyable. I mean did you know that Johnny Depp was actually considdered for the role of Bateman? Weird. Anyway, the whole thing runs at about 50 min and it's actually all just on camera interviews without any footage from the film or such, just talking talking talking. But it's all very insightful stuff and doesn't really get boring. Part 4 of this little documentary is actually not an interview but an essay by Holly Willis, read on camera by some stylish looking girl who looks like she might be working on MTV (her name is Sarah Ellquist but I have no idea who she is or why she's here. Looks good though)...

Moving on (...) we get 5 deleted scenes (with or without commentary) and I find them all quite interesting (especially as they are completely cut scenes and not just alternate versions of what we see in the final cut, as it so often is these days). Beeing a big fan of the book it's especially interesting to see what they left out (even if it's NOT anything especially explicit that's been taken out in these scenes, but mearly stuff they took out for pacing reasons or such).

Each scene is precided by some short comments by the actors involved and then the "scene-title" splashes on to the screen the thing starts roling. I don't know if this is important but it looks alot better than when they (as they often do) just lump the scenes together in one big take and you have number blinking everywhere and the quality just sucks etc. This is definetely not the case here; each scene is of really good quality and in widescreen too. The only thing really missing in them is the occasional background music which hasn't been put in yet (you see people screaming to each other in nightclub when everything is dead silent. Feels a bit silly but I'm glad the quality is as high as it is).

The 80's Downtown is up next. This featurette runs at about 30 min and it's actually not so much about American Psycho as it is about the 80's. We get basically the same people (and a few more) as we saw in the Book-to-sreen featurette but now they're just all talking about what the 80's was like. This might be fun for people who 'lived' during the 80's but I personally find it a bit (just a little bit) out of place and on the edge of boring.

There a short interview with Christian Bale and a short making of featurette that both appear to be exclusive to this release (?). Both of which are a nice touch but all in all much to short.

Finally, after a couple of trailers and tv-spots I get to the last link on the main menu of special features. It reads: "Special Bonus : I Shot Andy Warhol". I push the button. At first I figure this is just a trailer for the 1996 Mary Harron film... but as the clip progresses I start fast-forwarding and I suddenly realise that they jammed the whole damn movie in here (!!!). What the **** ??? Nope, I'm not even joking. It's all here. I guess this explain why they needed an extra disc. Jeeezuz. I can't even decide if this is a good or a bad extra because it just struck me by surprise and I'm yet to see the film. It's however presented in widescreen (I'm guessing 1.85:1 as this was the films OAR) and comes with optional english or korean subs (all the other extras have optional Korean subs only).

To sum it all up. This is a surpringly well-packed edition even though it appears a bit slim at first. Most definetly worth a second viewing, if not only just for the I Shot Andy Warhol "extra".


As mentioned in the disc-specs, this relase includes both American Psycho and Mary Harron's directual debut I Shot Andy Warhol, even though this is hardly mentioned anywhere (I don't speak Korean... so... you know)...

Furthermore; The film is completely uncut (!) despite the fact that Korean releases often suffer from optical censoring when it comes to nudity.

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Cole | Location: Georgia, USA Posted 2010-10-24 (20:07)

Great edition, and great movie!

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