House M.D. | FYC Emmy Awards Edition in Bloodbag Case

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» 1 Disc
» Fold-out Booklet
» Special Bloodpack Case
» Bubblewrap Envelope

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 Disc 1

» House M.D. (TV-series, Season 2)
» - Episode 2 : Autopsy
» - Episode 5 : Daddy's Boy
» - Episode 8 : The Mistake
» - Episode 12 : Distractions


» 1.78:1 Anamorphic

» English DD 2.0 stereo

» None

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» Original Title: House M.D. : Autopsy (2005)
» Directed by: Deran Sarafian

Short info
» Original Title: House M.D. : Daddy´s Boy (2005)
» Directed by: Greg Yaitanes

Short info
» Original Title: House M.D. : The Mistake (2005)
» Directed by: David Semel

Short info
» Original Title: House M.D. : Distractions (2006)
» Directed by: Daniel Attias

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Packaging / Design

Wow! This really opens your eyes for the so called "emmy editions". They're not usually as cool but sometimes the people who create these babies just come up with coolest cases ever.

This set is presented with a specially designed bubble-wrap envelope that's been labeled "Princeton Plainsboro Teaching Hospital" and an additional line that reads "Warning: Addictive Materials Enclosed". Oh I don't know about you... but to me this is just one of the coolest cases yet. It's so clever and so detailed.

And we havn't even opened up the envelope yet (!). Inside the hospital-styled envelope you'll find a bloodbag-styled dvd case. It's made from clear plastic with a totally sealed section of red liquid floating inside it. It feels really authentic and the only thing missing would be a little miniture pole and hook to hang it from.

However, as nice a case as this is it's not the most practical to display as it's both soft and also doesn't have any real base to sit on. The disc is housed with a small booklet in a plastic sleeve on the back of the bloodpack. All in all a supercool idea but a quite a troublemaker when it comes to being on display (or being stored away for that matter).

The booklet is a simple one-piece foldout (no staples) and it lists all the categories that the series is nominated in and the actors nominated etc etc. On the other side of it there's a rundown of the episodes featuring the titles and a short discription of the plot.

Disc contents / Extras

Being an Emmy considerations disc, this edition only comes with 4 episodes of the series and not much else. The disc starts up with a few disclaimers and moves on to siplay a static menu featuring the possibility to select one of four episodes. Each episode plays directly once you highlight and activate it but there's a short disclaimer before each episode as well. All four episodes have chapter stops but there's is no scene selection availble on the disc.

All in all, this is not a great disc but being as it's atleast presented in widescreen (I can't tell if it's anamorphic or not, my TV's not really that hot and it's a 3:4 standard piece of... television) and the fact that this is not your regular release, I'll rate it as a pretty normal emmy considerations disc. (ps. I'm not sure about the audio either but I'm guessing it's 5.1 .ds)


This is an Emmy Considerations release, which are only given out to the judges of the Emmy awards. With this said, it's limited to pretty few copies and has never been available in store.

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Posted 2010-03-31 (18:32)

Well Zach, you just might have that opportunity ;) Sent you an email.

Zach J. | Location: Denmark Posted 2010-03-23 (09:51)

Oh my... Now that is WOW! I think I would trade my arm for it. ;) Lucky bugger.

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